Black &Tan Siamese

Retired Loved Ones

Maeve - Finola - Tasa - Keva  - Fenya - Phinean - Kian 

Maeve Guinness of Black &Tan

Foundation Queen Retired

Maeve - is retired from breeding. She is the grandmother of our breeding queen Fenya.  Maeve is the mother of our retired queens Finola and Keva.

Maeve is the highest quality cat we have owned. She is from rare Cuban bloodlines out of the Ladu cattery. Her sire was Max-A-Million.


Maeve at 5 years of age

This photo is of Maeve at 5 years of age.

Maeve produced four litters for us

 Maeve's Spring 2005 litter

Maeve's Fall 2005 litter

Maeve's Spring 2006 litter

Maeve's Fall 2006 litter

Maeve's page


Black &Tan Finola Guinness

Breeding Queen Retired

 Finola is living with her son as a family pet in West Newton, MA.


Finola produced four litters for us.


Finola's Kitten Diary Fall 2007  

Finola's Kitten Diary Winter 2008

 Finola's Kitten Diary Fall 2009

  Finola's Kitten Diary Fall 2010

Finola's page


Finola - May 2008


Tasa of Black &Tan 

Breeding Queen Retired

Tasa has moved to a pet home

This photo is of Tasa at 3.5 years of age.

Tasa produced one litter for us Tasa's 2010 Kitten Diary


Black &Tan Keva Guinness

Breeding Queen Retired

 Keva is living with us as our pet.

Keva produced six litters for us

Keva's Kitten Diary 2007

Keva's Kitten Diary Spring 2008

Keva's Kitten Diary Fall 2008

Keva's Kitten Diary Fall 2009

Keva's Kitten Diary Spring 2011

Keva's Kitten Diary 2012

Keva's page


Black &Tan Fenya Guinness

Breeding Queen Retired

 Fenya is living with us as our pet.

Fenya produced eight litters for us.

Fenya's Kitten Diary 2011

Fenya's Kitten Diary Spring 2012

Fenya's Kitten Diary Fall 2012

Fenya's Kitten Diary Spring 2013

Fenya's Kitten Diary Spring 2014

Fenya's Kitten Diary Spring 2015

Fenya's Kitten Diary Fall 2015

Fenya's Kitten Diary Spring 2017


Fenya's Page


Phinean Bass of Black &Tan

Breeding Stud Retired

Phinean is no longer part of our breeding program. He has gone to work for another breeder.


On July 6th, 2010 Phinean weighed in at 7lbs.


Phinean fathered two litters with Keva.

Keva & Phinean's Fall 2008 kitten diary

Keva & Phinean's Fall 2009 kitten diary

Grown up photos 

Fall 2008 Owner's photos

Fall 2009 Owner's Photos


Kian Bass of Black &Tan

Breeding Stud Retired

Kian is retired from breeding. He has moved to a pet home.

1st portrait from his breeder

Kian at two and a half years of age

Photo taken at two and half years of age.

Kian fathered three litters for us


Maeve's Fall 2006 litter


Keva's Spring 2007 litter


Keva's Fall 2008 litter 





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