Historic Siamese Cats

There is no shortage of authors when it comes to the history of the Siamese cat. There is a blending of fact and fantasy in their stories. The internet now brings a collection of information to us at the click of our mouse. Eeek, with that click we begin to see one author after another collecting, rephrasing and melding accurate and  inaccurate information to fit their websites needs. Internet legends are born... It's interesting to watch the progression of a error as it is copied and repeated by other websites.

      From years of collecting vintage ephemera related to the Siamese breed we bring to you our collection of Siamese cat history. We have chosen not to draw conclusions but to give you a glimpse of the real thing, word for word, from the news of their day. We hope you enjoy your scroll through the years with old time Siamese breeders as your guide.


List of all our Historic Siamese Cats pages

Historic information and Photos of  Siamese from Black&Tan  (home page)

The Siamese Standard  Earlier versions listed with the year of publication

        1903 by Francis Simpson

        1910 by L.H. & Helen Fairchild

        1930 United Cat Clubs of America, Inc.

        1936 by Virginia Cobb (Newton Cattery)  adopted by The Siamese Cat Society of America July 

        1944 Cat Fanciers' Association Siamese Cat Standard

        1950 Helen Etherton & Roy Easterly

        1964 FANCY CATS A Guide To Their Standard

Scientific American The Siamese Cat  1895

The Founding of the United Cat Fanciers' Association 1919

Notes from Breeders  1935

1936 Leading Siamese Catteries

1936 History of the Siamese Cats in America  Metcalf 1936

Notes from Breeders  1936

Notes from Breeders  1938

Notes From Breeders 1945

Meet The Breeders 1946


Judge Your Own Siamese Booklet  1950

The Basis of Breeding Cobb 1945

THAT AWARD .."BEST CAT IN SHOW" A plea For more recognition of Short Hair Cats 1945

The Chocolate Point Manley 1952

Compendium Historic Siamese cat news articles

Historic Siamese born before the 1940's 

Historic Siamese born after the 1940's

Siamese - In the news Vintage news

Developing New Varieties Of Siamese Keeler1946 

Long Haired Siamese 1935

Pyewacket on Broadway 1951

Second National Show Report 1930's

Show Days Reports 1935, 1936

Siamese Cat Society News 1935-1945

Famous people with Siamese cats

Vintage Siamese photos

Vintage inspired Siamese Valentines

We will be adding more photos and articles as our time allows.


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