Finola's Kitten Diary Fall 2009


This reads from the bottom up. New entries are added at the top so its easy to follow as they grow.


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These kittens are the progeny of our sire Balor and dam Finola


Look for follow up photo's of the kitten's in this litter as they grow up on our Where Are They Now?  page.

Closing Stats

#1 Lobelia is now Fleur (Harry Potter) and lives in Waltham, MA

#2 Dragon  is now Lola and lives in Southborough, MA

#3 Fen is now Black&Tan Fenya Guinness and she is our new queen. Look for her kitten diaries in the future. Fenya's page

October 17th - 18th - This weekend we said goodbye to Dragon and Lobelia before the snow started falling in clumps. Snow in the middle of October? Yes and it looks like cotton balls falling. Maybe we can make snow ghosts. Here are some final photos of the sisters together. Fen we are holding on to for a few months to evaluate her. We hope to retire Finola after her next litter. This diary will officially close when we decide if Fen is a future queen or if she goes to a family as a pet.





Left to right- Fen, Lobelia and Dragon






Lobelia front, Fen middle and Momma Finola behind

Lobelia front and Fen behind

Dragon and I thought this was Fen until I saw that shaved pathch on her right arm, its Lobelia

Left to right- Lobelia, Dragon and Fen

October 16th - When awake it has been difficult to keep the girls from running and jumping. They run about to play with each other and just before their surgery that had learned just how useful jumping up can be. Lobelia's tummy looks great. I have been concentrating on keeping Dragon from licking her tummy.  Her rough tongue is like sandpaper to the delicate healing tissue. Fortunately the restful healing times last longer the the active play times. Lobelia is a serene princess of a cat. She was talking to me today and faked me out again. Fen is the one who always talks to me. I saw her shaved arm and realized she was actually Lobelia. She seems to always accept whatever is happening to her or going on. I love her personality. Dragon is more of a sporty cat. She has great moves and turns quicker then either of the other girls. She accepts being held but has her limit before she wants to run off and play some more. I don't have any photos of Fen for today. I hope I can get some in better light in the morning so I can get better photos of the kittens eyes. Fen loves being in the kitchen.  When the refrigerator door is open she will suddenly appear and be studying the contents. I swear one day she will learn to open it herself, lol. I have seen her several times trying to stick her paw up under the dishwasher door, even though we have a large towel stuffed under it. She pushes the towel down to try to get between it and the door. She seems to be too smart for her own good and is full of silly beans. She doesn't seem to nap as much as her sisters. It makes me wonder if she will end up smaller them them in the long run.





This shoe doesn't fit my foot





Sleeping Angels

October 14th -  The girls have spent most of the day resting quietly and healing.

Dragon and Lobelia


I'm being good and resting.

October 13th -14th - Lobelia and Dragon went in for their spay surgery yesterday. They came home around 5 pm. Their reaction to the medication was to lose all inhibition and become very active devil kitties, lol. Our job was to try to keep them from running jumping and basically to be quiet and rest. It was a big challenge. Dragon was biting harder then normal. Usually they may put their mouth on you to explore but they never bite hard. Fen who is normally the most active kitten seemed very tame by comparison. She ran off to the bedroom to nap twice while Lobelia and Dragon continued to play like Eveready bunnies. Even with scruffing and cradling in our arms it was hard to keep them quiet. This morning when I checked on them they were back to their normal purring sweetness. Dragon has some expected incision site swelling and her tiny skin opening has come unglued. This tiny incision is smaller then the distance between two stitches in an adult so it really does not need to be re-glued. It will fill in as it heals. I will be watching it closely for any sign of infection. I was worried that they might tear out the stitches in the muscle wall but today all looks good. I am amazed that Lobelia has no swelling. He incision site looks good. We will keep working at keeping them from running and jumping and keeping them as quiet as possible, playing with toys close to them so they don't feel the need to run and tackle each other. Both of them have been picking up toys in their mouths, purring and licking my hand. They are little love bugs today.

Lobelia's incision site. The discolor around the center red spot is a little extra skin glue. This looks great!

Dragon's tummy. You can see the swelling of the underlying muscle as a bump. The center red spot is the skin opening the bits around it are skin glue. This is a normal amount of swelling for an active kitten.

Fen watching her nutty sisters. She just woke up from a nap.

Lobelia and Dragon


October 12th - Yesterday I noticed Fen nursing. Finola has no milk this is an emotional attachment. Last night at bedtime I saw Fen and Dragon on this cat tube and the next thing I see all three kittens nursing. I don't know how they all fit on top of this and were comfortable enough to nurse, lol. I think it may have been Fen that started it and once Dragon heard the lip smacking noise she had to join and that brought Lobelia up so she wouldn't miss out. Finola was very patient with her babies.

October 10th - nine weeks old - Last night the living room was like a pinball machine. The kittens were running at full speed around the room after each other. When one would run up and surprise another, the surprised kitten would pop up into the air and then take off after another kitten.

Lobelia 9 weeks old

Wha? Ya cut off my ears.




Fen wouldn't hold still long enough for me to get a good posed photo.




Lobelia front, Dragon middle, and Fen behind

Lobelia under the chair, Dragon front, and Fen behind

Fen with the bird and Lobelia reaching.

Lobelia forward and Fen behind

Right to left- Dragon, Lobelia, and Fen



Lobelia & Fen

Make room for Momma


Left to right - Dragon, Lobelia, & Fen


October 8th - The kittens went in to see Dr. Schaefer and are very healthy.  They all were so brave not one peep when they were given their first vaccination. They came home and slept. Lobelia slept more then her sisters. She was happy to curl up in the nest behind the sofa.

We need to rest now.

A little play time while Aunt Keva watches.

She still wants us to be her baby kittens.

Dragon and Fen sleeping on three beds

Lobelia and Momma

October 5th - 


Dragon found the upstairs.

So did Fen.



I'm not sure if this is Fen or Lobelia. That's Dragon behind.

This is Lobelia who found a bug between the window.

Hello, Would you like to be my friend?



Dragon sleeping


We are still small kittens. Lobelia and Dragon.

I got you rug. Fen

Fen...dundun...dundun...dundundundun..dundun...Momma's coming

Wrestling...Momma says, Knock it off kits.

Fen, Got you Momma!

Thank you for finding all our toys. The basket is fuller now. I like those mice that rattle when I shake them and there is still some room at the top.

October 3rd - eight weeks old - 4th - The kittens have been having a great time running about the bedroom. They spiderman the sides bed but so far only Dragon has managed to make it to the top. Fen has been kissing up to the cook in the kitchen. She loves the smells coming from the stove and stands around his feet with her nose in the air sniffing. She is a busy girl and I sometimes wonder if she ever naps. Lobelia on the other hand is quite elegant in her demeanor. She will tuck her paws and fall asleep just about anywhere at any time. I think she thinks her sisters are quite nutty.

Dragon had a little lamb....                                                   

                                               .......and it was quite delicious!

Look Lobelia, we can play with Momma's tail!

No Dragon, look in here. It's almost empty!

Really this is just terrible. How are we supposed to develop properly? We need more edumacational toys.

Sigh, I'm so bored.

Now listen closely..... I want MORE toys.


Come on Lobelia, let's CONGA.

You can't get away from me bird!


October 1st - Aunty Keva has begun nesting and she wants one of the kittens to be hers, lol. She tries to scruff them and carry them off to her nest. The kittens are busy playing and running about the house. They found their way into the master bedroom and up the cat tree last night. Lobelia loves the little loopy fabric lamb toy she carries it around in her mouth tosses it about and attacks it.


I'm not your kitten Aunty Keva.

Dragon posing for me



Ahh its a Fen attack


Leaping Dragon

September 26th - Lobelia and Fen are trying to drive me crazy, lol. Fen has lost her white blaze and unless they are right next to each other I can't tell them apart. Lobelia has begun to do the same little tricks Fen does. This morning she was running around with the marabou wand in her mouth, hauling it off. Then this afternoon she crawled up into my lap while I was sitting on the sofa. She was very interested in giving me kisses. I wonder if the smell of the beef Ramen I had eaten had anything to do with her wanting to lick my tongue? LOL If they keep it up I may have to remark one of them with color.

Lobelia runs off with a toy.

Long over due.... a nice photo of Dragon.



Left-right - Fen, Lobelia, and Dragon

Where did it go?

September 26th - Dragon's family came by this morning for a short visit. She was so good with all the attention that was lavished on her. They don't know it but I think she picked them to be her family and not the other way around, lol.

September 26th - seven weeks old - I was very proud of how well the kittens did when Dragon's family came to visit. They had three boys (7-8 yrs olds) playing with them this morning. It was a good experience socializing for the kittens. The boys were very gentle when they snuggled and played with the babies and the kittens were very tolerant of all the attention.

From the back coming forward - Momma Finola, Dragon and Lobelia

Fen sneaking up on Lobelia

Fen and Dragon

~ Lobelia ~

~ Fen ~

~ Dragon ~

I''l have to work on getting some good photos pf Dragon. The perspective on the two below is pretty strange. On the left she looks like she has enormas front paws, lol. They are big but not quite that big. Then the one on the right makes her head look big and strange. She really has very nice proportion and a very elegant head.
September 24th - All the kittens enjoyed playing with their first visitors tonight. They were sleeping when Lobelia's family arrived but were really happy to come out and play for as long as Marissa and Mark wanted them too.

Playing with Grandma Maeve's tail. That is Momma on the left.

September 23rd - The kittens have all reached 2 pounds so we will stop weighing them after today. Lobelia is no longer the leader she was when she was younger.  Dragon is really coming out of her laid back stage too but she is still momma's baby. She sits in the nest and cries to momma to let her nurse. When she does it is only emotional suckling. Finola no longer has any milk. She has already gone back into heat. She is a good momma and sleeps on the corner of the couch while her babies nap behind it. They are still babies but are maturing. Fen is a bit of a sprite. Lobelia is now more of a middle child and Dragon is in charge of bird chasing. They each take turns playing. Dragon has a more classic build. She appears to have longer legs and sleeker body then her sisters. She looks to be bigger but they all weigh pretty much the same. Fen and Lobelia look more traditional in build. Fen has smaller paws then Lobelia. When I look over the sofa into the nest its hard to tell Fen and Lobelia's faces apart.







Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 2 lb. 1.5 ounces = 954 grams - up 128 grams

Dragon is 2 lb. 1.25 ounces = 947 grams - up 121 grams

Fen is 2 lb. 1.5 ounce = 954 grams - up 128  grams


Lobelia (front), What's so funny?

Lobelia & Dragon

Lobelia & Dragon

Fen digging in the toy basket

Dragon walking, Fen digging, and Lobelia wondering "What is digging in there?"

September 19th - six weeks old - When I got out Da Bird Lobelia was still asleep in the nest. This is the first time the kittens have seen it and they were not quite sure at first what this moving thing was. I filmed this first encounter and the link to the seven minute video is below. Fen attacked it first and it didn't take her long to start jumping after it. That is Dragon under the table watching during her turn. Momma Finny scratching the wave. Fen is a collector and tries to haul the bird off. She will probably learn to play fetch with some encouragement. The kittens are still learning they have to look up sometimes for toys. Lobelia still hasn't figured out look up yet. Dragon who is a bit laid back and reserved about things that are new liked the wand and string but needed time to become friends with the bird. You can see her morph through the process in the video. Once Lobelia woke up she had to be the one playing with it all the time. What I found amazing happens when it is Dragon's turn to play. Dragon just needed her own time but Lobelia kept pushing her way in. At about the 5:05 mark I whirl the bird to get it away from Lobelia. To my surprise Lobelia takes off like a rocket and Dragon is calm as can be. At about 6:45 Dragon runs off. When I whirl the bird again Lobelia runs off and drawn by the noise Dragon comes running back to play. This behavior goes totally against what I thought I was seeing in the personalities. Lobelia being the dominate kitten and Dragon being the most reserved with a quick flight response. Dragon is still the one kitten always nursing. It may be that she is taking longer to mature emotionally and is beginning to catch up.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 1 lb. 13 ounces = 825.6 grams - up 60 grams

Dragon is 1 lb. 13 ounces = 825.6 grams - up 57 grams

Fen is 1 lb. 13 ounce = 825.6 grams - up 60  grams

Lobelia - I like this bed can it be mine?



Dragon & Lobelia




Fen & Dragon



Fen leaps high while Lobelia watches

Fen & Lobelia

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September 18th - We have had an interesting couple of days. We have been working on venturing out of the kitten room and playing in the living room. The goal being to move into the whole house but to remember to return to the litter box and food bowls. We were doing really well and Finola really wanted the babies to be in the nest behind the sofa in the corner. The kittens love it and will come running out when I call. Keva is a bit grumpy and will growl under her breath. She wants the house for her kittens that will be coming in October. I tell her to move on and no one pays her any mind. The kittens are not intimidated in the least, lol. Finny doesn't seem to mind either. Everyone knows its just Aunty Keva and she is harmless. 

Then something happened on Thursday. I'm not quite sure what. Grandma Maeve has been in my office on and off and when kittens are near her she grooms them. She is very tolerant and likes to play. Finola was fine with her visiting. Then out of nowhere Finola in full puff was chasing after Maeve. Every time Finny sees Maeve she puffs and takes off after her like she is going to attack her. It has happened so many times that I have had to isolate them from each other. Finola and the kittens back in my office with the door closed. I allow them out to roam and play only when I have Maeve shut in the bedroom.  This morning I shut Maeve in the bedroom and let Finny and the kittens out. When I brought them back and closed my doors Lobelia stood up on the doors and cried. She so wanted to go out and play. I decided to move the litter box and food out of my office. I will isolate Maeve in here when necessary and allow Finola and the kittens the run of the house.

The kittens played themselves out and are snuggled behind the sofa in the corner family nest. Finola is sleeping with them. I set up the litter box and food in the new location and let Maeve out of the bedroom. She followed me into my office and told me she wanted something to eat. I walked with her to the pantry. Looking for Finola when we crossed the hallway. She is still sleeping. Keva joins us and I am talking about filling the bowls when I realize Finola is standing with us sniffing Maeve. Maeve was distracted and just realized too. Instead of running like she has, she stood fast. Finola was relaxed and fine with her. I stroked Finola and told her how nice she was and walked her back to the living room. Maeve went the opposite direction. Finola went back to the kittens. Well that went well. Maybe we don't have to keep Maeve shut in my office. Maeve followed me into the bedroom. About an hour passed and when I walked out Maeve followed me. She got to the living room and saw Finola. Her ears went back and slowly, very slowly she began taking backward steps until she was out of Finola's line of sight. Finola did not react. I went and stroked her and told her how good she was. Maeve has been cautiously feeling her way around Finola and the house.. She sat in the hall watching Finola. Finola has left her alone today.

I wonder if this all happed because of a mistaken assumption on Finola's part? Perhaps the kittens were wrestling and biting each other and one or both yelled out. They do it pretty regularly while learning proper play limits. Maybe Maeve was too near and Finola thought Maeve had hurt one? Whatever the misunderstanding was it has passed and Finola is more relaxed today.

Dragon figured out how to hop in the air and land on her sisters. This makes play fighting so much more fun. Now all the girls are hopping and running. Dragon likes to hop up on top of the cube house. She is very fast and well coordinated when racing after the string toy.



Lobelia has forgiven me.




Arrrg, I gitin' you!...No I'm getting you!

Wait, wait she's up there again...

Hi Meowmy, Arn't we the sweetest angels you have ever seen? Dragon and Fen

Nest behind the sofa corner.

Fen and the Spider

Got you mom! - Dragon

Dragon coming out from under the ottoman while mom watches.

September 16th - Yesterday while sitting cross legged on the floor playing with the kittens I leaned forward to reach a toy and Lobelia snuck under my rear. She squealed when I sat back up. I grabbed her right away. She was not hurt. I snuggled her and stroked her telling her I was sorry. I have been working on making it up to her since. Most of yesterday she would not come near me by choice. Whenever she was within reach I would scoop her up and give her kisses and stroke her. Today she is more trusting and will play close to me. All the kittens are working on developing a relaxed comfort level while playing in the living room.  Their favorite toy is Keva's favorite broken marabou wand. They completely forget everything around and concentrate on whose turn it is to go after it. Finola is still nervous when they are out playing. The kittens are also cautious but they are developing the familiarity they need to know they are safe. When I call out "babies" them they come running to see me.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 1 lb. 10.9 ounces = 765 grams - up 68 grams

Dragon is 1 lb. 11 ounces = 769 grams - up 100 grams

Fen is 1 lb. 10.9 ounce = 765 grams - up 92.5  grams

All three kittens are in this photo. Can you find them?

The new favorite toy

They can barely get over the board of the coffee table.

Jumping the board to attack Dragon

Momma Finny watching over the kittens.

Momma, Hanging by my feet is the way I get down all the time.

Dragon- I got it!

L to R- Dragon, Lobelia, and Fen

L to R- Fen, Lobelia, and Dragon

September 14th - More photos

I just love this photo I took when Dragon was playing peek with me.



Stuck my tongue out? No not me.


Dragon using spidey senses


September 13th - We opened the run and let the kittens venture out and explore. Dragon was really the first to go the farthest. She is quite the explorer. Aunty Keva is not so sure she likes having kittens in the house when she has her own getting ready for an October birth. If a kitten comes near her she sniffs and gives a little growly hiss. They know by instinct that this an important sound. They freeze and look at her...then ignore her, lol. They have had fun and found the living room and kitchen. They also found Aunty Keva's favorite toy and love to play with it.





Fen & Dragon

September 12th - five weeks old - The little white blaze that you see most prominently above Fen's nose is a temporary effect caused by the kittens white baby coat being replaced by their darker point fur. They still look a little wall eyed. They have not learned to focus on me and the camera yet. This will also improve as they mature.

This morning I came in and played with the kittens. They are ready to start running the kitty 500. I opened the run to include the area behind my desk so they have a long stretch to run. They were so funny. They got Finola excited and she was trying to run with them and grab them. There really isn't enough room so she decided to hide and surprise them as they ran past. As they were playing I was sitting on the floor and started running my finger nail across the ridges of my sock top, vert vert, pause vert vert. Lobelia heard it and came over to investigate. Every time I made the vert noise she would step closer then freeze when I was quiet. Step step freeze step step freeze. She is very good at freezing no matter where she was with her movements, lol. Fen is sleeping on my lap right now. When I pet her, her purr kicks in. Its very loud for such a little kitty. It looks like Lobelia is establishing herself as the dominate kitten in the litter. Fen could easily be the leader too but for now Lobelia is being the pushy one. That makes Fen the middle child and Dragon the one who is happy to wait.

Sorry about the redeye with how overcast it has been its hard to get enough natural light to not get redeye. The use of my verilux lamp helps me get true color and closes the pupils but it wasn't enough to get rid of the red.

Lobelia 5 weeks old

Dragon 5 weeks old

Fen 5 weeks old

bi-weekly weigh in......

Lobelia is 1 lb. 8.5 ounces = 697.5 grams - up 85 grams

Dragon is 1 lb. 7.5 ounces = 699 grams - up 60.5 grams

Fen is 1 lb. 7.6 ounce = 673 grams - up 57  grams

Dragon and Fen nicely play ball......

Lobelia attacks and we see Fen ....

.... escaping.... but......

Fen  returns to help defend Dragon.

What goes around, comes around and Lobelia gets it back from Fen.

Lobelia escapes but Dragon gets in one more bite on her tail.


Fen and Dragon

Seeing Dragon next to Finola lets you see how blue is points are.

September 11th - Lobelia got a foot wash today when she mis-stepped in the litter box. She was very good and did not get frightened of the running water. She is showing that she is the leader in rough play. Most of the time when I hear a cry it is Lobelia that is biting one of the other kittens. Finola has started to play rough (momma rough) to teach her to be more gentle.  She is playing with balls with them too. When she romps they all stop and stare at her, lol. The kittens have all learned how to crawl up and down the condo. Coming down can be a bit odd at times. Fen likes to crawl over the edge and hang by her back feet until she feels her front paws are close enough to let go and fall/jump to the next lower level. Lobelia likes to save time and clunk down. Going up Lobelia hops while Fen and Dragon crawl up. They are just starting to puff up and do the big bad Halloween kitty posturing.



Dragon on top looking down

Dragon ball


Lobelia left and Dragon right

Got your tail Momma!

Lobelia left and Dragon right

Left to right- Fen, Lobelia, and Dragon

September 9th -  I'm really happy with how well the litter box use is going. We have had full compliance so far. I removed the cover from the side of the run and only have two towels covering the corner where the family nest is. I have the television on listening to the President and I watched Dragon stop and sit in the wave scratcher with her paws up on the edge facing the tv. She was watching the president too. Before today they couldn't see the tv. When I come into the room and the kittens hear me they will all run to the side where I enter. Fen always calling out as she runs. Both Lobelia and Fen will run right onto and under me but Dragon stops in front and politely sits and looks up at me, just waiting for me to take notice of her.

We still need you Momma,

bi-weekly weigh in......

Lobelia is 1 lb. 5.5 ounces = 612 grams - up 78 grams

Dragon is 1 lb. 5.4 ounces = 608.5 grams - up 67.6 grams

Fen is 1 lb. 5.6 ounce = 615.7 grams - up 110  grams

Fen is concentrating really hard and this is her "I'm about to attack your toy" face.

Lobelia's attack face

Hello, this is my house and you can't come in now. Dragon inside.

Lazy day left to right- Fen, Lobelia, and Dragon.

September 7th -  I'm happy to report that Dragon had a nice breakfast of baby cat kibble this morning. Lobelia and Fen are doing very well with using the litter box on their own. We had a potty party this morning, lol. Maybe its time to bring in the regular sized pan and expand the run a bit more.

I gots water on my nose!- Fen

Left top to right- Dragon, Fen and Lobelia.

Snuggles from Momma -Dragon

Dragon eats her first meal

potty party- left to right Dragon, Lobelia, Fen

Fen likes laps


Lobelia too


September 6th -  Last night Fen used the litter box to pee. This morning Lobelia toped her by leaving a solid deposit....I helped her out by putting her in the pan and returning her to it each time she climbed out, lol. Momma was there to oversee and make sure everything was o-kay. Kittens cry out a lot when they first learn to process solid food.. It's a new sensation and they're not quite sure about it. Dragon still doesn't want to try baby cat food. She is curious about the water but no tasting yet. Lobelia got a nose full of water last night while she was trying to drink.



We have a new camera. It's a Canon PowerShot A1100 IS. I was using a PowerShot A95. The ease of functions is much better. Not too small but not too big. I like the bit of a grip it has. So far it seems like a great deal at $150. We'll see how the picture quality compares. I shrink and compress photos for the diary so they is not a great reflection of original quality. A negative with this camera is that it uses two AA batteries and with the display screen on it drains the batteries very quickly. I've had to change the batteries three times already and I've only had it two days. I would rather the grip be a little larger to add more batteries so it lasts longer. On a trip I would have to carry extra batteries anyway so making it smaller was not that big of an help.

Morning weigh in...... will happen twice a week now on Saturday and Wednesday






I'm going to sleep now.

Mmmm stretching feels good.

This is one of my favorite places.


September 5th - four weeks old - Dragon's weight is back up. I put her by the kibble bowl this morning but she didn't eat....she tried to cover it, lol. Finola is allowing nursing again. They are learning not to bite hard. Fen spent time grooming my hand. She nibbled on my little finger but not hard at all. Then she climbed up on my lap and fell asleep. All the kittens are trying to decide what my hand is. They are intrigued when it moves like a spider. When I pull it away they want to chase but are cautious about getting close. They all love balls. Dragon tried to pick up the sparkle ball in her mouth. She dropped it and shook her head. I think it tickled her mouth, lol. I left the entrance to the run open this morning and Fen walked over to the opening and was looking about. She was trying to decide if she was brave enough to leave the run and go exploring. I enticed her to come and play with me. I really don't want them to want to be outside the run until they master the litter box. There is enough difference in their faces for me to tell them all apart now.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 1 lb. 2.75 ounces = 534 grams - up 35.6 grams

Dragon is 1 lb. 3 ounces = 541 grams - up 21.4 grams

Fen is 1 lb. 1.75 ounce = 505 grams - up 7.1  grams



Left to right- Dragon, Fen, and Lobelia

September 4th - I mucked up Dragon's weigh when I was transcribing them yesterday. I can't blame dyslexia as the numbers were just wrong. Her figures are now correct. With their front teeth coming in Finola has been restricting their access to nursing. They must be biting her when latching on. I've seen her kick Dragon away when she attempted to nurse. I think Lobelia is taking all her meals as kibble. I see her eating regularly and Finola is engorged on the glands that Lobelia uses. Fen is also eating kibble every day but she continues to nurse some. I have not yet seen her eat any kibble. She sniffs the bowl then tries to cover it. Each morning when I come in she has covered the bowls with the rug they are sitting on. I have seen all three take a few little practice sips from the water bowl. No one thinks going in the training litter box is a good idea. I hope that changes quickly, lol. Since Lobelia is the big eater I will be looking for her to be the first to use it.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 1 lb. 1.5 ounces = 498 grams - up 25 grams

Dragon is 1 lb. 2.25 ounces = 519 grams - up 10.6 grams

Fen is 1 lb. 1.5 ounce = 498 grams - up 14.3  grams

Fen, I gots a baggy belly so I'm doing crunches to tighten my abs.

September 3rd - The kittens are very oral right now. Licking and test biting every surface. Every so often I hear a yelp when one bites another too hard. Finola is doing her part to teach them not to play too rough.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 1 lb. .625 ounces = 473 grams - up 21.4 grams

Dragon is 1 lb. 1.9 ounces = 509 grams - up 7.1 grams

Fen is 1 lb. 1 ounce = 484 grams - up 32  grams

There is a ball that she pounced on under her.

Lobelia - She like to carry the sparkle balls in her mouth. I kept trying to get a photo but she is too quick.

Not now Momma, I want to play



Don't follow me Teddy.

Are you sneakin' up on me?

Grrrr *chewing ear*

Fen going up....

....and over

I made it!

September 2nd - My camera truly did die today. So we only have one really bad photo of  Fen eating kibble. All my still photos are turning out with these funky 70's colors and full of lines. The movie function still works and we have a video camera that I can take photos with. Just not as nice as the camera I like. I'll do my best to replace the camera asap.

Morning weigh in...... 

Lobelia is 15.9 ounces = 452 grams - up 17.8 grams

Dragon is 1 lb. 1.625 ounces = 502 grams - up 28.5 grams

Fen is 15.9 ounces = 452 grams - up 17.8  grams


Fen eating a little bit of kibble

This is not one of my best video attempts, lol. With a lack of photo I'm hoping you will forgive the terrible camera work Don't have the volume up loud as I am using my baby talk with the kittens. Its not great either, lol.



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September 1st - The kittens are enjoying the new space. It hasn't taken them long to get over the new space caution. Lobelia likes to attack balls and siblings, lol. She was also the first to eat baby cat kibble this morning. Fen ate some tonight.

Morning weigh in...... 

Lobelia is 15.25 ounces = 434 grams - up 7.1 grams

Dragon is 1 lb. .625 ounces = 473 grams - up 14.2 grams

Fen is 15.25 ounces = 434 grams - up 10.7  grams


Fen peeks out to watch Lobelia.

Lobelia eats her first bites of baby cat food.

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left to right- Dragon, Fen and Lobelia with the pink ball.

I gots you ball-topus!, Lobelia

left to right- Dragon, Fen, and Lobelia.

August 31st -  We set up the run in my office as a small area and covered the fence with a blanket to provide the feeling of protection for Finola. I moved the kittens into it this evening. Finola has accepted the move for now. The kittens were eager to check out the new space. This time Lobelia was the head explorer.

Morning weigh in......31st 

Lobelia is 15 ounces = 427 grams - up 14.2 grams

Dragon is 1 lb. 0 ounces = 459 grams - up 10.7 grams

Fen is 14.9 ounces = 423.5 grams - up 14.2  grams

August 29 - three weeks old -30th - The kittens are very mobile and many times when I visit they are not in the nest but out exploring the nooks and crannies under the bed. Finola runs around the outside of the bed and in and out under the bed trying to keep track of them, lol. There is no doubt that we need to get the family to move back into my office. They need to be in an area that will allow them to exercise and  experience a litter pan and  have food available. It may be a few weeks before they decide to try it but having it available and letting them watch Finola is good encouragement for them.

 It is way to early to determine personality but I want to share with you what I am seeing. Right now Fen is the bold explorer. Fen is the first to crawl out of the nest and walk out to see me when I visit. Followed by Lobelia. She is a little more cautious and tends to puff up her tail a little. Dragon would rather stay at the back of the nest and not come out at all, lol. Note that Dragon is a big nurser based on weight. At this point Dragon is definitely the baby, very gentle and quiet. When I bring her out she sits close to me and stares up at me searching my face. She loves to have her head stroked. Now that I have made these observations them change in the next few weeks, lol.  In the past I have had my most laid back, slow developer become the dominate kitten in a litter. As they gain experience and confidence it will be fun to see them develop their personalities.

Morning weigh in......30th

Lobelia is 14.5 ounces = 413 grams - up 25 grams

Dragon is 15.75 ounces = 448 grams - up 28 grams

Fen is 14.3 ounces = 409 grams - up 21.4  grams


Morning weigh in......29th

Lobelia is 13.6 ounces = 388 grams - up 14.2 grams

Dragon is 14.75 ounces = 420 grams - up 17.8 grams

Fen is 14 ounces = 388 grams - up 7.1  grams

Lobelia 3 weeks old

Lobelia, I smell a different smell.

Lobelia, Who's sneaking up on me?

Lobelia heading back and Fen coming out again.

Dragon 3 weeks old

Dragon, Hey this is a private conversation. No paparazzi please.


Fen and Dragon, Whatcha lookin' at Fen?

I feel a bit like I'm Drag'n. I think I need a nap.

Fen 3 weeks old

You can't keep me here.

I 'm going over the wall! arm.

Fen is brave but the tucked under tail curl gives away a little bit of uncertainty of the unknown.


Fen, I'm getting a bit tired too.

Time to nap.

August 28th -  I expected to see more weight gains like Fen's. As the kittens start being more active they tend to burn more of the calories they take in. The weight gains have been really good.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 13.1 ounces = 373.7 grams - up 14.2 grams

Dragon is 14.1 ounces = 402 grams - up 10.7 grams

Fen is 13.4 ounces = 381 grams - up 3.5  grams


August 27th - We had a battle of wills this morning. Mine against Finola's...guess who wasn't me, lol. The siege began at 6am when Pawpaw went in to see the kittens and left the French doors to my office ajar. When we are not around the doors are closed. I awoke to the sound of kitten talk. Finola had relocated one under the bed. I thought I had all the areas under there blocked but where their is a will...she finds a way. The way a sleep number bed is constructed doesn't make it easy to close up the underneath. So we returned the kitten to the office and for a couple of hours while the vacuum was running they stayed in the approved location. Once the house was quiet and I was working at my desk a sneak kit-napping plan went into effect. The trouble with having happy well adjusted kits is they don't yell when things go awry.  On several occasions Finola was running off with the second kitten when I noticed she was on the move. I am sitting in the same room, facing into the room editing photos. Her nest is only ten feet from me behind the television cabinet in the corner. I have the tv on monitoring the live news feed of Sen. Kennedy. Finola and I played this game for several hours. Finola becoming more and more intent on beating me to the bed. With a real fear of her hurting one of the kittens by accident I gave in to her at noon. I placed a nest under the bed and put the kittens in it. They have been resting there ever since. Several times Finola has come in to check the old nest and to ask me why I'm not with her. I ask her where my babies are and why doesn't she bring them back, lol.


Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 12.6 ounces = 348.8 grams - up 17.8 grams

Dragon is 13.75 ounces = 391.5 grams - up 14.2 grams

Fen is 13.25 ounces = 377 grams - up 21.4  grams

Why does Finola think she has better control under the bed?

Momma, I think I see a fish in here.

August 26th - Socialization and muscle building is going very nicely. The kittens enjoy being stroked and snuggling for a quick minute on my shoulder. When they hear my voice they all perk up and look toward me. They have started to crawl out of the nest to see me when I sit next to it.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 12.25 ounces = 348.8 grams - up 17.8 grams

Dragon is 13.25 ounces = 377 grams - up 25 grams

Fen is 12.5 ounces = 355.9 grams - up 21.4  grams

August 25th -  The kittens have started wrestling, play fighting, licking and biting.


"I can't believe you woke me up for this!"




Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 11.6 ounces = 331 grams - up 21.4 grams

Dragon is 12.4 ounces = 352 grams - up 28.5 grams

Fen is 11.75 ounces = 334.5 grams - up 17.8  grams

Lobelia & Dragon

This photo shows how Dragon's nose looks more blue point (gray)

"Tell me a story please Momma.", Dragon

Fen and Lobelia

Mwahahaha, I'm going to kiss you Fen!

" Not if I kiss you first Lobelia, Muah!"

"Phitooie, That didn't work like I thought it would.  How do I get it off my muzzle... rub rub"

August 24th - moving day - This morning I moved the kittens out of the closet cubby and into my office/kitten room. Finola was nervous at first and tried to use her body to cover them. Once she spent some time in the new nest she relaxed. They still sleep most of the day but this new location will allow for them to begin to explore and use their strengthening muscles to zoom about a bit.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 10.9 ounces = 309.6 grams - up 10.7 grams

Dragon is 11.4 ounces = 324 grams - up 10.7 grams

Fen is 11.1 ounces = 317 grams - up 14.2  grams


Left to right - Lobelia, Fen, and Dragon

August 23rd - Nice consistent weight gains. I walked into the closet to get my shoes this afternoon and the kittens heard me. They came running to the opening faces up calling to me. Momma was not with them. They were very excited and wanted to visit. Lobelia wanted to crawl out. This is the first time they have shown they have formed a connection to people. 

 I noticed they were trying to run in spurts tonight. There is not enough room in the cubby, lol. They can see fairly well now too. They were tracking my finger as I was drawing it across the nest.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 10.5 ounces = 285 grams - up 14.2 grams

Dragon is 11 ounces = 313 grams - up 17.8 grams

Fen is 10.6 ounces = 302.5 grams - up 17.8  grams

Left to right -Dragon, Fen, and Lobelia

August 22nd - two weeks old -The kittens all got pedicures (front nails trimmed) for their birthday. Lobelia was not happy to have hers done. She voiced her unhappiness when her movement was restricted. The kittens are more aware of there surroundings. They can see shapes and can tell when a hand reaches toward them. They now hiss with a very breathy hiss that makes little to no noise. I can tell them apart without looking at their color mark only if I can see all three faces together. Fen has the darkest and smallest nose leather. Dragon has the lightest and widest nose leather. Looking at the photos below I am not sure based on just looking at the photos, lol.  I know when I took the photos that Fen was on the right side of the nest and Dragon and Lobelia were on the left.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 10 ounces = 285 grams - up 14.2 grams

Dragon is 10.4 ounces = 295 grams - up 7.1 grams

Fen is 10 ounces = 285 grams - up 10.7  grams

I think this is Dragon facing forward and Lobelia back.

I think this is Fen

I think this is Dragon

I think this is Dragon on the left with Lobelia behind on the left and Fen on the right.

August 21st - We're still in the closet cubbys. Finola is happy as long as I switch her with a clean nest every night.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 9.5 ounces = 270.5 grams - up 10.7 grams

Dragon is 10.1 ounces = 288 grams - up 17.8 grams

Fen is 9.6 ounces = 274 grams - up 10.7  grams

August 20th - Finola wanted to move again so we moved back to a clean nest in the first cubby, lol.  You can see in the close up face photos that their eyes are developing. We see a hint of blue and if you look carefully you can see the pupil as reddish. They still can't focus so they sometimes look wall eyed.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 9.1 ounces = 260 grams - up 10.7 grams

Dragon is 9.5 ounces = 270.5 grams - up 17.8 grams

Fen is 9.25 ounces = 263 grams - up 17.8  grams




August 19th - Finola had me up every two hours last night with a kitten in her mouth. I'm beginning to wonder if she really only wants my attention, lol. She sleeps all day then wants me with her at night. 

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 8.75 ounces = 249 grams - up 14.2 grams

Dragon is 8.1 ounces = 253.7 grams - up 21.4 grams

Fen is 8.1 ounces = 245.6 grams - up 14.2  grams

Lobelia, Dragon, and Fen. You can see Dragon's ears are a tiny bit lighter but it is not a lot of difference yet.

Dragon and Lobelia

Dragon doing push ups.

Fen being too cute

Fen, Dragon, and Lobelia exercising


August 18th - Last night Finola was upset with the kittens new mobility and decided it was time to move again. We put a nest in the cubby next too the one they are in and Finola approved the move into it. The kittens are entering the "eyes open staring up" stage. They really can't see but they know someone or something is there so they stare up at us. They are practicing and developing their legs. Dragon likes to roll onto her back and roll around until she gets herself upright again. When they try to walk they tremble all over with the effort. They are licking and mouthing each other too. We will soon have to move into my office so the kittens can continue with exercising and playing.

We cover the front opening so it is a nice enclosed home. You can see the move was right next door, lol.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 8.25 ounces = 235 grams - up 21 grams

Dragon is 8.1 ounces = 231.3 grams - up 17.8 grams

Fen is 8.1 ounces = 231.3 grams - up 17.8 grams

Lobelia is looking at the camera.

August 17th - I weighed the kittens twice this morning because I thought I was mixing them up...but no they all weigh the same today, lol.  Dragon is looking a little blue today on her nose leather. We are starting to see dark fur coming into Fen's tail.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 7.5 ounces = 213.5 grams - up 7.1 grams

Dragon is 7.5 ounces = 213.5 grams - up 14.2 grams

Fen is 7.5 ounces = 213.5 grams - up 14.2 grams


Dragon in front facing forward with Fen in the back with the dark nose. Lobelia is in between with her paw bent under.

August 16th - The kittens continue to gain weight and are progressing very well. They are chubby little cherubs. They continue to be comfortable with my holding and stroking them. No panicked cries for help. They are nicely relaxed babies. With three there is always room at the table and plenty of milk to go around. No sibling spats over a stolen nipple. A very harmonious household. Once they become toddlers it will be interesting to see how their interaction and play will develop as their personalities come out.

Lobelia and Fen have already doubled their birth weight and Dragon is one meal from it. Had I waited for her to nurse I think she would have doubled also.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 7.25 ounces = 206.4 grams - up 17.8 grams

Dragon is 7 ounces = 199.3 grams - up 21 grams

Fen is 7 ounces =199.3 grams - up 25 grams

August 15th - one week old - The kitten's color point and sex are always the first two questions asked of us. I think it's pretty safe to say there are no chocolates or lilacs in this litter. The darkest kitten, Fen is a seal point. I'm thinking all three kittens may be seals but it is a little early for me to tell for sure. The difference in shading at this time are so little it could be we have dilution (blue point) in here. I was thinking I  knew the sex of each also. I've taken photos to see if you can tell who is male or female. Once I saw the photos I started double guessing my decision, lol. The difference between the way the males look at this age and the females is a gap of skin that is measured in millimeters.

So what do you think? Do we have boys or girls?   Males are said to look like a colon ( : ) and Females are an upside down exclamation point ( )

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 6.6 ounces = 189 grams - up 17.8 grams

Dragon is 6.25 ounces = 178 grams - up 17.8 grams

Fen is 6.1 ounces = 174 grams - up 14.2 grams

"Hey, What ya lookin' at!?" ... Lobelia

Lobelia is a girl


Dragon is a Girl


I believe Fen is a girl.





August 14th - six days old - Peace continues for Finola. I'm happy with her nest location for now. The kittens are safe and relaxed as well and growing nicely. I held each of them today under the watchful eye of Mum. I stroked their heads, rubbed their ears, and gave them kisses. Not one complaint from any kitten, but Finola did give me the evil eye after I had returned them to her. I think she thought I still had one and was taking it away. I showed her both my hands were empty and rubbed her chin and ears until she relaxed. She is being such a good momma and spends all her time watching over them and keeping them fed and clean.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 6 ounces = 170.8 grams - up 14.2 grams

Dragon is 5.6 ounces = 160 grams - up 17.8 grams

Fen is 5.6 ounces = 160 grams - up 14.2 grams

August 13th - five days old - Last night was a relaxed one for Finola and the kittens. I guess it was the box itself that she was having issues with? The kittens are fat and happy. Every time I look in on them they are contentedly snuggling and eating. Fen is continuing to darken. Dragon and Lobelia now have matching nose leather and their eyes are open the same tiny bit. They look like much so I went back tree times to double check and take new photos. I didn't have my photos subjects mixed up, lol (they are not twins. Twins would share the same placenta)

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 5.5 ounces = 156.6 grams - up 17.8 grams

Dragon is 5 ounces = 142.3 grams - up 25 grams

Fen is 5.2 ounces = 146 grams - up 21.4 grams

Fen's eye is opening more. Kittens eyes are not fully developed when their eyes are first open. We will slowly see the color come into them over time.



August 12th - four days old -  We had another push to move the kittens again at bedtime. We had already decided if she wanted to move we would allow it. We don't want her to possibly hurt a kitten while panicked about needing to move them. My husband picked up the nesting box and brought it out to the bedroom. I took the kitten from her and asked her where she wanted them. She was running back and forth and had no planned destination. She ran back into the closet looking for the kittens in the nesting box.  I grabbed a clean nest and tucked it under my shelves. The built in shelves form almost square cubbies. I use the floor space to slide my laundry basket into. I put her clean nest in the laundry baskets cubby. She crawled into it and we added the three kittens. We have covered the opening partway so the kittens can't crawl out and have the upper opening draped with a pillowcase. Finola seems very happy with this change of home. She was settled and quiet through the night. This morning they were nursing happily. They all gained weight very nicely.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 4.88 ounces = 138.8 grams - up 21.4 grams

Dragon is 4.13 ounces = 117.4 grams - up 21.4 grams

Fen is 4.38 ounces = 124.6 grams - up 17.8 grams

Dragon being weighed

Momma taking Dragon back.

This morning Fen has more color coming into her nose leather and now Dragon is the lighter kitten, ha...I know I did not mix them up last night. Time will tell what color they will each be. I took some photos that show the touch of color. In Lobelia's full length photos you can see the tiny inside corners of her eyes opening.  Note the edge of the ear color and nose leather in the profile of Lobelia and Fen. Fen also has shed her cord.







A very relaxed Dragon


August 11th - three days old - This is a sad morning for the diary. 

This morning at 6 am I was startled awake by a kitten yell. The same noise a kitten makes when Finola lies on it or it is being carried in her mouth. I jumped out of bed calling to Finola asking if she relocated the kittens. The whole family was in the nesting box. Finola was sitting half up with three kittens fussing for nipples. I stroked her head and said good morning to her. She answered and looked like she was saying "I'm being good Meowmy." There was one kitten curled asleep away from the others in a place where if Finola laid down she would be on top of it. I reached in to move it closer to the others. It was warm but limp. I rubbed it to see if I could wake it. I'm one of those mom's who would stand over my children when they were babies and make sure they were still breathing when they were in deep sleep. My heart catches every time I pick up a sound asleep baby, until it moves. This baby wasn't moving, it was gone. I started light compressions and little puffs (CPR). It didn't help. I weighed him and he was still 3 ounces. I watched the other kittens nursing and breathing normally. I then weighed each one. Today's weights are four hours earlier then the normal weigh in time. Lobelia, Dragon, and Fen all gained today.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 4.125 ounces = 117.4 grams - up 7.1 grams

Dragon is 3.375 ounces = 96.1 grams - up 10.7 grams

Fen is 3.75 ounces = 106.8 grams - up 10.7 grams

Aster - 3 ounces - deceased

My husband and I began examining the last three days looking for signs we may have missed. There were none except for the delay in birth and the deep breathing Aster experienced after his delivery. We've had a kitten that was similar and went on to be a normal healthy kitten/cat. She lives with friends of ours. Our immediate fear was...what if this was a septic situation with Finola's milk.  I sat on the floor next to the box waiting for Apple Country Animal Hospital receptionist to get in. They take pets in early who are having surgery the same day. I called as soon as I was sure they would be in and got permission to meet with Dr. Schaefer first thing this morning before she started her day. I wanted her to check Finola and the kittens to be sure they were all okay and I wasn't overlooking anything preventable that could hurt the other kittens. Dr. Schaefer is wonderful about seeing us when we don't have an appointment. She is the nicest and best Vet I have ever worked with.

She tried to listen to Fen's heart first. She was yelling her head off making it difficult. She then listened to Lobelia who was fat and full and quite happy with herself. Her heart and lungs are strong and healthy. She tried Fen again. She yelled again, lol. She listened to Dragon who also spoke her mind about the injustice of being at the Vets....but not as loudly as Fen and she settled enough for her to hear that she sounds fine. By now Fen's will to protest was waning and Dr. Schaefer was able to determine she sounded fine too.

She examined Finola to see if she had retained a kitten we didn't know about. Everything felt normal and Finola looks good. The kittens are doing an excellent job of drinking all the milk. She has no engorgement of any of her mammary glands. 

Breeders don't always know why they lose a kitten in the first few days of life. I left Aster with Dr, Schaefer for a post mortem exam. Perhaps it will help us to understand what happened..... I received the results of the exam. The kitten was completely normal. Finola must have accidentally smothered it.

With the reassurance that the kittens and Finola are all healthy we are back home and settled back into the nesting the closet. I have been checking on them throughout the day. Finola has been completely relaxed and has been sleeping with the kittens all day.

I took this photo on the night setting since I have the lights off in the room. L-R - Fen, Lobelia, & Dragon nursing.

When I visited them tonight I can see a bit of color coming into Lobelia and Dragons nose leather and ear edges. No hint of color yet for Fen. Finola and Balor can produce all four colors. Seal is dominate and comes in first.  Chocolates color comes in slower and can take some time to show enough to differentiate from the dilutes. I'll try to get some photos tomorrow showing the coloring. The inside corners of their eyes are starting to open. I can see the tiniest specks of dark eye.

August 10th - two days old - Last night at about 1am Finola was beside herself with worry for the kittens safety. She repeatedly ran off with a kitten in her mouth. She seemed to have no plan in mind as to where she was going with it. I told her to take it back and she would return to the box. The kittens do not like being kidnapped and cry out loudly every time she tries to move one. To appease her I moved the box into my walk-in closet and tucked it in under the bar of clothing. She settled in and relaxed for the night. My closet has a air vent in it and despite it being closed the closet tends to be cool in the summer. I have added a ceramic heater to help keep the room warmer. We have to keep our home air conditioned for our son who has cholinergic urticaria.( a physical pain and hives reaction to his core body temperature rising).  Lobelia and Fen's weight  is up a bit today. Dragon and Aster have lost a little more. This is still not unusual at the beginning. They are eager nursers and find their way onto nipples whenever they are awake. We don't want to interfere with the demand of milk from Finola by supplementing if we can help it.  Finola is more relaxed today and sleeps most of the day with the kittens. 

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 3.875 ounces = 110.3 grams - up 10.7 grams

Dragon is 3 ounces = 85.4 grams - down 7.1 grams

Aster is 3 ounces = 85.4 grams - down 14.2 grams

Fen is 3.375 ounces = 96.1 grams - up 7.1 grams

No kitten photos today. With Finola being so protective and nervous we are trying to keep our interaction low.

We decided we would check Dragon and Aster's weight again tonight with the thought that if they continued to lose weight we would give them a full tummy for the night. They are both holding steady at 3 ounces so we did not supplement and will see how their morning weight is. Aster snuggled his muzzle into my daughter's fingers and slept on her hand. He has a quiet voice and relaxed demeanor compared to his siblings.

Now that it is bedtime Finola is again very agitated and wanting to move the kittens. I know when she has a kitten in her mouth because the kitten will screech a loud alarm. I told her no and put the kitten back in the nest. I rotated the box so it faces a different direction and draped a towel over the opening so it is more enclosed. I also changed out the nest for a freshly washed one. I think she may be being influenced by a motherly instinct that night is a dangerous time? She is fine and relaxed during the day hours. I decided to leave a light on it the bathroom as a night light for her. She seems to be settling in for the night. 

August 9th - One day old - All the kittens are latching on and nursing. It seems they are already attaching themselves to a favorite nipple. They can smell their scent on the nipple they like to use and will reject the other nipples. I watched Dragon nurse on one nipple this morning while Fen fussed and burrowed about looking for the right one... that couldn't be found. I tried to help by placing his head near each available nipple. None would be accepted. When Dragon moved off nipple Fen discover that was her nipple and  Dragon moved onto the nipple next to it. Lobelia and Dragon have big voices when they feel an injustice is happening to them. It alarmed Finola when I weigh Lobelia and took Dragon's photo. She gets very nervous about the kittens safety so I am try to allow her as much peace and quiet as we can. I don't want her to decide she needs to hide them. 

Left to right - Fen, Aster, Lobelia underneath, and Dragon

It is not unusual to see loss of weight on the first day when we are waiting for the milk to come in. I don't like to see it but it is the overall trend in weight that we want to watch.

Morning weigh in......

Lobelia is 3.5 ounces = 99.7 grams - down 3.6 grams

Dragon is 3.25 ounces = 92.5 grams - down 10.7 grams

Aster is 3.25 ounces = 99.7 grams - down 10.7 grams

Fen is 3.125 ounces = 99 grams - down 7.1 grams

At this time they pretty much all look alike. Differences in face shape is caused by the position of the head. Comparing the photo of Aster and Fen...Aster is straining forward which makes his nose and face seem thinner then Fen who is more relaxed and has his head back.


Sorry this is a bit fuzzy. I tried several photo sessions but she kept squirming.





Momma kept a close watch on each kitten.

August 8th - BIRTH DAY!  We have four new kittens.

In the beginning of this diary if I use him or her, she or he in referring to the kittens it is not a reflection of the kittens real sex. We will determine sex when they are a few weeks older.

Last night around 9 pm I found Finola under the throw blanket I keep on the bed for the cats. Usually she only burrows under covers when I am in bed. I asked her to come out and get in her birthing box. She settled into the box and by 10 pm was having regular contractions every 15 minutes. These continued until 11:00 PM. She stayed in her box until midnight when she decided she wanted to go elsewhere. I sat vigil with her all night and we played the game of "I want to go there / No you can't." She talked constantly all night. First she wanted to be on the bed. Then on the floor, then under the bed (I said no) then in the box, then back up on the bed, to the floor , etc all night long. At about 2 am I was getting very tired, lol. I decided to try lying next to the box and see if she would stay next to me. She would but she was unsettled. Then we tried making a towel bed on top of the bed with the throw over her...(she said no) If she was on the bed she wanted under the covers like her last litter delivery (I said no).

At around 7 am Finola went back into her box and stayed there. I sat with her and stoked her face and belly. The hope was she would relax enough to allow her contractions to resume. 

Cats can stop labor at any time even after delivering some of the kittens in the litter if they are too stressed. The concern in these situations is that a kitten's placenta may have become detached during contractions in preparation for delivery.

Finola's contractions resumed at 8:30 am. She had a series of three contractions then would rest for two minutes before the next set of three. She delivered the first kitten head first at 9:07 am. with its placenta. She chews the cord free of blood then I snip it with a scissors. She cleaned the kitten and ate the placenta before the second one arrived tail first at 9:35 am. (with its placenta) We weighed one while Finola was busy cleaning two. Finola looked exhausted after the second kitten. She chewed its cord clear of blood and again I snipped the cord for her. She ate the placenta while we weighed two. She looked very tired like she was on auto pilot. I think being up all night was taking its toll on her. No contractions followed. Finola closed her eyes and rested paying little attention to the kittens. I made sure no one wiggled away from the warmth of Momma's body. They were both eager to nurse. Rooting about in her fur and making lip smacking noises when they felt a nipple. They are nice sized strong kittens.

Lobelia and Dragon resting while Finola takes her break.

10:15 am contractions begin again....11:00 am we are starting to become concerned... wondering if that curled up kitten is still curled and blocking progress. With her next set of contractions I place a finger of either side of the opening to see if a kitten is near. I see a little white tail when she pushes. We wait through several more sets of contractions then decide we will give her until 11:15 am to complete delivery without any assistance. At 11:13 am she delivers kitten three and it's placenta in two big pushes. I help her remove the sack from its face and position its head so she can clear its face. She tries to clean it a bit but she is clearly tired. I snip the cord while she is busy cleaning the kittens face. I keep this placenta from her. I find if my moms eat more then three they get diarrhea.  I then rub the kitten with a terry cloth to warm it and get the blood flowing well. Three is working hard at taking big breaths of air. Sucking it's tummy up into it's ribcage. I give it back to Finola to clean but she is only half heartedly caring for it. My husband brings me a warm wet terry cloth to clean it with. Finola allows me to help. She delivers kitten four at 11:35 am head first. Her contractions stop with the placenta undelivered. We again work together to clean the sack off the kitten. I keep her from dragging the kitten by its cord as she tries to reposition herself. I know that if the cord should break or be cut while the placenta is still undelivered we could end up in surgery to get it. I start gently massaging Finola's tummy. I don't feel any more kittens. The massage does the trick and she gives me one more big push to expel the placenta. I cut the cord and allow her to eat this last placenta. I work of rubbing the kitten and clearing its nose and mouth.

Aster with the dark purple mark is being cleaned. That is Fen up on Finola's shoulder.

We watch over the kittens while Finola rests. Two are still wet and and need more cleaning but as long as they are next to Finola staying warm it can wait. Kitten three is now breathing normally. All the kittens are rooting for nipples. Finola gets them all cleaned and fluffy and is ready to settle back and sleep. We turn off the lights and close the blinds so she can sleep with her new babies.

The Stats at birth

#1  9:07 am  blue Lobelia 103.204 grams (3.625 ounces)

#2  9:35 am  green Dragon 103.204 grams (3.625 ounces) 

#3  11:13 am  purple  Aster 110.321 grams (3.875 ounces)

#4  11:35 am  white Fen 96.86 grams (3.375 ounces)


Siamese kittens are born all white. We mark each kitten with a non-toxic color so we can tell them apart and monitor their progress.

Names used are for the diary and represent the color they are marked with. Kitten owners chose real names when they go home. 

I snuck this photo while Finola was getting a bite to eat.

I decided to name the kittens after endangered and threatened wild flowers; 

Great Blue Lobelia ,   Green Dragon , Eastern Silvery Aster , and Fen Cuckoo flower .

August 3rd - Finola likes having her tummy rubbed and wants Momma Maeve to lick her face.

Finola doesn't look very wide in this photo. She spends most of her time on her side or rolled over on her back.

We can feel the kittens moving about. I have her birthing box set up in our master bedroom.

July 30th -Finola went in to see Dr. Schaefer today to have her x-rays for a kitten count. We can see four kittens for sure. It is questionable if their may be one or two more. The curled up kitten may be a concern during labor. With the uterus being "Y" shaped we usually don't see kittens crossing from one side to the other. I always see more spines then heads, lol. I think there is one between the two diagonal spine lines.  I've marked out the kittens that Dr. Schaefer can see for sure. Take a look and see if you can see how many their really are.

June 2009 - Finola was bred to Balor during the first week of June 2009.



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