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From a painting by William Luker (1851-1899)




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 Names of famous cats were often reused by other breeders. This causes confusion with line chasing. An article discussing this appears under 1935.


First Siamese cat to live and die in the United States White House - 1878-1879 It was shipped from Bangkok. Complete details at The Rutherford B Hayes Presidential Center

There are no known photographs of the cat named "Siam" taken during its short life. Siam was described as "mahogany-colored". Siam died when the family was out of town and the Presidents assistant took Siam to the Secretary of Agriculture for preservation . There is no other record of Siam's body whereabouts. 

Photo used with written permission of Nan Card, Curator of Manuscripts Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

 "A pair from the Palace were given to Mrs. Vyvyan and myself in 1884-5, and we have been very careful in breeding, mating when possible with such good cats as Mrs. Lee's celebrated 'Meo,' Miss Moore's 'Siam,' Mr. Harrington's 'Mechi,' etc. and have bred in consequence the famous 'Tiam-o-Shians' II., III., and IV., 'Polyphema,' 'Susa,' 'Kitya Kara,' 'Goblin,' 'Champion Eve,' 'Mafeking,' 'Vishuddha,' 'Ah Choo,' 'Suzanne,' and many others." Francis Simpson 1903


Mrs. Carew Cox's  "King Kesho" (born 6-29-1893)


Tiam O'Shian II    Dam: Gracie



Mrs. Robinson's   Wankee  born 9-28- 1895

Sire: Robert (imported from Hong Kong)     Dam: Mons 

"Wankee" was the first Siamese to win the  title of "Champion." He was bred in Hong-Kong, his mother - "Nims" - being a stolen palace kitten. "Wankee" was six months old when he arrived in England: and was born in September, 1895. He has won over thirty prizes, but was never shown till June, 1898, therefore losing the time in which most Siamese cats gain their honours - namely, between six months and two years, when they are pale in colour of coat." Francis Simpson




Mrs. Vyvyan's Tiam-O-Shian IV  born 8-15-1899

There are differing opinions on what cats this Siamese came from.

Photograph by  E. Landor, Earling


The above Siamese with a bulldog build was know as Siam. His son Chom Owned by Mrs. Cronise is shown here


Siam and Sally Ward  were among the first recorded Siamese breeding cats imported and registered in America, owned by Adele Locke of Lockhaven cattery, Chicago.

Both the photos above were published, in Massachusetts, in Concerning Cats by Helen Winslow, with the year 1900 as the copyright date.

You can read the text of this book without having to find and purchase it as I did. It is online, minus all photos, as part of Project Gutenberg Ebooks and Google Books.




Unfortunately someone published a web page stating Mrs. Robert Locke started the Beresford Cat Club, and many mindless sheep copied that information and it has propagated across the internet. Adele Locke is the lady that founded the Beresford Cat Club. This fact is stated in The Book of the Cat by Francis Simpson (1903) as well as in her obituary printed May 1916 in a cat breeders magazine.

"In 1896 an American Cat Club was organized, which did some good work. Then Chicago started a Cat Club in January,1899, and this was followed by a most successful enterprise on the part of Mrs. Clinton Locke, who founded the Beresford Cat Club, called after Lady Marcus Beresford, and now numbering about 200 members." Francis Simpson 1903

Adele (G. Douthitt) Locke (born~1839) was married to Reverend Dr. Clinton Locke (born 7-24-29), a mason and  pastor emeritus of Grace Episcopal church in Chicago. He and Adele were the originators of the movement to establish Saint Luke's Hospital. He was considered a remarkable linguist with a passion for literature.  They had four children, three boys and one girl. I found only information on  Robert D. Locke (born ~1868) and Fanny Cottinet Locke (born ~1869).

 Dr. Robert Locke graduated from Rush Medical College. He was also a talented linguist and traveled widely. He traveled to the Philippines to act as a press censor for the government. In 1895 Robert was arrested for attempted murder. It was charged that while intoxicated he tried to kill a watchman at Von Herman's drug store. He was shot in the leg during the scuffle.  In June of 1900 in a letter to his mother he indicated he had returned from the Philippines and was sick with Malaria. He would rest in San Francisco before returning home to Chicago. On the ninth he committed suicide, a bullet to the heart,  in the Occidental Hotel San Francisco. His wife was in Paris. He was 32 years old.

In 1890 Fanny married John Kenneth Mackenzie (born 6-12-1862 England). He attended Yale and became one of the best-known mining engineers in the U.S. West. He was killed by Yaqui Indians while visiting a mine in 1905. They had two sons. She then married Fredrick H. Hatton a Chicago drama critic. Together they became well known as playwrights. In 1939, Fanny died at the home of her son, Dr. Locke L. Mackenzie, at the age of 70. Frederick H.Hatton died in 1946 age at the age of 66

Mrs. Adele G.D. Locke


MRS. ADELE G. D. LOCKE   DIES AT AGE OF 80 YEARS                                  Published Obituary - MAY, 1919  

The passing of that older generation of Chicagoans, who in the period during and following the World's Fair [Columbian Exposition1893],  won a place for the city in the social annals of two hemispheres, was marked today, March 29, 1919, by the death of Mrs. Adele G. D. Locke, one of the  best known figures of the nineties.

Mrs. Locke was the widow of the Rev. Dr. Clinton Locke, for forty years rector of Grace Episcopal Church, Chicago. She was the mother of Mrs. Fanny Locke Hatton, who with her husband, Frederick Hatton, is well known as a playwright and dramatic critic. Mrs. Locke was the founder of St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago, and with Lady Beresford, of England, she organized  the first Beresford Cat Club, and has always been recognized as the head and authority of the Cat Fancy in America. She was president of the American Cat Association for many years, and was always willing to help with the work of educating people to a full knowledge of the thorough breeding of cats.

Mrs. Locke traveled  very extensively; she was presented at the courts of England and Spain. She was a very beautiful woman with a wonderful personality. Next to Mrs. Potter Palmer, she was probably the best known woman in Chicago society.  

Mrs. Robert Locke


All the Siamese photos in this 1903 section were published, in 1903, in The Book of The Cat by Francis Simpson. 

This book can be read online The Book of the Cat  



Miss Armitage's    "Cora"   born before 1903


Miss Armitage's Cora with her kitten  from Wankee  born 1902 


"Miss Armitage, of Chaseleyfield, Pendleton, has sent me some charming photographs of her pets. She writes: - 
"I have very few cats at present; I lost so many beautiful Siamese last year, and I think I made rather a mistake in having their skins made into mats! 'Cora,' the mother of my Siamese cats and kits, is still a beauty, and I really think she improves with age; and though her eyes are not all I could wish for in colour, yet her kittens have always had the desired tone of blue. I have now a lovely daughter of 'Cora' and 'Champion Wankee,' aged nine months."" Francis Simpson


 W. Margetson's      "SI"      born before 1903


Mrs. Ratcliffe's unnamed Siamese born before 1903


Mrs. Robinson's    "Ah Choo"     female born May 3, 1900 


Mrs. Vyvyan's    "Mafeking"   born before 1903



Mrs. Vary Campbell's    "Romeo & Juliette"    born before 1903


Lady Marcus writes: - "A pair of Siamese imported from the temple at Bangkok I purchased from Mrs. Vary Campbell, and had the great misfortune to lose them. They differed from the royal Siamese, being darker and having a more pointed head and face, and their eyes were larger and fuller. "


In the 1930's Dr. Thompson also noted the difference in some Siamese coat colors and worked with Mrs Cobb to develop the breed we now know as Burmese.



Lady Marcus Beresford's       "IT"     born before 1903



Lady Marcus Beresford's litter from "Tachin" ....Note the white toes.


"As everyone knows, Lady Marcus Beresford has always been especially fond of Siamese cats, and many splendid specimens have inhabited the Bishopsgate cat cottage. At present "King if Siam" and "Kholua," and a quaint little female called "It," represent this breed. In the days gone by "Tachin" and "Cambodia" were the admired of all admirers, and I doubt if ever a more perfect pair has landed on these shores. These cats were given to Lady Marcus Beresford twelve years ago by the late Lord William Beresford, who brought them straight from the palace at Bangkok." Franics Simpson 1903


Lady Marcus Beresford's   "Cambodia"   born before 1903

Lady Marcus writes: - "I never once had any trouble or anxiety with them - dear, gentle, friendly little people, so clever and attractive. I have never seen any I have so admired. They had many fine, healthy litters, scattered about now amongst various friends. My success all round was great with them - no illness of any kind, till one day a fiend poisoned both 'Tachin' and 'Cambodia,' and some of their six months kittens. I have replaced them with some bred in England."


Lady Marcus Beresford's  "Ursula"


Lady Marcus Beresford for who the Beresford Cat Club was named is credited for starting the cat fancy in England. Louisa Catherine Ridley (1846-1920) was the daughter of Charles William Ridley who entered the army as an ensign. Charles Ridley and wife Henrietta had four children, two boys and two girls. They lived in London the 1851 census shows 2 children and five servants. Louisa first married  Henry Bloomfield Kingscote March 31, 1870 they were divorced  in 1871. She then married Charles Francis Buller on July 11, 1873. Louisa married Marcus Talbot Delapoer-Beresford  August 28, 1895. She had no children.

 "Lady Marcus has been a celebrated beauty and is very clever. For despite two sensational divorces and antecedents sufficient to ruin forever the position of any woman, she has managed since her marriage to Lord Marcus to recover a very remarkable foothold in society, mainly through her organization of the National Cat club, with herself as secretary and manager, and with all sorts of leaders of the great world as officers and Directors." written by a Veteran Diplomat in the article Women Began Feud that Agitates the British Navy: To a Social Feud Between  the Wives of Two Admirals Is Attributed the Present Demoralization Existing in English Navel Circles. July 26,1908  Love the bit about the Banshee in this article. Here is another article about the family that tells the banshee story too. Family Distinguished in England and Ireland for Generations and Possessors of a Guaranteed "Banshee" December 18, 1910.


The three cats above are Imported  Bangkok, Siam and Calif. Owner Mrs. Robert Locke.


Lady Marcus Beresford liquidates her cattery

New York Times newspaper Sunday, January 24, 1904

For some reason or other Lady Marcus Beresford has given up her various cat clubs, has resigned the Presidency of the largest and most notable of these organizations in London, and is to dispose of her many pets and charges by selling them to fanciers or to private parties.

Lady Marcus Beresford has for some years made this cat culture a special fad. It is said that the Cat Club in London will now go into dissolution. The recent exhibition in New York showed several cat clubs in a most flourishing condition here, and some of the catteries here intend to purchase a few of the  Beresford animals. They have been pictured for years in the various English magazines and are considered to be quite wonderful of their kind. Lady Marcus Beresford was originally Miss Louisa Katherine Ridley, the daughter of an army officer.

Siamese stolen from King Chulalongkorn   

 New York Times newspaper Sunday, August 22, 1904                    

SACRED CAT OF SIAM A LONG WAY FROM HOME; Satsuma (Oriental Steamship Company's liner Satsuma) Arrives Here with King Chulalongkorn's Pet (Siamese Jane). BOUGHT HER FOR A MOUSER. 

Satsuma's Chief Officer Hodges said Siamese Jane gave birth to five kittens while traveling to New York. He goes on to say that he learned the cat was stolen.  King Chulalongkorn offered a $1000.00 reward for her return. When a local man offered a cat to them for 50 cents he bought her as they were in need of a good mouser. When the kings government men inquired he kept silent about the Siamese cat for fear of being jailed. Nothing is said of what happened to these Siamese after the ship docked in New York.  The full article can be read online. For the copyright N Y Times article click here.




A.M. Breach was a English photographer. I found this seal point male registered with the GCCF.


Champion Slightly born 3-28-1919

Sire: Southampton Sabian
Dam: Sita 

May 1919 - Three tiny baby Siamese kittens have lately been born to Champion Kee-Wan-Kee ex Champion Todge the Dodge. These two cats better known as "Sammy" and "Eldee" never fail to present their owners with a little spring family. Both cats live at the Romeo Kennel, Grand Rapids, "Sammy" owned by Mrs. Dykhouse, "Eldie" by Mrs. Gertrude E. Taylor.

Todge the Dodge (F) born April 5th, 1912  pedigree

advertisement in the same publication May 1919

Romeo Cat Kennels

Ch. Romeo Kee Wan Kee

Siamese. A proven sire. Sire, Boojum II.; dam, Bandoola. A.C.A. 1337. Fee, $10.00


1331 Lake Drive                        Grand Rapids, Mich



November, 1920 Cover Photo

Royal Wicky Wicky III



Royal Sacred Siamese male, bred and owned by Mme. Blanche Arral, of the Royal Siamese Cattery at Grantwood, N.J. This cat is a direct descendant from the pair of Royal Siamese Mme. Arral had presented to her by the King of Siam after having sung at a recital before him.



Mrs. Geo. B. Wheeler, of Grantwood, N.J., who was formerly Mlle. Blanche Arral, the prima donna, and who has been interested in the Royal Sacred Siamese cats ever since the King of Siam presented her with one after singing before him, is again taking up the breeding, of Siamese, and will advertise the The Blanche Arral Siamese Cattery in the Courier. She has as her stud Wicky Wicky III who comes down from her original ca, and two of Mr. Grant Carpenter's queens, and expects to import a pair soon, thus readers of The Courier will see that the Royal Sacred Cat of Siam is to come into its own again in this country. Success to your venture, Mrs. Wheeler.

Royal Siamese Cattery MME. ARRAL

The above photo ran with the following advertisement in November of 1920



     A Fetish Pet ---               The Fad of the Year 

This gift will be long cherished. Perchasers of Royal Siamese Cats from Mme. Arral's Royal Siamese Cattery are sure of getting the pure Royal Palace strain, direct descendants from the pair presented to Mme. Blanche Arrel by King Chulalongkorn I in appreciation of her vocal recital at the palace.

Descriptive brochure upon request.


Phone, Clifside270,                                             Grantwood, New Jersey


Export Your Stock from England

MISS FLORENCE E. FROND, 10 Oban Road, Bournemouth, Hampshire, England,
can supply you with Cats:—Persian, Siamese, Abyssinian, and British Short-Haired.
Dogs—Pekingese, Toy Toms, Cairn Terriers, and Yorkshire Terriers.
Correspondence invited. Prices moderate. Freightage and Insurance are your own concern




Mrs. Fred J Davis, Passaic, N.J., with Champion Romeo Me Yome, Siamese female owned by Mrs. H.G. Dykhouse, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Me Yome was bred by Mrs. Gertrude E. Taylor.





Bonzo II born 5-14-1926 Imported

Also know as Siamese Star Bonzo II of Ming Kwong



This portrait was taken by photographer Ryder in 1939 and was entered in an art show. I own this one of a kind 12x14 inch photo.

Double Champion Djer-Kits Chinkaling of Newton  born 8-4-1927

Final Owner: Mrs. Virginia R. Cobb - Newton Cattery - Newton, MA.

Owner 1929: Mrs. Martin Metcalf - Djer-Kits Cattery - Washington D.C.

Imported from England by former owner: Miss. E.G.Hydon

This is also Chinky

Chinky at 15years old.



Seal point female

Champion Siamese Star Mee-Zee Of Salina born 09-24-1927

Breeder: Mrs. H.E.Naatz

Owner 1929: Miss Doris Bryant, Stonehedge Cattery

Former Owner: Mrs. G.E. Taylor - Detroit, Michigan

Great Great Grand Dam of Fairchild's Nyima (show below)



Mrs. S. E. Thompson's record of Mon Luan (reg. A.C.A.#11519 Vol 25) states her boys sired 2 best kittens in The Pacific Coast Shows of 1933

She also owned at this time Imported Bing Tse Ling. (A.C.A.#13162)

The stud service fee in 1933 for these males was $20.00 

This was alot of money. In March of 1933 America was at the very bottom of the Great Depression.



Mon Luan - male seal point

Sire: Rama Boy born 1-25-1929

Dam: Tis Tis born 6-1-1909



Bing Tse Ling with his kittens



Kittens Sired by Mon Luan




Double Champion Siam's Chief Noda Purachatr born 3-16-1931

Mrs. Karl B. Norton - White Plains, N.Y.

Owner: Mrs. M. Brock - Newerk, N. J.


THE CAT CRIER - November 1936

        Dbl.Ch. Siam's Chief Noda-Purachatr, the first blue point Siamese in the United States to complete his championship both in the C.F.A. and the C.F.F. is feeling doubly proud since the arrival of his first Maine family. Princess Wangsy, the mama is in such a state of excitement over the babies that Miss. Frith, owner of the Purachatr Cattery says she cannot even set foot in her own cattery, much to her amusement. Miss Frith says there are five in the litter and though she is not permitted to see them, Mrs. Harnish, who manages the Purchatr Cattery for her says they are all very fine and that Princess is most devoted to them. Princess was formerly the mate of Siam's Sancho and took such a dislike to two kittens she had by him that she refused to feed them though she would take good care of two others of the very same litter. It seems that Princess is a very temperamental lady.


 Champion Valhalla Mahatma M K Gandhi 

Seal point male Born August 16, 1932

Breeder and Owner: Mrs. C.C.Strange - El Paso, Texas


Champion Ki-Ku-Ko Of Valhalla Born 11-29-1932
(and her triplets- photo published 1938)

Owned by Mrs. C. C. Strange - El Paso, Texas



The kittens in this photo are from the Newton cattery. The kitten on the far left it is the "long haired Siamese" Mrs. Cobb created by crossing her Siamese with a purebred long haired black cat. Miss. Louise Frith, Purachatr Cattery, named him for Mrs. Cobb. His was christened Phya-Tak after the founder of the kingdom of Siam.



Chez Minet Tika Of Watermead Born 1-3-1933

Miss Marjorie Walrath - Salamanca, N.Y.

Owner: Mrs. George de Gersdorff - Bedford Hills, N. Y.



Champion Katchina Of Newton  Born 3-20-1934
Compare this Siamese to our queen Maeve

Breeder: Mrs. Virginia R. Cobb, Newton, Massachusetts
Owner: Miss Muriel M. Glenz, Hemptead (Freeport), Long Island, New York

Champion Valhalla's Kwang Tung  Born 03-01-1934

Blue Point Siamese Male

Owner: Mrs. C.C. Strange, El Paso, Texas



Valhalla Sayama of Rosebank



E-Vah-Loo of Newton born 6-1-1935






Newton Cattery kittens 1936


Pouf-Poulot De Pur Sang Born 12-07-1936

Seal Point Siamese Male

Sire:Ch. Sy-Mingo Of Newton Born 04-19-1932

Dam: Pei-Wei  Born 09-15-1934

Owner: Mrs. K.I.Chambers, Merion, Pennsylvania



Siam's Sancho of Purachatr

Blue point male 

Owner: Miss. Louise M. Frith - New York, N.Y.



Champion Shela of Newton born 3-28-1932



Ki-Wee-A of Newton born 4-25-1936

Ming King of Hillwood and Poona Purachatr born 9-5-1934 

with their 4 months old daughter, Sudi Manshu of Hillwood.

Owner: Mrs. Ellwood Wilson, Knowlton, Quebec, Canada

Owner after Nov. 1936: Miss L. Frith

1936 Kittens and Siam's T'Sing Loa of Khyber born 1-27-1933

Owner: Miss Delle D.Smith, Bristol, Tennessee

The Khyber blood lines include many of the famous Newton champions.


Typical Mau Tien Vim and Vigor

Owner: Dr. J. C. Thompson,  San Francisco, California


Princess Wangsy Purachatr


Coeur-De-Lion's Kaldini of Tuan  Born 6-22-1936
Owned by Miss Jane Roberts - Gary, Indiana


Chom, owned by Mrs. Cronise 

Siam's son via dam Rowdy.

seal point male

Naga of Angkor born  9-29-1936


Commander Joseph Cheesman Thompson M.D.

More about Dr. Thompson and his Mau Tien Cattery in 1936 Leading Siamese Catteries

Mau Tien was registered as a C.F.A.cattery name in 1936 and appears as #691 in Vol 17


C.F.A. Registrations Volume 17 Siamese foundation record - 1936


        Tai Mau - seal point male (born 1/1930) registered under rule 6 (imported)

        Tung Nui Mau - seal point female (born 2/20/1932) Sire: Tai Mau (imported) Dam: She Shan Mau (imported)

        Pak Kwai Mau - seal point male (born 8/16/1932) Sire: Tai Mau (imported) Dam: Wong Mau (imported)

        Ho Kik Mau - seal point male (born 1/16/1933) Sire: Tai Mau (imported) Dam: She Shan Mau (imported)


THE CAT CRIER - April 1936

        Dr. J. C Thompson writes to tell us that we only got part of his Seal Point Siamese Female Novice name in the California Show Report. The name is Tai Noo Mau and she is the same cat which took first in the open as well as first and winners as a novice.

CATTYDOTES - November 1936

        The Argonaut, San Francisco weekly paper, tells how Kwai Tse Mau (Son of the Devil) recently posed for his statue before a group of art students and adds he is the largest Siamese cat in America, weighing 151 pounds. Dr. J.C. Thompson, owner of the cat, says it isn't the California climet but a California printer who produced the unusual Siamese. He believes that at 15 pounds, correct, Kwai Tse Mau can take American heavyweight honors for Siamese.



CATTYDOTES - November 1936

My name is Peti-Sing, I live with Mrs. Lillian Mc Williams in Sarasota, Fla. I am feeling quite proud of my children which I took to the show in Toronto. My oldest son Ch. Rama Sing won first in the champion Siamese class and my little girl Dara won best Siamese kitten and best Siamese in the show was won by another son of mine Ch. Chi-Chi. I didn't do so badly myself besides going first and winners it was decided that I had the best eye color of all the Siamese. My owner Mrs. McWilliams is planning to take me to several shows this winter. I used to always become ill when she took me north but she has discovered that the water does not agree with me, so she will take some of our good well water with her from home. She thinks of everything.


Champion Fairchild's Nyima (female) Owner: Mrs. Helen G. Fairchild 

Champion Fairchild's Nyima Born 09-11-1937

Great Great Grand Daughter of Champion Siamese Star Mee-Zee Of Salina (shown above)


    published December 1951 - Dr. and Mrs. L. H. Fairchild, when recently visiting Mrs. Bess Morse, informed her that they had lost their beloved Ch. Fairchild's Nyima, Seal Point, who was fourteen years old. She had a colorful show career and gave them many beautiful kits.


Owned by Miss Elsa Wonderlich of Tarrytown, N.Y.


Double Champion Wan Tutsawan

 Blue point female Born 10-6-1937




Patchperwa of Fairchild

Owner: Mrs. Helen G. Fairchild

Patchperwa of Fairchild Born 09-25-1937

Great Great Grand Sire of:

4X Champion Wee Sal of Medicine lake 

Champion Wallman's Prince Charmer

(photos on 1953 page) 

Siam's Blue Jack


Blue Point Siamese Male

Best Cat and Best Novice at the Siamese Specialty Show 1937

Breeder: Mrs. Karl B. Norton, White Plains, N.Y.

Owner: Mr. and Mrs. B.C. Olney, Rochester, N.Y.





Blue Point Siamese Neuter

Best Neuter - Danbury Fair Cat Show, 1937

Owner: Mrs. L. R. Johnson, White Plains, N.Y.


Double Champion Siam's Kin Chan II of Ming Kwong

Blue Point Siamese Female 15-SB-846

Best Siamese - Morris Grange Short Hair Specialty Show, 1937

Owner: Mrs. E.B. Bearden, Alden, Pennsylvania



Ming Kwong Bonzo III

Seal Point Siamese Male

Best Kitten - Morris Grange Short Hair Specialty Show, 1937

Best Short Hair - Keystone State Cat Club, 1937

Best Foreign Short Hair - Atlantic Cat club 1938

Owner: Mrs. E.B. Bearden, Alden, Pennsylvania



Prince Rahula

Breeder: Mrs. Louise S. Frith, New York, N.Y.

Owner: Mr. Charles L. Latham, Jr.,Balboa, Canal Zone.


  Sam Peng is center back

  Champion Sam Peng of San Gabriel Born 03-09-1938

The grand dam Wong Mau listed in Sam Peng's pedigree was imported from Burma and based on her litters was found to be a Siamese Burmese hybrid.


Coeur-de-Lion's Yana-Yan


Seal Point Siamese Female

Sire: Champion Sy-mingo Of Newton Born 04-19-1932
Dam: Champion Ki-Kee-Ko (as published in Leading Siamese Catteries 1936)

Owner - Miss Jane Roberts, Gary, Indiana

Photo published in the 1938 Show Hall of Fame



Mai-Kwong of Mekong 


Seal Point Siamese Female

Best Foreign Short Hair & Best Short Hair - California Cat Club 1937

Sire: Saigon Kito-Koo Born 07-25-1934

Dam: Saigon Cho-Cho-San Born 02-04-1935

Owner: Mrs. Ethel W. Garson, Glendale ,California

Photo published in the 1938 Show Hall of Fame


Oriental Nanki Pooh of Newton


Oriental Nanki Pooh of Newton


Oriental Nanki Pooh of Newton

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