Pedigree of 
Permes Gizmo

We called him

" Phinean "

Siamese Seal Point 

Photograph CFA V1207 

Born 05-25-2006

Parents Grandparents Great grandparents Great great grandparents

Sire: To-Lyn Janus of Permes

Siamese seal point
born 05-01-1998

CFA V0303



Big Kahuna

Siamese chocolate point
born 04-07-1997

CFA V0698

Sire:Sharve Count Choc-Co II

Siamese chocolate point

born 07-15-1988

Sire: Count Choc-Co of Sharve 

chocolate point, born 03-31-1986

Dam: Gie-Gie Eclair 
chocolate point, born 12-30-1977

Dam: Countess Choccolett II of Shar-Vier

Siamese chocolate point

born  01-08-1994

Sire: Sharve Zippo Purr Son
seal point, 03-20-1987
Dam: My Chocolate Baby 
chocolate point, born 06-24-1987


Sharve Sade-of-Duchess Georgia

Siamese blue point
born 09-14-1992

CFA V0793

Sire: Sharve Lord Sampson III

Siamese seal point

born 09-19-1985

Sire: Jaru Siam Prince of Sharve 
chocolate point, born 04-19-1983
Dam: Princess Fi-Fi of Sharve
seal point, 07-24-1976

Dam: Duchess Georgia-Ernestine of Sharve

Siamese blue point

born 05-15-1982


Sire: Purr-Tao
seal point,  born 03-14-1975
Dam: Miss Mona Lisa 
seal point, born 04-01-1980


Shoobox Suki of Permes

Siamese seal Point
born 04-23-2001

CFA V1202



Tonopah Sir Charlie Chaplin

Siamese chocolate point
born 05-17-1997

CFA V1099

Sire: Tonopah Tristan

Siamese chocolate point

born 11-28-1984

Sire: Sharmin Tatoo of Tonopah

chocolate point, born 07-19-1979

Dam: Tonopah Silver Minuet 
lilac point,  born 09-09-1976

Dam: Tonopah Tuptim

Siamese seal point

born  02-28-1993

Sire: Little man of JNF
seal point, 05-21-1982
Dam: Meilani of Tonopah 
lilac point, born 05-23-1987


Shoobox Sneakers

Siamese seal point
born 09-25-1998

CFA V0500

Sire: Raja-of-Strathmore

Siamese seal point

born 07-22-1993

Sire: Champion Synareo's Tai of Aguthia 
seal point, born 03-30-1992
Dam: Sophie's Surprise 
lilac point, 04-08-1992

Dam: Ms Cherish

Siamese chocolate point

born 11-11-1996


Sire: Alycats Bon Jovi
chocolate point, born 03-14-1995
Dam: Stellarhart's Violet 
lilac point, born 09-13-1995


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