Newton's Jay Tee - Born 12-28-1941

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Yen Too pedigree

Owner: Mrs. George McPheeters




Li Po of Mei Li - born 7-12-1941 pedigree

Owner: June and Charles Williams


Champion Newton's Anina of Mah Neb - born 4-2-1941 pedigree

Breeder: Mrs. Virginia R. Cobb

Owner: Mrs. Lillian W. Benham - Cleveland, Ohio

Anian's son shown here


Grand Champion Newton's Jay Tee - born 12-28-1941 pedigree

Breeder and Owner: Mrs. Virginia R. Cobb (Arthur 

Jay Tee was the first Siamese to earn CFA Grand Champion.

 From Billy Bancroft published October 1951
    Nice message came in today from Virginia Cobb, Newton, Mass. The one and only Virginia Cobb who sets the pace for Siamese breeders. It is always a nice day when you get a letter from her—she is that kind of a gal. I'm quoting her direct.
    "Grand Champion Newton's Jay Tee is scolding me. She hates the typewriter and starts to scold the minute I take the cover off. She looks fine in spite of her ten years—she is the kind of a cat that is always in show condition—with just a few days of combing and brushing she is ready for anything. You have seen the pix of her holding her nursing bottle (top of page)—I was amused a couple of months ago at a pix in Cats Magazine of a kitten doing the same thing. The caption story said that it took the owner several months to teach the kitten to do this. Jay Tee taught herself in one minute at the age of one month!!!! She just rolled over on her back—and up went her four feet and took over. She would 'show off' very willingly until she was six months old—then she would have no part of the bottle anymore. When the front door would open she would dash to the davenport, knowing that she would be placed between two pillows and have a 'swig'. NOW she dashes to a foot-stool where she is given a malted milk tablet when anyone comes in. She just sits there with her head cocked on one side waiting."
    Virginia Cobb calls my attention to the fact that few Siamese are exhibited after they are a couple of years old—there are exceptions of course — and Grand Champion Jay Tee is one of them.


Grand Champion Newton's Jay Tee 

    Published December, 1951

    All lovers of fine cats will share in the loss of Mrs. Arthur C. Cobb's Grand Champion Newton's Jay Tee who died as the result of an operation on October 8, 1951.
    Jay Tee was born Dec. 1, 1941. She was the first Seal Point Siamese to earn a Grand Championship, and had a tremendous show record. Unusual for a Siamese, she made, her most spectacular wins in her eighth year when at the Empire Show in New York, December 8 and 9, 1949, she was named by Sterling Webb, judge, Best Cat in the Siamese Specalty, and in the All-Breed was Best Samese, Best Female, and Best Champion.
    Jay Tee was breed by Mrs. Cobb from Oriental Naki Poo of Newton (Import) ex Ch. Wivenhoe Tarn of Newton (Import) 




Newton's Yan Tana - born 12-1-1942 pedigree

Owner & breeder Mrs. Virginia R.Cobb - Newton, Massachusetts

Later Owner - Chindwin Cattery

blue point male

Champion Rasna's Tark-Acriti of Camelot - born 02-17-1942  pedigree

Owner: Mr. William R. Braun - Rushville, Illinois



Li Tsee of Mei Li

Sire: Li Po of Mei Li - seen here


Mimi (left) Breeder: Mrs.J.E. Davis

Jorg (right) Breeder: Mrs. A.C. Denman

Owner: Miss Alvis Peete 


blue point male (left) and blue point female (right)

Champion Lom Konga II De Casa Gatos (left) - born 4-17-1942 pedigree

Champion Lon (Lou) Ling de Casa Gatos (right)- born 4-17-1942 pedigree

Owner: Blanch W. Warren - Casa Gatos Cattery - Bellflower, CA.


Sing Toh Sa Hai - born 11-25-1942

Owner: Mrs. R. A. Donovan Coral Gables, FL.




Cymri Wing Loy - born 5-3-1944 

Breeder and Owner: Mrs. Lillian E. Pedulla - Norristown, Pa.


Pepe Le Moko of Mei Li - born 4-3-1944 


Prestwick Pruth of Imperial (import) Born 5-14-1944

Owner: Mrs. Fred J. Wilson, Imperial Cattery, East Orange, N.J. 




seal point male

Mah Neb's Shanachus of Fa-Ying - born 5-9-1945 pedigree

1948 All-Canadian Seal Point Male

Breeder: Mrs. Lillian W. Benham - Cleveland, Ohio

Owner: Georgina La Marsh - Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Shanachus' dam is shown here


Triple Champion Vee-Roi's Blue Knight - born 5-6-1945  pedigree

Sire of Triple Champion Vee-Roi's Violet Lady (seen below)

Breeder and Owner: Mrs. R. H. Hecht - Normandy, Missouri

All-Midwestern Blue Point Male for 5 successive years

All-American Blue Point Male 1948 & 1949


seal point female

Knight's Cissie - born 2-4-1945 

Best Siamese, Best Shorthair, Rose City Cat Club, ACA Second Championship Show

Breeder and Owner Charles A. and Roberta K. Knight - Oswego, Oregon

Champion Lamar's Chinkee Lou - born 3-22-1945 

Breeder and Owner: Lt. and Mrs. Charles L. Jones


Double Champion Cha Wa Chirn Sa-Hai - born 11-18-1945 pedigree

Owner: Mrs. R.L. O'Donovan - South Maimi, FL.


Champion Rosedere Sasha of Hermscrest - born 6-14-1945

Blue point female




Champion Lamar's Kuan Yin - born 9-25-1946

All American Blue Point Female 1948


Princess Thiwadi of Purachatr


Merry Mount Pola - born 1-11-1946

Best Siamese - Best Novice - Best Shorthair - November 1947

Breeder and Owner: Lillian MacEwen Ott - Newark, N.J.


Samuda Rajasima of Cuthpa


Samuda Rajasima of Cuthpa -30-SB-720- seal point male - born July 17, 1946 

Sire: Amdos Imperator - Sires owner: Price Cross  

Dam: Cuthpa Dhyke

Breeder: Mrs. R.M. Cuthbertson,  Lufkin, Tx.  Owner: Mrs. William Dusenberry,  Peoria, Il.

A special thank-you to Jamaka for sharing her mother's photos and pedigrees with me.




blue point female

Champion Rosebank Chrysanta Royalist - born 3-17-1947 

blue point male

 Champion Bambeyling of Vanar - born 10-16-1947 

Owner Mrs. L. S. Van Riper - Rockville, Md.


 Knight's Peter Piper's Kin - Born before 1948

Son of Knight's Peter Piper and new stud at the Knight's Kattery, Oswego, Oregon



seal point female


Quinn Marla of Royal-Flush 

1948 All-Canadian Seal Point Female

Best Siamese, Best Opposite Sex Novice, Best Short Hair - Royal Winter Fair, Toronto 1947

Making Two All-Canadians in a row:

Quinn-Chin-San of Royal-Flush 1947 All-Canadian Siamese Seal Point Male - born 8-7-1945 

Breeder: Mrs. Elsie L. Quinn

Owner: Stephen and Kathleen Walsh


Champion Newton's Ping-Wei Of Millbrook - born 11-21-1947

Breeder: Mrs. Virginia Cobb

Owner: Mrs. W. R. Roose, Millbrook Cattery

This photo was taken prior to May 1949 publication making her 1 1/2 years at the most.

1st Novice - Springfield, MA 1948

1st & Winners - Siamese Speciality, Empire, N.Y., Nov. 1948
1st & Winners - Best Siamese , Best Foreign Short Hair, Coloumbus, OH. Jan. 1949

1st and Champion Best Seal Point Male, Buffalo, N.Y. Jan. 1949

1st Champion - Best Seal Point Siamese, Best Opp. Sex, Foreign Short Hair, Boston, MA., Jan 1949


Chinki Pooh of Lor-Mi

Owner: Mrs. Michael Chervenak Bremerton, WA. Lor-Mi Cattery

Best Siamese Novice, Hollywood, CFA, 1947

Lor-Mi's Cheng King

Grandson of Champion San Peng of San Gabriel seen here

Owner Breeder: Mrs. Michael Chervenak, Bremerton, WA. Lor-Mi Cattery

All Northwestern Seal Point Siamese 1949

1st. and Winners Seattle ACA 1949

1st. and Winners Portland ACA 1948


Ling Toi of Lor-Mi

Best Novice, winners, Best Seal Point Siamese, Best Siamese in Show, Best of Color, Best Foreign Short Hair, Feb. 1-2, 1947, Los Angeles C.F.A.

Owner: Mrs. Michael Chervenak, Bremerton, WA. Lor-Mi Cattery


Southwood Trinket of Imperial - born - 6-28-1947

Sire: Ch. Southwood Kuching - born - 4-24-1945

Dam: Oriental Ting San - born - 4-3-1943

littermate: brother Sealsleeve Qui Sanfou



blue point female

Champion Shawnee's Lady Montgomery - born 2-12-1948 pedigree

Breeder and Owner Mrs. Necolia Slobodian & Mrs. O. B. Willoughby - Louisville, KY.


Chirn Sa-Hai Nahranoda - born 3-22-1948 pedigree

All-Southern Champion

Breeder: Mrs. Richard O'Donovan

Owner: Mrs. Ronald Koenig - Teakwood Cattery- Fort Wayne, IN.






blue point female

Champion Hollywood's Blue Velvet - born 6-14-1949 pedigree

Breeder: Irene Bjerring - Hollywood, California

Owner: E.W.Kampert - Casper, Wyoming

Blue Velvet made history by being named the Best Cat in the All Breed Show. 

She also won  Best Cat in several Siamese specialty shows.


Chung Mung Abelard (Left) - born 4-12-1949 pedigree

and his two daughters

Chung Mung Nui Nui (center) 

Chung Mung Grisette (right) - born 7-30-1950 pedigree

Owner: Philip Norman. Phil was the director of two programs on KNX. 

He was so enthralled with his cats that many of his broadcasts were about his Siamese.






Double Champion Vee Roi's Ban Shee

Breeder: Mrs. R. H. Hecht - Normandy, Missouri

Owners: Dr. and Mrs. J. Sterrett Caldwell - Cincinnati, Ohio

All-American Seal Point Female - 1950

All-Midwestern Seal Point Female - 1951


All-Eastern Blue Point Female 1952, All-Eastern, All-American, 1951

 Vee Roi's Violet Lady

blue point female

Triple Champion Vee-Roi's Violet Lady

Sire: Triple Champion Vee-Roi's Blue Knight (seen above)

Dam: Champion Vee-Roi's Donetta

Breeder: Mrs. R. H. Hecht - Normandy, Missouri

Owner: Mrs. Alice S. Dugan - Hartsdale, N.Y.


Double Champion Ammon-Ra's Little Fawn-Da - born 11-3-1950 pedigree

Owner: Lillian Magner - Ft. Wayne, Ind.


Kewalo Lei

Grand and Double Champion Kewalo Lei Krampert - born 7-1-1950 pedigree

Owner: E.W.Krampert - Casper, Wyoming


Seal Point female, Set a world's record by making points for grand Championship in less then three months

Grand and Double Champion Cymri Dee-Va  - born 4-9-1950  pedigree

Sire: Champion Cymri Cri-ket

Breeder and Owner: Mrs. Lillian Pedulla - Norristown, PA


seal point male

Briarry Samson (import) born 2-22-1950 pedigree

Owner: Mrs. Lucas B. Combs - Lexington, Ky.


seal point female

Double Champion Cuthpa D'Ista - born 7-3-1950 pedigree

Owner: Mrs. R. M. Cuthbertson - Lufkin, Tx.


Spotlight Pankeeto (import) born 9-18-1950 pedigree

Owner: Flomar Cattery

Millbrook's Phumiphon of Kuch

Breeder: Mr. W. R. Roose Kuch's Kattery Portland, OR.

1st and Winners - Best Novice, Best Opposite Sex Siamese (Short Hair Specialty, Portland, OR. Nov. 1950)

1st and Winners - Best Seal Point Siamese (Seattle, WA., December 1950)

Also bred: Millbrook's Sikirit of Kuch

1st and Winners - Best  Siamese, Best Kitten (Short Hair Specialty, Portland, OR. Nov. 1950)





Champion Astra's Morris Lindex - born 2-4-1951 pedigree

Breeder: Mrs. M.W. Richardson (England)

Owner: Agnes F. Rand - Mineola, N.Y.


Blue point male owner Mrs. Howard G. Stackhouse, Hollycat Cattery, Mount Holly, N.J.

Double Champion Hollycat Blue Mickey - born 2-17-1951  pedigree




seal point male

Yandon's My Kee - ACA 24575

1952 All-Western Seal Point Male

First, winners, and Best of Breed Vancouver, B.C.

First, Winners, Best Siamese, Best F.S.H., Best Short Hair Spokane, Washington

Breeder and Owner: Mrs. Del Yandon

Hollycat Cyrano of Siami 

1952 All Midwestern winner

Owner: Mrs. LaVerne P. Chapman - Birmingham, Mich.





Four times Champion Wee Sal of Medicine lake- born 06-03-1953 pedigree

Great Great Granddaughter of Patchperwa of Fairchild (shown on this page)



Champion Wallman's Prince Charmer- born 02-28-1954 pedigree

Great Great Grandson of Patchperwa of Fairchild (shown on this page)




Fan-T-Cee Tee Cee


Triple Grand Champion Fan-T-Cee Tee Cee - born 5-3-1954 

It is often claimed that the Fan-T-Cee cattery and Tee Cee in particular were very influential in beginning the change in "type" to the modern show Siamese. In searching contemporary American show Siamese pedigrees one finds this cat and cattery repeatedly used.

Compendium of Historic Siamese Articles



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