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Finola's Kitten Diary 2008

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These kittens are the progeny of our sire Balor and dam Finola

This is Finola's second litter. It follows a c-section with surgical  infection so we are thrilled she has a full litter.


Look for follow up photo's of the kitten's in this litter as they grow up on our Where Are They Now?  page.


March brings with it the end of our winter diary and a promise of spring....maybe. LOL Too much snow to think much of spring yet. Hopefully this was our last big snowstorm. I don't know how it happened but this litter snuggled its way a bit deeper in our hearts. Even Tom says he misses them. Each had such a special personality and way of interacting with us. This litter was individual for each kitten. Its hard to explain but they didn't need to be with other kittens to be happy and comfortable. Funny how it worked out that they each went home as a single.

Closing Stats

#1 Diamond is now Butters (Southpark) and lives in Toranto, Canada

#2 Sapphire  is now Sapphire Rain and lives in Sterling, MA

#3 Garnet is now Dwight (The Office) and lives with a Conure, a Macaw, and a Grandma cat in Stow, MA

#4 Emerald is keeping her name. Emmy lives in Medford, MA


#5 Amethyst is now Lily and lives with a resident Siamese boy in Windsor, CT.

February 28th-March 1st, 2009 - Diamonds family drove down from Toronto to pick him up. They stopped by to visit with him on Saturday. With such a long drive they spent the night locally and picked him up Sunday morning for the nine hour drive home. He was quiet the whole ride but had plenty to say when he was allowed out of the carrier at home. His first night was a bit restless. He cautiously explored and returned to his bed after each foray. He was comforted by having his tummy rubbed.

Emmy's Pawpaw also picked her up on Sunday. Her meowmy had to be away for a family emergency. Tom tells me all went well. Kristen tells us Emmy is an absolute love.  She slept the entire way home too.  Kristen arrived home to find Keith on the couch with Emmy curled up as close as possible to him, sound asleep.  Emmy was a bit nervous but very curious when they first arrived home, but that didn't last at all.  She wants them to be near at all times and sleeps on their bed.

Here are a few photos taken before they left.


I'm sorry for the pause of the diary. I spent 5 days at the hospital and was unable to complete the past date entries until now.

February 24th, 2009 - We've heard from Dr. Gould that Garnet is being respectful of Grandma cat and the Conure. He is keenly interested in the Macaw's long tail feathers. He is working on learning they are not a toy. Had we know Garnet would go to a home with birds we would have not have played with him with Da Bird. We know he is a very smart boy and will learn the macaw is paws off. He is friendly and comfortable with people.  He loves to snuggle and either sit on their laps, sit close, or sleep right between his meowmy and pawpaw. We would love to see a photo of Garnet with his bird sisters sometime in the future.

February 23rd, 2009 - On Friday afternoon Amethysts family came to take her home to Connecticut. She was a very good girl and found the carrier that belongs to her new 3 year old brother (a Siamese also) very interesting smelling. Then Sapphire's family came to pick him up. He was very good too. His new owner is the sister of  Townsend Veterinary Hospital  Veterinarian Dr. B.J. Meunier, up in Townsend MA.

Promptly after kitten pick ups I came down with a nasty respiratory flu that put me to bed for the rest of the weekend. Emmy took over Amethysts space on the bed. Emmy is an under cover cat. She spent all her time with me curled up next to me under the covers. Diamond came in every few hours to see us and to see if he could tease Emmy into playing with him. I tried several times to see if he wanted to go undercover but his preference was to stick his paws under and try to grab something. He likes attacking and pouncing on the mice (my fingers) that crawl around under the cover. He took a couple naps with us. I think he found Tom much more entertaining and spent most of his time in with him.

We heard from Sapphires owner this morning that his first night was a bit rough. He missed his home and family but they were there to comfort him and he quickly adjusted and had a great following day. He enjoyed playing and investigating his new cat tree. The 2nd night, he fell asleep in the [cat tree] tube, (purring, and kneading) and by morning, he was on Deb's shoulder with his little face cozy in her neck. Dr. M was there for a planned visit and met Sapphire. Deb tells us "Sapphire was such a little sweetheart for my brother, even with the prodding! He is such a good little boy! He couldn't get over how adorable our "little fella" was! " Deb also says " When I walk into the room, he greets me with his cute little voice and he always comes running (unless he's sleeping). He is SUCH a Sweetie Pie!"

Diamond and Emmy will be with us thru next weekend. I'll try to gets some photo of them as I feel better.

February 19th, 2009ten weeks old - My camera is acting up again but the two photos below aren't too bad. The kittens are doing very well. We are seeing some interesting interaction now that the dominate kitten has gone to live with Dr. Gould. It seems that all the kittens are vying for his position, lol. We are seeing a lot more of  Diamond now. I think he was being overshadowed by Garnet. I think Emmy would really like to be the new leader but Diamond is not sure he wants to allow her to take over, lol. Amethyst has started preferring human companions over feline ones. She is  under foot and likes to stand on my feet and rub against my legs. She is always first in bed with me. She likes to curl up against my tummy when I am on my side. Emmy comes up on the bed too but curls up on Tom's side.  Sapphire and Diamond come up on the bed too but so far have not shown a preference. 

Daytime napping - Front is Emerald (you can see her shaved arm), left is Amethyst, center (with blue mark) is Sapphire. and right is Diamond.

February 18th, 2009 -  Sleep to heal. Just before I took this photo I was rubbing Diamond's tummy. He rolled onto his back and curled up his toes. lol

February 17th, 2009 -  The kittens are angelic today compared with last night, lol. The effects of the medications have worn off. Today has been a day of rest for all. Their surgical sites all look really good. Dr. Schaefer has a wonderful technique. Her skin incisions are tiny and only need skin glue. This helps so much with the kittens leaving the site alone. Emmy and Ame have a little bit of swelling due to how active they have been. This is normal. The little bump will go down as they heal.

Amethyst and Sapphire

Ame and Emmy


Emmy's goofy red eye on the left eye is caused by a congenital defect of her iris.

This will not affect her vision, and it will not progress to anything else.

Sapphire with his blue mark used to identify him at the animal hospital.


Do dee do do....

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February 16th, 2009 - Today was alter surgery day. All the kitten did very well. Garnet stayed with Dr. Gould to become her new family pet. Emmy, Amethyst, Sapphire and Diamond came home and went into over drive. A reaction to the medication. I allowed them out of the carrier. I was able to keep them from being too active by keeping their attention on a toy. They had a bit of kibble and would have continued to gobble the food if I had not removed the bowl. I allowed them to have a bit of food every half hour. They kept the food down and are doing well. The girls are more active then the boys. Sapphire conked out first and napped the rest of the evening. Diamond was happy to sit and watch if the demon girls would leave him alone. They preferred attacking him. I did a lot of scruffing, lol. Emmy and Ame would get so active I had to put each in a carrier to calm down. We spent several house alternating from calm play and the carrier time out. Diamond was next to nap followed by Ame. Emmy continued to be a crazy kitty. She wanted to attack and wrestle with everything in site. It was a battle to keep her from being too active. She finally gave in around midnight.

Garnet napping Sunday night before surgery.

Dr. Gould and Garnet after his surgery.

Emmy's catchers mitt paw. Her foot puffed up from her iv bandage.

This went back to normal in about an hours time.

February 15th, 2009 More photos :)..... These kittens are a joy to have with us. They each have very distinct personalities and ways of expressing themselves.

The gang is on the move.

Up up and away!

"Oh, you forgot toes again. It's head, shoulders, knees and TOES!"

Diamond - 9 weeks

I finally got a good shot of Diamonds eye color.

Diamond and Amethyst

Sapphire - 9 weeks
Garnet - 9 weeks
Amethyst - 9 weeks

February 14th, 2009 Happy Valentines Day! The gang sends you a kiss and hug.. X O.

A X from the girls...

...and an O from the boys.

February 10th, 2009 - The kittens have changed so much.  

Diamond is such a calm sweetie pie. He likes to watch television on my lap. His body has developed into a muscular machine. I have a lot of photos of him where he looks like a ghost because he is a blur of motion. If any of the kittens surprises him he will puff up into the Halloween kitty stance and challenge them.....it reminds me of Mrs. Puff (puffer fish on Sponge Bob) He is a bit sound sensitive and will race off  to a safe place if he hears something that surprises him.

Sapphire has grown into a hulk of a boy. He has huge paws and a stocky solid build like his Dad. He is going to be a big guy. Sapphire is a gentle brother. He enjoys his nap time and it takes a bit of action to get him up and interested. He can give as good as he gets but he is careful not to go too far with his siblings. If they cry out he lets up. He holds no special regard for the adult cats. He tries to play with everyone who will let him. Last night he spent a half and hour playing with Emma's tail. The more she got irritated and flicked it the more fun it was.

Garnet is also a big guy too. He has longer legs and a longer body, more classic in build. He remains the king of the clan and gives no quarter. He is truly Mr. Personality and chooses no favorites. He is an equal opportunity socializer.  He has such a classic Siamese personality. Always available to chat, play or just be company for us. He has become a favorite of the men in our family. I often see Tom with him in his hands. He will pick kittens up who are following him so he doesn't accidentally step on them. 

Emerald continues to be our velcro kitty. She frequently surprises Tom by creeping up behind him and sitting next to his feet. She like to challenge the other kittens and race around after them.

Amethyst has changed a lot in the last couple of weeks. She has developed into a sleek fine boned beauty. She may end up being the lightest kitten in this litter because of her bone structure. Her body reminds me of Grandma Maeve. She has petite little oval paws and a thin whip of a tail. When she gets tired she likes to crawl into my lap and sit watching the other kittens.

Yesterday they all had a great time racing about playing zoom-a-room. Each kitten was in a different area and they race from room to room tagging each other. The tagged kitten takes off and goes to the next kitten in a chain reaction.

It's 9 am and two deer just came walking up our driveway. The kittens have discovered how to get up onto the kitchen table. We are working on learning that it is not permitted. This morning when I came into the kitchen all the cushions were off the chairs and on the floor with all the place mats. The kittens had taken some paper napkins out of the napkin holder and were playing tug-o-war and keep away. 

We had our first vet exam tonight. We saw Dr. Gould because Dr. Schaefer was away attending the Wesminster dog show. All the kittens did me proud. I got there a little early so the support staff all cooed over them. They like to pick their favorites in each litter we have. Diamond was picked up as a favorite and he snuggled up to the receptionists chest and fell asleep. When some doors closing loudly woke him he crawled up into the nook of her neck and fell asleep again. He stayed that way for a good 20 minutes or more. She could not believe he was so calm and sweet. The vet tech picked Garnet as her favorite. Amethyst kept trying to crawl out of the carrier to say hello to everyone. No one cried when they got their shot. Dr. Gould said both Garnet and Amethyst had full bladders. We had a 30 min drive home. They were so good and waited to go until we were home. Everyone reacted well to the vaccinations. They are all acting normally and full of energy.

I have to start out with this photo. I didn't know I even captured this funny image until I downloaded the photos. Unfortunately I don't know which seal point this is.

Diamond - His lilac points are maturing. You can now see the silver tan more clearly.

Amethyst & Garnet

Emerald - Emmy

Emmy stalks Garnet

She creeps up behind...

.....And leaps into the air....

...to land on Garnet


A beautiful, delicate, Siamese gem.

Beauty can turn some into divas

Is this the old torn up toy?

I said I wanted only new Kat (e) Spade

Now get rid of it and go shopping.

~ Playtime  ~

Diamond and Sapphire

On the run

Where did the bird go? Sapphire is looking at the connector.

Sapphire and Emmy

February 5th, 2009 - eight weeks old - Today is our last weigh in. All the kittens have reached 2 pounds. They are truly underfoot now. I am happy to say we have had no more litter box accidents. Garnet and Sapphire had some tiny bits of chicken last night. Garnet gobbled it up and kept trying to eat my fingers while he licked every trace of chicken off. Sapphire is a slower eater. He bites and drops, bites and drops, over and over before eating it. I offered Emmy a bit but she wasn't interested.

Bi-weekly weigh in......

Diamond is 1053 grams (2 lb. 5 ounces) up 107 grams

Sapphire is 1011 grams (2 lb. 3.5 ounces) up 100 grams

Garnet is 1182 grams  (2 lb. 9.5 ounces) up 100 grams

Emerald is 911 grams (2 lb. 0 ounces) up 71 grams

Amethyst is 1025 grams (2lb. 4 ounces) up 78 grams

I have many half kitten photos, lol. They are just too fast.

Diamond - below

Sapphire (back) and Amethyst

Far right is Sapphire. Emmy is front and Amethyst is back.

left to right - Emmy, Ame, and Sapphire

Garnet - below
Emerald - below

That is Diamond in the background

Amethyst - below

L-R - Diamond, Emmy, Ame, and Sapphire.

L-R - Garnet, Diamond, Sapphire, and Ame. 

L-R - Garnet, Ame, and Diamond.

February 3rd, 2009 - The newest extreme sport is to grab onto a passing leg. Emmy started it and it has caught on with everyone. We have to be really careful when walking so no one gets hurt. The kittens stalk us from behind and launch themselves into the air and grab a calf or ankle in a big bear hug. The faster we walk the more exciting it is to try to get us.


February 2, 2009 - We had a busy weekend with the kittens families coming to visit. The kittens really enjoyed playing and visiting. We are working on jumping and skillfully catching the bird. Emmy likes to try to haul it off all for herself. Saturday morning I found a wet nest. I cleaned it up and put it in the wash. Put some fresh nests in the room. At first I thought maybe it was because I moved the empty room freshener night light that was in the front hall. Maybe one of the kittens was afraid to walk thru the dark to the litter box? I put a night light back there. Made coffee and sat down to have breakfast. Something told me to make sure all the kittens had visited the litter box since waking up. I walked into the room and saw Garnet peeing in a nest. Now I know who it was, lol. I got that cleaned up and made sure everyone visited the litter box. I was watching the kittens closely, just in case Garnet was not the only one. Later in the day he assumed the position, I quickly gave him a firm NO and started toward him. He straightened up and high tailed it to the litter box. He knew all along and was testing to see if he really had to go all the way into the other room. He hasn't gone astray since then. Every time I see him use the litter box I praise him for being a good boy. We usually have a few accidents with every litter. Sometimes they just don't want to leave their toys and take time out to go....just like human toddlers, lol.

Bi-weekly weigh in......

Diamond is 947 grams (2 lb. 1.25 ounces) up 110 grams

Sapphire is 911 grams (2 lb. 0 ounces) up 100 grams

Garnet is 1082 grams  (2 lb. 6 ounces) up 85 grams

Emerald is 840 grams (1 lb. 13.5 ounces) up 110 grams

Amethyst is 947 grams (2lb. 1.25 ounces) up 100 grams

Diamond  below


Mmmm tummy rub

Sapphire  below
Garnet  below

Too cute Diamond and Garnet

Jump shot...Hey! Take pictures of me!

Amethyst  below
Emerald  below


Amethyst and Emerald

Emmy, Sapphire, and Diamond

Diamond and Emmy

Emmy, Sapphire, Amethyst and Diamond

Garnet, Diamond and I think Amethyst.

January 30th, 2009 - With litters of kittens we see a family hierarchy. It ebbs and flows but over all there is an influence of the stronger kittens over all the others. This doesn't mean that the kittens who are lower in rank are shy or scaredy cats. They just have a personality that says, I don't have to fight to be first. I am o-kay with taking turns. I look at them in human child terms. There are the first born leaders (over achievers). They are out there being first at everything possible. If something is going on they have to be in the middle of it. High energy busy bodies. In this litter that would be Garnet. He started out looking like he would be laid back but I think when he was sitting back watching, as a baby, it was because he found it stimulating. Once he learned how to go on his own he hasn't stopped. He has taken time to lap sit. Last night he was my son's buddy. He followed him around and they went upstairs. Garnet sat in his lap while he worked on his school work.

When I hear a kitten cry out it is always in an altercation with Garnet. Garnet has to be biggest and best even if he has to bite a little hard to get his sibling to give in. He is the most vocal in the litter. In my opinion he will be most likely to get into trouble when he is bored. He will need someone who will reinforce his good manners and not let him get away with being naughty.

Amethyst is also a first born type. As Garnet gained his footing she stepped aside and allowed him to take the lead. She has an easy startle reflex that makes her a little unsure of herself sometimes. She will say hello immediately after Garnet every time. Amethyst likes to lap site when she is played out. She has fallen asleep in my lap while I am sitting on the floor playing with the kittens.

Sapphire and Diamond are what I consider middle child personalities. They are secure with who they are. They get along well with everyone. They don't have to prove anything. They are fine with waiting to take a turn. They are easy going and adapt well. Their personality will bloom when they get out from under the leaders. 

Sapphire will say hello right after Amethyst. I haven't heard Diamond talk much lately. He was really vocal as a baby until he got my attention. Once he was satisfied he had me he was quiet. 

Emerald is the baby, She is spoiled. LOL She really doesn't talk much yet either. She is more human bonded because she was fed the most. She currently has a crush on my husband. She has started following him around. She is a scrappy little kitten and eager to play.

All the kittens do take on being the aggressor in play but they will also give in and be a subordinate during that play. Garnet tends to always be in a dominate posture. Rarely does he give in to be subordinate to any of the other kittens.

 I have played with all the kittens to see who will take a challenge and who will run. They all stand up to my "hand spider". Amethyst is a hopper. She springs into the air and lands on the aggressor. The other kittens don't back off. Garnet is first to strike with a paw smack.  Diamond loves to puff himself up and prance a challenge to his siblings. Once he starts it they will all get going doing it followed by a chase and wrestle. Its funny to watch them all race about trying to get the better of each other.







Playing on the stairs......

That's Diamond jumping off the side.

January 29th, 2009 - seven weeks old - Emmy has a crush on my husband. She sits at his feet and follows him around.

Bi-weekly weigh in......

Diamond is 836 grams (1 lb. 13 ounces) up 117 grams

Sapphire is 811 grams (1 lb. 12.5 ounces) up 107 grams

Garnet is 996 grams  (2 lb. 3 ounces) up 114 grams

Emerald is 729.5 grams (1 lb. 9.6 ounces) up 89 grams

Amethyst is 847 grams (1lb. 13.75 ounces) up 85.4 grams


left to right- Diamond, Sapphire, Diamond, and Amethyst.


Grandma demonstrates her famous three legged scratching.

Garnet tries scratching


Garnet & Emmy

Amethyst gets Diamond


Garnet misses

Garnet got it

Garnet bullies Amethyst

Emmy and Amethyst


January 26th, 2009 - This weekend Sapphire's family came to visit. All the kittens behaved very well. I wish I could say the same for our adult cats, lol. With Keva in heat they were a bit on edge and grumpy at her noisy calling at all hours of the day and night. All in all it was a very nice visit for Sapphire and the kittens. On Sunday I ran out to the store and when I came home I called for my babies and they came out one by one, following the kitten family hierarchy. First Garnet, followed by Amethyst, then Sapphire, and Diamond, and bringing up the rear Emerald. I moved their food into the kitchen and called everyone in to have a snack and or drink. The kittens continue to use the litter box with no accidents. I keep searching for something but they are all doing great. Today they are starting to work on tracking and jumping after Da Bird.  Garnet rules over play time so strongly that I am going to have to work at finding time when he is asleep to play with Diamond and Emerald. Amethyst and Sapphire will cut right in to play but Diamond and Emerald prefer to stand aside. They both are strong, fast, and engaging when Garnet is not around. Emerald is down right scrappy with her speed and precision.

Bi-weekly weigh in......

Diamond is 719 grams (1 lb. 9.25 ounces) up 28 grams

Sapphire is 705 grams (1 lb. 8.75 ounces) up 39 grams

Garnet is 883 grams  (1 lb. 15 ounces) up 85 grams

Emerald is 640 grams (1 lb. 6.5 ounces) up 35.5 grams

Amethyst is 761 grams (1lb. 11 ounces) up 46 grams


Amethyst, What cha doin' with my shoe?

Amethyst " I..ff not do..fin nuttin wiff the shoe..ff"


Emerald and Sapphire " Who should I take with me Emmy?"

Sapphire, off on a voyage.

Diamond and the toy basket

" I took all the toys out before I launched my boat. Oh, I need an Owl!"

Sapphire's challenge

Sapphire and Diamond

" He got me...couch cough...I'm dieing...cough cough...", Sapphire




There's something wiggling between my feet....oh it's my tail.

Diamond, "Look what I caught!"


Left to Right - Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Diamond, and Garnet.

January 22nd, 2009 - six weeks old - The kittens are doing wonderfully. Enjoy today's photos. Both Amethyst and Garnet have thinned out and have longer legs then their siblings. They look more Classic in type. Garnet is starting to show a tendency to cross his eyes. This may be that he is learning to focus right now or it could be his cross eyed ancestry coming out? Time will tell.
Amethyst is getting over her reserve. Yesterday she was back to her old self taking on the boys full force, lol. Diamond did the Halloween kitty dance at her..... a puffed up sideways stance then hopping forward (sideways). She took on the threat and launched herself into the air and landed on top of him. It was really pretty funny. I wished I had been filming them at the time. I could just imagine her yelling cowabunga, lol.  Garnet has come out as a leader in play also. He is Mr. Personality right now. He's always the first to come say hello to me when he hears me....everyone else will stay in bed, lol. He frequently will come into the kitchen to look around and say hello...maybe he is cruising for dropped crumbs of  food? Keva is in heat and she is a bit grumpy with the kittens. It's funny to watch them when she grumbles or hisses. They remind me of teenagers. They give her a look then ignore her, lol.

Bi-weekly weigh in......

Diamond is 690 grams (1 lb. 8.25 ounces) up 89 grams

Sapphire is 665 grams (1 lb. 7.4 ounces) up 57 grams

Garnet is 797 grams  (1 lb. 12 ounces) up 64 grams

Emerald is 605 grams (1 lb. 5.25 ounces) up 43 grams

Amethyst is 715 grams (1lb. 9.1 ounces) up 57 grams

Diamond - six weeks old.
Sapphire - six weeks old
Garnet - six weeks old

Nice sofa static hairdo.

Emerald - six weeks old
Amethyst - six weeks old

She reminds me of her grandma Maeve. That's a rubber spider from Halloween.


Garnet right with two seals.

I'm not sure which seal this is...sorry. Keva's in the background

Emmy on the scratcher and Diamond under.

Sapphire on his back with Diamond and Emmy on the wave.

That is Ame on top and Diamond behind.

January 19th, 2009 - The kittens spent most of the day in the living room napping in the nest in the corner behind the sofa. Whenever they woke up I brought them back to the kitten room to use the litter box and have a snack or drink. By repeating this for several days I'm hoping they will learn to return as needed on their own. So far no accidents. They find their way back to the living room quickly. Amethyst is now the least aggressive of the litter with Garnet taking over her role of leader. It may be that it is taking her a bit longer to adjust to the new spaces and toys. Momma Finola is being a fussy and protective mother hen.

Bi-weekly weigh in......

Diamond is 601 grams (1 lb. 5.1 ounces) up 85 grams

Sapphire is 608 grams (1 lb. 5.4 ounces) up 88 grams

Garnet is 733 grams  (1 lb. 9.75 ounces) up 135 grams

Emerald is 562 grams (1lb. 3.75 ounces) up 92 grams

Amethyst is 658 grams (1lb. 7.1 ounces) up 57 grams

January 18th, 2009 - Today we worked on going into the living room and playing. Finola really wanted them to find the nest behind the corner of the sofa. So I put a fresh nest back there and after some exploring they all eventually made their way into the nest for a nap....except for Emmy because she likes to always be at my feet when she gets tired. I had picked her up and put her in my lap. I added her to the nest once everyone was resting in it. After nap time we played a little then I called them all back into the office for a litter break and a snack for those who were hungry. Everyone went right to the litter boxes. 

Family bed

Napping with Momma Finola

Potty break

January 17th, 2009 - All the kittens are now comfortable with Da Bird. Emmy was so funny last night. She is so fast and she was always right on top of the bird. Boy her little legs can go. Garnet discovered the stairs and he just kept at them until he mastered going up. He started out jumping up over and over again and sliding down on his belly. He jumped until he got himself hooked over the stair enough to pull himself up. Then he would work on the next stair. He went up three and then decided to come down again. All the kittens had their nails trimmed this morning and they were all very good about me doing them. Then Garnet went right back to the stairs and started working at them again. He got to where he could make it up with one jump. Then he would walk back and forth on the step assessing the best way to jump up the next one. He went half way up and saw the corner landing was bigger and decided to come back down. I have had all the kitten sleep on my lap today. Emmy comes and just curls up next to my feet. I picked her up and put her in my lap. Diamond and Amethyst asked to come up. Ame laid on her back and licked my fingers. She was gentle and did not bite hard. As she got tired she let me play with her toes for a long time.

I think maybe this is Sapphire or Emerald?

These stairs are cool and I can go up.

Must have been a wild party last night. That kitten hanging is asleep.

January 16th, 2009 - Today I removed the run fence. The kittens have done a little exploring. Emerald is the real explorer. She just goes where she wants without a thought to what kind of danger might in this new environment. I've had to go looking for her twice today when she wandered away from all the other kittens. The other kittens are more cautious. Checking things out slowly as they sniff about. I introduced them to "Da Bird". Garnet and Diamond were intrigued. Amethyst was following along with them curious until I accidentally touched her back with the feather. Shocked it attacked she high tailed it back into the office. She is reserved in areas where she is not familiar.

Amethyst and Diamond - Seal points will often have a little white blaze between their eyes as their mask color comes in. This will be replaced with darker fur.

Garnet watching Amethyst









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January 15th, 2009 - five weeks old -Everyone weighed in at one pound or more today. I have to apologize for some of these photos. They have bands of color and lines in them. I think my Canon PowerShot may be dieing. Sometimes it fine and other times it messes up.

Bi-weekly weigh in......

Diamond is 516 grams (1lb. 2 ounces) up 82 grams

Sapphire is 520 grams (1lb. 2.25 ounces) up 75 grams

Garnet is 598 grams  (1 lb. 5 ounces) up 86 grams

Emerald is 470 grams (1lb. .5 ounces) up 67 grams

Amethyst is 601 grams (1lb. 5.1 ounces) up 53 grams

Emerald , "What has more lives than a cat? ".............

........"A frog because it croaks every night. Yuck yuck yuck."





Cue Latin music....Bah rummm bum bum bup (Amethyst)

I'm big, I'm bad... and she...(Amethyst & Garnet)

........Rolls on her head to fight? 

I think this is Amethyst and Sapphire.

Emerald getting momma's tail.

Emerald playing with Finola


OM NOM NOM - Garnet eats baby cat kibble!

Warm nap

January 14th, 2009 - Garnet likes to let his siblings drink the milk then he eats the soaked kibble. Diamond got all excited and was snuffling all around where I set the milk saucer. This was after they had all eaten the milk and kibble. His little tummy was full and round and he still wanted more yummy milk! He thought I was bring him more. It was so cute and funny.

Garnet sneeking up on Momma

Amethyst gets momma

Garnet - Got you!

Momma gets Amethyst


Sapphire, "I gots it!"

Emmy- scratching feels good


Sapphire fell asleep in my hands whlie Emmy looks on.


Amethyst after the troll (Sapphire) under the bridge


January 13th, 2009 - Today I decided to try a saucer of kitten milk replacer. Mainly for Garnet but everyone loved it. I sprinkled some baby cat kibble into it to see if we could entice Garnet to eat the kibble. He did eat a few milk soaked pieces. I'm going to continue offering kibble milk once a day.

Left to right around the top starting with the lightest one, Diamond. Diamond, Garnet, Amethyst, Sapphire and Emerald.

That is Emerald with milk on her nose.

January 12th, 2009 - Garnet's lack of kibble is showing in his weigh in. Sister Amethyst out weighs him. I'm sure he will catch up when he starts eating. Some of our kittens don't eat until their 6 week of age so he is still within the norm. This afternoon Diamond was very happy to pose for me so I got some very nice shots of him. Amethyst was napping during this photo session and she really didn't want to be disturbed. The kittens have learned that the toys are great fun. Garnet likes to pick one up in his mouth and play keep away. I tried to get a photo of him with it in his mouth but he was just to quick for me. I have lots of shots of his rear as he runs away, lol.

Bi-weekly weigh in......

Diamond is 434 grams (15.25 ounces) up 85 grams

Sapphire is 445 grams (15.6 ounces) up 96 grams

Garnet is 512 grams  (1 lb. 1.9 ounces) up 20 grams

Emerald is 402 grams (14 ounces) up 53 grams

Amethyst is 548 grams (1lb. 3.25 ounces) up 64 grams

Sapphire chewing teddy's toes.


Diamond with Sapphire and Emerald.

Diamond, "Love you Meowmy"

Emerald and Garnet


Diamond licking Sapphire's ear. Garnet on the wave scratcher.





Garnet, " Diamond I was here first."

Garnet, "Is this Fair?"

Garnet and Emerald



Diamond and Garnet with Finola


Emerald's got a mouse.

Emerald and Sapphire napping.


January 11th, 2009 - This weekend we put our most powerful, wonderfully tasty, and smelly wet kitten food up against Garnet's kibble resistance and we failed miserably. Momma and Amethyst loved the special treat. Thinking if he just tasted it he would instantly start eating I rubbed a tiny bit on his muzzle. He licked it off but would not touch the food. Garnet will eat kibble when he is ready. Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, and Amethyst have all demonstrated their knowledge of proper litter box use on multiple occasions. I think Garnet will also know what to do once he starts eating as he is peeing in the litter box.

Amethyst. Sorry for the strange perspective on this photo


Sapphire and Amethyst

Turn the heat on please....

.....warm napping

January 8th, 2009 - four weeks old - I can't believe these kittens are only four weeks old. They have developed their skills so quickly. It funny to see them so small and doing everything a 5 or 6 week old kitten does. Last night when I came to see the kittens Emmy came running across the room faster then any kitten I have ever seen. Her short lil legs were going so fast. She was trying to beat me through the gate. She wants to go out and explore. 

Diamond's nose leather still looks a light tan pink. I think he may actually be a lilac point. I think we need another week or so to be sure he is not just slow to color up. He has an interesting personality emerging. He is very vocal when he hears us talking or when we fist come in to visit. So vocal it drives Finola crazy. She thinks he is in distress. Once he knows he has gotten our attention he settles down and sits on my leg very quietly, while he watches the other kittens. He appears to not particularly care to be held in my hands but loves to have his cheeks stroked.. I hold all the kittens in my hands and give them kisses multiple times a day on their face and tummies. Sapphire is also changing quite a bit. His head is rounding out more. He is starting to look a little more stocky in build. When I hold him he has started to pull himself up tall and back his head away...sort of like he is wondering if he likes all those kisses, lol. Garnet is very calm and stately. He is still resisting eating kibble but is very skilled a drinking water and not snuffing it up his nose. He is a poser (great for photos) and likes to sit and study what is going on before entering into the activity. We will have to see if this continues when they are old enough to really play with interactive toys. Emerald always talks to me when she sees me and wants to be in my lap. She has a fluffier coat that is super soft, more under coat then top coat. It's interesting that the two girls are first to develop skills. She keeps right in pace with Amethyst. Amethyst is getting more or the tan color coming into her fur. She seems to be a leader in rough play. Most often attacking and wrestling the other kittens. I am hearing less cries of protest as they have learned not to bite too hard.

With today's weigh in we move to twice weekly weighing.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 349 grams (12.25 ounces) down 3.6 grams

Sapphire is 348.8 grams (12.25 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Garnet is 491 grams  (1 lb. 1.25 ounces) up 14.2.grams

Emerald is 349 grams (12.25 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Amethyst is 484 grams (1lb. .1 ounces) up 0 grams

Everyone always wants to sleep in the top bunk....

............unless their going for a snack.

Diamond 4 weeks old

Sapphire 4 weeks old



Garnet 4 weeks old

Emerald 4 weeks old



Amethyst 4 weeks old


January 7th, 2009 - Today we are celebrating first poops, lol. I saw both Sapphire and Emerald leave deposits in the litter pan and someone else had left one earlier....most likely Amethyst as she eats lots of kibble all the time. I have been waiting to find messes since we started eating solid food. Yeah no mess! Garnet is still the lone holdout against solid food. He may be eating and I haven't seen him but based on his tummy I don't think so.  The kittens are really advancing with their development. 

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 352 grams (12.4 ounces) up 3.6 grams

Sapphire is 341 grams (12 ounces) down 7.1 grams

Garnet is 477 grams  (1 lb. .75 ounces) up 21.grams

Emerald is 341.6 grams (12 ounces) up 14.2 grams

Amethyst is 484 grams (1lb. .1 ounces) up 25 grams

Sapphire making a deposit.

Ame eating from the big cat bowl.........

.......Not to be out done Emmy started eating from the big bowl just after Ame did.

January 6th, 2009 - I'm not hearing as much protesting when the kittens are play fighting. Everyone is learning the cause and effect of biting too hard.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 348.8 grams (12.25 ounces) up 3.6 grams

Sapphire is 348.8 grams (12.25 ounces) up 3.6 grams

Garnet is 455.5 grams  (1 lb. 0 ounces) up 14.2.grams

Emerald is 327.4 grams (11.5 ounces) up 10.7 grams

Amethyst is 459 grams (1lb. .1 ounces) up 21 grams




Awh Mom, not another bath.


Starting with Diamond and going around the nest upperward.

Diamond, Sapphire, Amethyst, Garnet, and Emerald.


Left to right -Amethyst and Garnet

(Emerald) Hanging around with my brother Garnet.

January 5th, 2009 - No supplements, Emerald is down a little but after several days of good weight I want to see how the next couple days go. 

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 345 grams (12.1 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Sapphire is 345 grams (12.1 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Garnet is 444 grams  (15.6 ounces) up 14.2.grams

Emerald is 316.7 grams (11.1 ounces) down -7.1 grams

Amethyst is 437.7 grams (15.4 ounces) up 10.7 grams

 January 4th, 2009 - Emerald is the only kitten to receive a supplement today. Her weight was down this morning so I fed her and weighed her again. She has me wrapped around her furry little paw. There will be no KMR feeding tonight. Amethyst is doing well with eating kibble. Diamond began eating kibble too. Garnet will drink water but is resisting the kibble so far. He has done something that Amethyst hasn't yet...he's used the litter box twice today. Must be all that water, lol. Everyone can now walk on the wood floor without their feet sliding out from under them. Tonight several kittens began testing their claws and the cat trees climb-ability. It won't be long before they start moving up.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 338 grams (11.9 ounces) up 3.6 grams

Sapphire is 338 grams (11.9 ounces) up 10.7 grams

Garnet is 430.6 grams  (15.1 ounces) up 14.2.grams

Emerald is 323 grams (11.4 ounces) up 10.7 grams

Amethyst is 427 grams (15 ounces) up 21 grams

Amethyst, " I just here to make this photo pretty". Diamond, "What?!".  Sapphire, *sigh*

Diamond, " Hey, Sapphire's got more teeth then me. I can't bite back as hard."

Emerald, "Sable boots are this winters hottest fashion trend."

Mmmm Warmth

Garnet drinks


Garnet, "I can do something Amethyst doesn't."


Garnet putting Amethyst to the mat.

Diamond eating solid food.

I think we need a bigger nest under there.

Mom watching over the kids.

Amethyst," I think I can."

I think I can

I think I can

Oh boy

Ally oop, I did it!

 January 3rd, 2009 -This morning Ame was eager for her kibble...even though it sits in the run all the time, lol. Sapphire decided he would have some too. The kittens are growing their skills very quickly now. Garnet now zooms about and so does Diamond. As you can see from her photos Ame will sleep anywhere. Now that some of the kittens have sharp little teeth I hear squeals of protest when one bites another too hard. During this stage everyone gets bit too hard as part of learning what acceptable limits are. Sometimes they even bite themselves, lol.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 334.5 grams (11.75 ounces) up 10.7grams

Sapphire is 327.4 grams (11.5 ounces) up 10.7 grams

Garnet is 416 grams  (14.5 ounces) up 7.1.grams

Emerald is 313 grams (11 ounces) up 21 grams

Amethyst is 405.7 grams (14.25 ounces) up 14.2 grams


I can do it Momma.


Sapphire's fist meal

Bowls feel good on erupting teeth

How many kittens and which feet belong to who?


My feet hurt from all that dancing. I need a nap. (Amethyst)

Shhh Ame's sleeping

Okay I'm being quiet (Sapphire)

Going to sleep in my daughter's hand

Sleeping in Meowmy's hand

 Ame will sleep anywhere.Zzzzzzzzzzz

 January 2nd, 2009 - Morning weights are not great but expected. It takes a bit of time for Finola to increase the milk she has available. We look at weight trends over a period of time not day to day weights. A kitten can eat a lot one day and take another day off,  it evens out. Seeing how active the kittens are and since they associate food with me I decided to go ahead and introduce the baby cat kibble to them. Ame dove in and ate like crazy. Momma kept getting in the way. I think she was trying to eat it all so the kittens wouldn't eat it, lol. Finola had just eaten prior to my bringing the food to the kittens so she wasn't really hungry. After Ame was done I brought the bowl up on my leg for Emmy to sniff. She ate a few bits also. I gave each kitten the bowl to sniff and no one else wanted to try. Garnet had one little lick of water. If I talk to Finola while working here the babies will come out and walk over toward me while calling to me. Now that some are eating food we will add the training litter box also. That means expanding the run area a bit to make room for the bathroom.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 324 grams (11.4 ounces) up 3.6 grams

Sapphire is 316.7 grams (11.1 ounces) up 10.7 grams

Garnet is 409 grams  (14.4 ounces) up 0.grams

Emerald is 291.8 grams (10.25 ounces) up 0 grams

Amethyst is 391.5 grams (13.75 ounces) up 7.1 grams

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Momma you're hogging the bowl!

 January 1st, 2009 - three weeks old -Happy New Year! May it be a healthy and lucky year for everyone.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 320 grams (11.25 ounces) up 14.2 grams

Sapphire is 306 grams (10.75 ounces) up 10.7 grams

Garnet is 409 grams  (14.4 ounces) up 17.8.grams

Emerald is 291.8 grams (10.25 ounces) up 14.2 grams

Amethyst is 384 grams (13.5 ounces) up 7.1 grams

The small kitten run- plastic file boxes on the right allow Finola to come and go but keep the kittens inside.

Curtains are out to keep the little ones from falling if they climb. They will be added in after they learn a bit more about how their paws & claws work on surfaces.

 December 31st, 2008 - I eliminated the morning feeding so no supplemental KMR this morning. The weights still look good considering, everyone gained. We brought the run up tonight and set it up as a smaller area then usual. Finola is very nervous about the kittens exploring so we want to expand the area slowly. There is plenty of room for these little guys to run and exercise to get their muscles built up and improve coordination. Amethyst is very coordinated already she zooms about in little sprints. She is joyful in her abilities. The other kittens are still plodding along happy to explore at their own pace. They are learning how to keep their feet under themselves on the slippery wood floor. They catch on fast. Wrestling and biting has started in earnest. I saw Finola kick Ame (Amethyst) away from her belly tonight. I picked Ame up and felt her gums...she has a nice set of teeth. She must have bit a little too hard, lol. All the kittens came running and crawled up into my lap tonight...even the ones not being supplemented. They are very social and not fearful at all. I hold them and kiss their faces and they just stare into my face studying me. They were eager for the night meal but did not eat a full amount. Finola is doing well picking up my meals. Tummies were already round before they ate.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 306 grams (10.75 ounces) up 3.6 grams

Sapphire is 295 grams (10.3 ounces) up 3.6 grams

Garnet is 391.5 grams  (13.75 ounces) up 14.2.grams

Emerald is 277.5 grams (9.75 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Amethyst is 377 grams (13.25 ounces) up 25 grams

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Amethyst - I'm so adorable

Let's go explore!

I'm watchin' you, don't go too far.

Four wrestling

Arrrg somebody's gettin' me from behind.


.....and a bath.

December 30th, 2008 - Weights are good after eliminating the middle of the day feeding. With kittens crawling out of the nest area we will bring in the run this week to limit the area they can explore. With the run comes the training litter box and kitten bowls. Its a little bit early. I normally expect them to begin checking out food and litter by 4 weeks of age. The blue is coming into their eyes and in good light we can see their pupils. They will still not be focusing true yet. Sometimes we see them looking wall eyed. With face photos of the kittens the angle and position of the kitten can effect how it looks. If a kitten is squirming and pushing its head forward and down it can look more wedge shaped and when it is pulling its head away to back up it can make it look flat....they all squirm and I take multiple photos of each.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 302.5 grams (10.6 ounces) up 3.6 grams

Sapphire is 292 grams (10.25 ounces) up 10.7 grams

Garnet is 377 grams  (13.25 ounces) up 10.7.grams

Emerald is 270 grams (9.5 ounces) up 10.7 grams

Amethyst is 352 grams (12.4 ounces) up 7.1 grams







December 29th, 2008 - The kittens ate well. we are moving to two supplemental feedings a day. I keep finding Finola with a kitten in her mouth outside the nest area. She seems bothered. She doesn't seem to be moving the kittens and wants me to put it back in the nest.

After the night feeding I was working on my computer when Finola was out twice with a kitten. I sat and talked with her and gave her extra attention. She seemed content in the nest. While I was watching Emerald scaled the wave wall and crawled away. Finola jumped out and grabbed her by the scruff...this is what has been happening. She is not moving them but trying to keep them safe from their own explorations. Time to trim nails.

I think I have identified Sapphire's sex incorrectly. I've added this information the sexing photo 

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 299 grams (10.5 ounces) up 17.8 grams

Sapphire is 281 grams (9.9 ounces) up 10.7 grams

Garnet is 366.5 grams  (12.9 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Emerald is 260 grams (9.1 ounces) up 14.2 grams

Amethyst is 345 grams (12.1 ounces) up 3.6 grams

December 28th, 2008 - This morning Finola had moved the kittens out of the box and into the corner nest. I removed the box and brought in the wave wall. When I came in with KMR the three supplemented kittens all came running out onto my lap. They were more eager to eat then yesterday. While I was feeding Emmy, Diamond was licking my hand. The kittens are beginning to show some playfulness. Rolling onto their backs and grabbing at others with their paws. Little spurts of energy running forward and I saw some staccato bursts that looked like hopping forward. It's funny to watch their joy at being able to play. I tried to make some video clips but the lighting is too low in the corner. I'll have to see if I can get a light and "make it work" as Tim Gunn would say.

Because some of the kittens did not receive momma first milk, the colostrum, we are being a little more careful and providing some barriers, fresh towel on my lap. No other cats are allowed to visit. While we really haven't had any of the typical cat illnesses that would form antibodies in our queens we still think heightened aseptic practices are the safer approach. Any antibodies they would have received will be gone when they start eating kibble at about 5 weeks. This is when their own immune systems will begin to function and we will allow more interaction with our other cats.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 281 grams (9.9 ounces) up 21 grams

Sapphire is 270.5 grams (9.5 ounces) up 17.8 grams

Garnet is 359 grams  (12.6 ounces) up 25 grams

Emerald is 245.5 grams (8.6 ounces) up 14.2 grams

Amethyst is 341.6 grams (12 ounces) up 32 grams

The blue towel is my lap. Diamond is watching Momma give baths.

Diamond and Amethyst in my lap. You can see the green mark on Emmy and blue on Sapphire under mom. That leaves Garnet walking toward us.

December 27th, 2008 - Today the kittens were not very interested in my KMR. I think on Monday we will cut back to two feedings and see how that goes. I think their interest may reflect how long ago they fed from Finola and they really don't need me to feed them. I want to step out slowly so she can increase production to meet the demand and to continue to offer the emotional attachment they may associate with my feedings.

They are walking quite a bit in the nest now. I just saw Garnet backing up. They are starting to self groom and are grooming their siblings. Finola was out with a kitten again. I was sitting here at my desk near her but did not see how it came about. I think Emmy (Emerald) is crawling out in search of adventure and Finola is not sure how to control her safety. Instinct tells her to hide and protect. She was very unsettled so I turned the box to face out into the room. That way she can see the room and any possible escapees. She is happier and more relaxed. When I was sitting with them tonight after feeding, Emmy was climbing out again and she grabbed her by the scruff and took her to the back of the box. Garnet is starting to come out onto my lap and stare up into my face. He is curious and cautious. We are starting the stage of awareness. The next weeks ahead are an important developmental time when kittens form their understanding of what is good and what should be feared.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 234 grams (9.1 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Sapphire is 252.6 grams (8.9 ounces) up 3.6 grams

Garnet is 334.5 grams  (11.75 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Emerald is 231 grams (8.1 ounces) up 3.6 grams

Amethyst is 309.6 grams (10.9 ounces) up 7.1 grams

December 26th, 2008 - We continue to see good weights with 3 supplemental feedings for Emerald, Diamond and Sapphire.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 253 grams (8.9 ounces) up 17.8 grams

Sapphire is 249 grams (8.75 ounces) up 21.4 grams

Garnet is 327 grams  (11.5 ounces) up 17.8 grams

Emerald is 228 grams (8 ounces) up 14.2 grams

Amethyst is 302.5 grams (10.6 ounces) up 14.2 grams

Diamond 2 weeks old

Sapphire 2 weeks old

Garnet 2 weeks old

Emerald 2 weeks old

Amethyst 2 weeks old

Razz-a-ma-tazz, I'm dancing with the stars.

December 25th, 2008 - two weeks old - At three meals of KMR a day the kittens are hungry and eager to eat. I think they eat about the same amount as they did when it was 6 meals. They had gotten to where they were eating half as much each meal so now we are back to full meals, less often. Their weights are still gaining so Finola is keeping up her feedings.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 235 grams (8.25 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Sapphire is 228 grams (8 ounces) up 14.3 grams

Garnet is 309.6 grams  (10.25 ounces) up 14.3 grams

Emerald is 213.5 grams (7.25 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Amethyst is 288 grams (9.6 ounces) up 10.7 grams

"Oh, Meowmy's come to feed us."

That is Diamond on the back wall with Sapphire in the right back corner. Emerald center front with Garnet's foot on her back and Amethyst is behind Garnet.

After finishing off the KMR, Santa and the elves settled down with a warm drink of milk before falling asleep for the night.

Merry Christmas!

December 24th, 2008 - Just before bedtime last night Finola took off with a kitten again. I really don't want them under the bed so I took the kitten from her and brought it into my office and put it in the family nest I put behind the TV cabinet. This has worked as a safe location for Keva's kittens in the past so I am hoping Finny will be happy here. I brought the box in and faced the opening to the corner. I am still draping the front of the box with a large towel. The kittens were offered a meal at 11 pm. Then we closed the door for the night. This morning I opened the door and allowed Finola to roam. Nobody came running to me this morning when I offered the kittens KMR around 10 am. I missed my opportunity to get a video clip of the milk charge, *sigh*. Emerald continues to reject the milk. She only ate one dropper. Diamond had a couple and Sapphire had a couple. Emerald was eating four full droppers every three to four hours before she took to nursing. This is good progress. Finola was very agitated while I was doing the feeding. It seems that she now knows she no longer needs me to help the kittens? I am going to cut back to three meals today and see how their weights are effected. Then she grabbed a kitten again and ran off with it. I stopped her in the hall and told her no. We brought the kitten back to the box and I have closed the office doors.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 228 grams (8 ounces) up 14.3 grams

Sapphire is 213.5 grams (7.5 ounces) up 14.3 grams

Garnet is 292 grams  (10.25 ounces) up 14.3 grams

Emerald is 206 grams (7.25 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Amethyst is 274 grams (9.6 ounces) up 10.7 grams

"The children were nestled all snug in their bed,

While visions of chicken treats dance in their heads"

Left to right - Emerald under Garnet with Sapphire to Garnet's right. Diamond in the center showing his tummy. Amethyst with her black ear showing edge color.

The new location in my office/kitten room.

With the towel wall up showing the kittens. When they start to explore the next week or so they will be limited to how far they can go. This will hopefully relieve some of Finola's agitation.

December 23rd, 2008 - I stayed up until midnight to feed the kittens their bedtime meal. Then at sometime after 3am I heard kitten cries. I thought they are hungry but figured a nipple would be found.. Then another louder cry. I softly called to Finola and got up. She comes running across the room from the far side of the bed and gets back in the box....she had a baby in her mouth! She was trying to move them, lol. She was caught and scooted back to the box fast. I checked and they were all in the box. So I fed them and moved the box to be behind the door in a more secluded cozy area. I think it may be time to move them into my office. Finola was fine with the new location for the rest of the night and the today. 

Emerald is not so happy to have me feed her anymore. Now that she has had Momma's milk she knows my kitten milk replacer is just an expensive substitute. She prefers the real thing. She has eaten less today from me. It will be interesting to see tomorrow's weights. Diamond was hungry and Sapphire took a couple droppers full too. I think we are to the point we can wean back off the KMR. :)

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 213.5 grams (7.5 ounces) up 10.7 grams

Sapphire is 199 grams (7 ounces) up 10.7 grams

Garnet is 277.5 grams  (9.75 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Emerald is 199 grams (7 ounces) up 17.8 grams

Amethyst is 263 grams (9.25 ounces) up 14.3 grams

December 22nd, 2008 - I am still supplementing the three kittens. I offer them KMR every three to four hours (8 am to 12 midnight) and allow them to decide how much they want.  I added my guesses as to the sex of these kittens to the photos on December 17th. You can see them with a mouse over, this is an IE function.

Last night we found Finola out of the box with a kitten twice. I am uncertain if she is trying to move them or if a kitten is causing her concern by crawling out. I checked the nest and it has no messes in it. I changed it out for a fresh one a day ago. I did have more lights on today to take photos. She may be wanting a darker environment. I have noticed Finola will not lay on the nest that has the heat pad under it so I unplugged the nest heater. This morning all the kittens were still in the box so she didn't attempt to move them during the night.

I just saw Emerald nurse. She was fussing and crawled out of the box. This was just an hour after eating so I tried to calm her and put her up to Finola. She burrowed in and started nursing. By the time I ran to my desk and got the camera she was no longer nursing. The other kittens had pushed her off. I tried to keep the bigger kittens away from her and allow her to latch on again but couldn't. She was rooting and smacking the nipple but did not latch on. She made so much noise that the other kittens came to nurse too.

WOOT!  Emerald was nursing and stayed latched on despite Diamond trying to burrow under and knock her off. I've added a short video of her nursing. Sorry the quality is not great with the low lighting but what a great accomplishment for Emerald at 11 days old. She didn't nurse in the first week but she managed after all. 

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 203 grams (7.1 ounces) up 17.8 grams

Sapphire is 189 grams (6.6 ounces) up 17.8 grams

Garnet is 270 grams  (9.5 ounces) up 17.8 grams

Emerald is 181 grams (6.3 ounces) up 14.3 grams

Amethyst is 249 grams (8.75 ounces) up 14.3 grams

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December 21st, 2008 - It is becoming clear who the seal points are. We know from Finola's first litter that she can produce all four colors. Both Balor and Finola are genetically aaBbcscs. Seal points that carry both the chocolate and dilute genes. Based on these genes we should see the following percentages over time.

Garnets nose leather clearly shows more color then Diamonds. I think Garnet is a blue point. So the only one in question now is Diamond. Is Diamond a chocolate or could it be lilac point? Chocolate and lilac develop pigment much slower then the seal and blue points. Only time and more color coming in will tell us for sure. We have never had a lilac yet............

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 185 grams (6.5 ounces) up 17.8 grams

Sapphire is 170 grams (6 ounces) up 17.8 grams

Garnet is 252.7 grams  (8.9 ounces) up 10.7 grams

Emerald is 167 grams (5.9 ounces) up 14.3 grams

Amethyst is 235 grams (8.25 ounces) up 14.3 grams




"Aren't I just the cutest pudgy lil' teddy cat?"

Emerald with wet whiskers from eating KMR.

"I'm surfin' dude!"



Bath time for Diamond.....

......and Sapphire.

Amethyst asleep in the corner.

Left to right - Garnet up in the corner, Sapphire Amethyst, and Diamond nursing, and Emerald on Finola's arm.

December 20th, 2008 - Everyone is doing well. Sapphire and Emerald did not want as much KMR yesterday. This morning they were all very hungry and came "running" out of the box and onto my lap for breakfast. I use the term loosely as they are still doing the tummy drag crawl but they moved with as much speed as they could, lol.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 167 grams (5.9 ounces) up 10.7 grams

Sapphire is 153 grams (5.4 ounces) up 10.7 grams

Garnet is 242 grams  (8.5 ounces) up 21.4 grams

Emerald is 153 grams (5.4 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Amethyst is 220.6 grams (7.75 ounces) up 14.3 grams

December 19th, 2008 - I am now feeding the three kitten six times a day. I'm happier with these weight gains. I want them to catch up to where they should be and then we can look at slowly cutting back on my feedings. I have seen Emerald root around like she wants a nipple but have never really seen her latch on.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 157 grams (5.5 ounces) up 17.8 grams

Sapphire is 142.4 grams (5 ounces) up 21.4 grams

Garnet is 220 grams  (7.75 ounces) up 17.8 grams

Emerald is 146 grams (5.1 ounces) up 14.2 grams

Amethyst is 206 grams (7.25 ounces) up 7.1 grams

December 18th, 2008 - one week old - The kittens cries woke me up before 5 am this morning. They were hungry so they had an early breakfast. Garnet and Amethyst have doubled their birth weight in the first week. Diamond, Emerald, and Sapphire  are still playing catch up from their chilly sluggish start. Because we are trying to encourage the increased production of Finola's milk we do not expect the kittens who are being partially supplemented to gain at the same rate as their nursing siblings. We want them to be a little hungry and demanding more food from mom.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 139 grams (4.9 ounces) up 17.8 grams

Sapphire is 121 grams (4.25 ounces) up 14.2 grams

Garnet is 102.8 grams  (7.1 ounces) up 14.2 grams

Emerald is 117.4 grams (4.6 ounces) up 14.2 grams

Amethyst is 199 grams (7 ounces) up 21.4 grams

December 17th, 2008 - six days old - Last night I noticed Garnet lost his cord first. Then Emerald had hers off. This morning everyone is cord free. Some look a little like their cord came off a bit early, see Diamonds little dark spot. Everyone's eyes are starting to open a bit. They cannot see right now the eyes still will continue to develop before we will see the blue begin to come into them.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 121 grams (4.25 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Sapphire is 107 grams (3.75 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Garnet is 188.6 grams  (6.63 ounces) up 17.8 grams

Emerald is 117.4 grams (4.1 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Amethyst is 178 grams (6.25 ounces) up 14.2 grams

Diamond six days old

Sapphire six days old

Garnet six days old....that tummy show's who is always eating!

Emerald six days old

Amethyst six days old

Boys or Girls? You be the judge. =^..^= Males are said to look like a colon ( : ) and Females are an upside down exclamation point ( )


Female...I got this wrong. 12/31/08 - I now think she is a Male.








December 16th, 2008 - Five days old - I am desperately working to get Diamond and Emerald to accept nursing on Momma. Before each feeding I spend time with each kitten trying to get them to latch on. Yesterday Diamond half heartedly licked and sucked a little before Sapphire pushed him off. Emerald just refuses. I work with them until their cries disturb Finola to the point that she stands up from her fear that she is squashing someone. This mornings feeding both refused again. I fed Diamond and while I was working on feeding Emerald, Diamond latched on and was nursing. This made Sapphire angry because he has claimed the two bottom nipples as his. I had to move him away to allow Diamond to keep nursing. Yesterday Sapphire was crying too much so I supplemented him three times. I weighed him this morning before the morning meal and he had not gained any weight. He was crying and felt thin so I gave him a little KMR too. Today's weights were taken after the morning meal. These kittens are so sweet to watch when they are being fed. They start out very upset because they are so hungry. Allowing them to get a bit hungry is meant to help motivate them to nurse on Finola. Most of the time they are thrashing so wildly they can't calm enough to feed. So I "burrito" the kitten who I want to feed. I wrap him snuggly in a terry face cloth with only his head out. This helps with any formula that drips down their chin. Once they stop fussing and accept the dropper of KMR they start sucking and their little ears start to wiggle with happiness.  After a few droppers they start to get full and fall asleep while purring. Their purrs sound like ticking at this age.

I have given in and fed Sapphire three times today too. He was fussing so much and he feels so thin. I want to be sure they challenge Finola to produce more but I don't want them to starve. Its a balance that hopefully will end with them fully nursing from Finola.

I took Maeve in to the Vet today. I debated taking these kittens in for a quick health check but decided against it. At this small a size it is difficult to hear the heart. It beats too fast to really hear any potential murmurs. Since Diamond was nursing some I felt we were moving in a positive directions and the stress of the trip was not a good trade for the little bit we might learn.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 113.9 grams (4 ounces) up 10.7 grams

Sapphire is 99.6 grams (3.5 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Garnet is 170.8 grams  (6 ounces) up 21.4 grams

Emerald is 110.3 grams (3.9 ounces) up 10.7 grams

Amethyst is 163.7 grams (5.75 ounces) up 14.2 grams


Left to right - Emerald, Amethyst, Sapphire, Garnet, and Diamond

Garnet says, "Who is making the light flash? We're trying to sleep."

December 15th, 2008 - four days old - Everyone is up in weight this morning. Diamond and Emerald both came crawling out of the box this morning when they heard me. Neither one wants anything to do with momma's nipples. It seems like they don't know they are supposed to nurse. Now that they are all gaining I am going to see if I can trick them into latching on by putting the dropper next to a nipple.

Sapphire latched on with Amethyst and Garnet. Emerald is on Finny's neck and Diamond is in front not nursing.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 103.2 grams (3.625 ounces) up 21.4 grams

Sapphire is 92.5 grams (3.25 ounces) up 7.1 grams

Garnet is 149.5 grams  (5.25 ounces) up 17.8 grams

Emerald is 99.7 grams (3.5 ounces) up 21.4 grams

Amethyst is 149.5 grams (5.25 ounces) up 17.8 grams

December 14th, 2008 - three days old- Diamond and Emerald are still not nursing.  As long as I start to see Sapphire gaining weight I will not supplement. After weigh in Sapphire got his last KMR meal. I need to make sure Emerald gets food more often. Diamond and Emerald crawl around the box a lot. They still will not latch on to a nipple. I added a few more meals to the day.

We can hear the chainsaws cutting the trees off the power lines along our road. The power finally came back on around 4:00 pm.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 82 grams (2.875 ounces) up 3.6 grams

Sapphire is 85.4 grams (3 ounces) down 3.6 grams

Garnet is 131.7 grams  (4.625 ounces) up 3.6 grams

Emerald is 78.3 grams (2.75 ounces) down 3.6 grams

Amethyst is 131.7 grams (4.625 ounces) up 14.2 grams


Wiping off the milk beard

Diamond 3 days old

Sapphire 3 days old

Garnet 3 days old

Emerald 3 days old

Amethyst 3 days old

December 13th, 2008 - two days old - We are starting to see some color coming into the noses and ear edges of some of the kittens. This mornings weigh in is not good. I am really starting to worry. We decided to see if we can add a nest warmer to the generator. It is like a heating pad but made for pet beds. I am feeding more often and working at getting them to eat more at one time. Diamond figured out today how to suck on the dropper. I was worried this kitten did not have the suck reflex yet. He was a very passive eater yesterday. Maybe the KMR has given him some strength. They are so hungry they fuss so much its difficult to get them to eat. Once they have the eye dropper they suck the milk it in it down fast. Then I refill and we start the struggle to get it in their mouth again. By the time they eat two droppers they are done and want to sleep.

I spent more time with them tonight working on feeding more. I decided to fill the dropper tip it up and fill it again. This puts milk in the bulb and makes it more difficult to clean but I am boiling bottled water to clean with anyway. I think this will clean it well. I am pleased that they ate more with this technique. I keep trying to get them to latch on. Finola is not as engorged today. Garnet and Amethyst have no trouble with the nipples they have chosen but they are always on them and will not share. They are both strong rounder headed kittens. We have had to put cloth in the corners of the box. Emerald keeps crawling out of the nest and into the corners or under the nest. Diamond keeps crawling out the front. Once when Diamond crawled out of the box I waited to see what would happen. Finny called to her baby and the baby was crying. Within seconds Diamond disappeared back up into the box. We have a bath towel covering the front of the box to help keep the warmth in. We never saw Finola but she plucked her kitten off the floor and back into the nest. The next time I looked into the box she had her body along the front edge. Garnets right eye is open and Diamonds are starting to peek open.

Tonight I saw Sapphire latched on to a nipple. It may take a day or so for him to get the milk up to his level of need but I am really happy he is nursing. I have never seen Diamond or Emerald nursing. When I try to position them on a nipple they don't seem to know they should latch on. Hopefully we will see better numbers tomorrow with the nest warmer helping them to stay warmer.

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 78.3 grams (2.75 ounces) down 7.1 grams

Sapphire is 89 grams (3.125 ounces) down 10.7 grams

Garnet is 128 grams  (4.5 ounces) up 25 grams

Emerald is 81.9 grams (2.875 ounces) down 3.5 grams

Amethyst is 117.4 grams (4.1 ounces) up 7.2 grams

December 12th, 2008 - one day old- Last night an ice storm hit and our power went out. This means no electric, no heat and no water. Luckily I was in bed and still awake when it happened. Everyone else in the house was asleep. Had I been asleep we would more then likely lost our kittens to the cold. The first weeks of a kittens life they cannot shiver, they do not produce their own heat. More kittens are lost because they are not kept warm enough then to any other cause. We have two gas fireplaces that I was able to turn on. They ran all night. Our bedroom where they kittens are was 74 degrees this morning.

Realizing that this was going to be far worse then any of the weather predictions we had heard we began to conserve the heat. I tried to relocate Fiona's box to be in the room with the fireplace. She grabbed a kitten and ran back to where her box was...We took the box it back to the bedroom. I taped sheet plastic in the open doorway to the living room and kitchen. Our bedroom is off the living room. The hope was to only give the heat one way to go....into our room to keep the kittens warm. We shut the doors to the master bathroom and closets. We allowed the front office fireplace to run with the door open to heat the rest of the house to keep it from freezing. The bedroom maintained the 73-74 degrees all day. That isn't too bad if Finola stays with them to help keep them warm. Morning weigh in was not as good as I had hoped. With the cooler room it's not unexpected. We normally keep the kitten room at 80-85 degrees. Finola is very engorged and this flattens out her nipples so the kittens are having trouble latching on.

With so many losses I will supplement when the kittens are yelling and hungry. I don't want to feed too much and interfere with milk production but I also don't want to lose any kittens. I will only feed the kittens most in need, Diamond, Sapphire, and Emerald.

We lost our phone service at about 4 pm today. Friends who are lucky and have power brought us their generator so we have our refrigerator plugged in and a couple of lamps.

Because it is not warm and toasty I will forgo the kitten photos for a few days. Time out of the box for  meals is enough exposure. I discovered when the fireplace runs all the time the marble hearth gets hot. I have a small marble cutting board that I am putting in front of the fire to warm and then I place it under the family nest in the box. Just like an old fashioned bed warmer. Hopefully this will help keep the bed and inside of the box warmer. 

Morning weigh in......

Diamond is 85.4 grams (3 ounces) down 7.1 grams

Sapphire is 99.7 grams (3.5 ounces) down 10.7 grams

Garnet is 103.2 grams  (3.6 ounces) up 0 grams

Emerald is 85.4 grams (3 ounces) down 7.1 grams

Amethyst is 110.3 grams (3.9 ounces) up 10.6 grams

Instead of kitten photos here are some ice storm photos

Tops of the trees are broken over from the weight of the ice.

See the clump of birches in the back ground?

This is them from another angle.

While I was out looking at the damage and  taking photos every minute or so I could hear a loud bang. Like a gun shot. It was a tree in the woods breaking. 

That was followed by the sound of large hail falling thickly. The ice from the branches that were falling down. Then a shush rushing down the hillside.

December 11th, 2008 - BIRTH DAY - I awoke at 3:?0 am to the sounds of a kitten crying under the covers in our bed. I reached under to comfort the kitten and realized it was a tiny wet head I felt. I was immediately fully awake. We brought the birthing box into our bedroom and uncovered Finola to see where she had progressed to. She had already delivered 4 kittens! One had just been born and still had its placenta connected. Finola went right to the birthing box and made her bed. We moved the kittens to be with her and cut the cord on the fourth kitten. We kept this placenta. She had already eaten 3. I have found that more then three give my moms diarrhea. I set up the small ceramic heater nearby to help warm the box and kittens. Finola continued to work on washing all the kittens. The warmer air helped her to get them clean and fluffy. She had two contractions and before I knew it kitten five was born at 3:48am. After she was able to bite through the cord I removed this placenta too. Since we didn't see her eat the first three placentas we will have to assume she did eat them but we will keep a close eye on Finola for any symptoms that might suggest an infection just in case she did retain one.

The Stats at birth

#1 ? am  white Diamond 92.53 grams (3.25 ounces)

#2 ? am  blue Sapphire 110.321 grams (3.875 ounces) 

#3 ? am  red  Garnet 103.204 grams (3.625 ounces)

#4 ? am  green Emerald 92.53 grams (3.25 ounces)

#5 3:48 am purple Amethyst 99.65 grams (3.5 ounces)

Each kitten is marked with a non-toxic color so we can tell them apart and monitor their progress.

Names used are for the diary and represent the color they are marked with. Kitten owners chose real names when they go home. 

Sharing the warmth while mom gets a drink






Marked with identifying colors,  fluffy and warm, searching for nipples. 

Kitten five just born and still in its birth sack.

December 6th, 2008 - Finola went to see the Vet today to get a kitten count. We waited until the kittens were a little older this time. You can see spines ribs and heads. There appears to be 5 ...maybe 6 kittens.

Finola resting, Her favorite thing to do these days. She frequently comes to me and wants me to rub her cheeks and belly.

Finola's is expecting kittens in December



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