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Spring 2016 litter

Grainne & Polo

Summer 2017 Litter

Grainne & Polo

Spring 2013 litter

Fenya & Mr. M

Spring 2014 litter

Fenya & Polo

Summer 2014 litter

Grainne & Polo

Spring 2015 litter

Fenya & Polo

Summer 2015 litter

Grainne & Polo

Fall 2015 litter

Fenya & Polo

Summer 2010 litter

Finola & Balor

Spring 2011 litter

Fenya & Polo

Spring 2011 litter

Keva & Polo

Spring 2012 litter

Fenya & Polo

Spring 2012 Litter

Keva & Polo

Fall 2012 litter

Fenya & Polo

Spring 2008 litter

Keva & Kian

Fall 2008 litter

Keva & Phinean

Winter 2008 litter

Finola & Balor

Fall 2009 litter

Finola & Balor

Winter 2009 litter

Keva & Phinean

Spring 2010 litter

Tasa & Polo

Spring 2005 litter

Maeve & Balor

 Fall 2005 litter 

Maeve & Balor

Spring 2006 litter

Maeve & Balor

Summer 2006 litter 

Maeve & Kian

Spring 2007 litter

Keva & Kian

Fall 2007 litter 

Finola & Balor

(I will add photos as I receive them from our kitten owners.)

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Spring 2017 Litter - (Polo & Grainne)
Born - June 7th, 2017 - 1 Seal Point female,  3 Chocolate Point males
(Everes - Chocolate Point) - Edge

Update: News on day one home: You'll love this. Ride down 290 was tough Mewing all the way then a U2 set came on and he calmed down and dozed. [He's named after the U2 guitarist] He slept from 8pm to 2 am hissed a bit so I gave him space this went on for 3 hours then he crashed till seven. When I went in he curled up and purred and let me hold him. He's slowly exploring. He actually started coming to me for a snuggle on the couch this afternoon. He is being playful.  Oh he likes sending email, sent 3 while I was typing when he walked across my iPad.

(Van - Chocolate Point) - Mocha

Update: News on day three:  I wanted to check in and give you an update on Mocha. He is adjusting well to our family. It took him a while to come out of the cat carrier when we got home but once he did he was looking for attention. He did not run and hide instead he was looking for someone/everyone to pat him. He is very vocal and lets us know that he does not like to be alone. He is very happy when we are in the same room with him but as soon as we leave he cries "saying hello, I am here were are you going" as soon as we go back where he is he stops. The first few days he had free roam between the living room and kitchen, last night we opened up a few of the bedroom doors which he was very excited about going to explore and loved jumping up on the beds. He is super sweet and shares his love with everyone, he will sit with one person for a while take a little nap, get up and play and then hop on someone else's lap to get patted and loved. I will keep you updated on how things are going and send alone some more pictures. I have a few of him playing and sitting with the girls. (He loves that mouse toy that you said he had not seen before). Thank you again!. 




(Luna - Chocolate Point) - Jade Rose

Update: Flight home and first nights news: She only cried 1/2 the flight lol.First night I slept on the floor
so I could be a comfort on her level. She started out feeling best under the bed. Came to me form under the bed if she cried & I called her "baby" & moved my fingers like you demonstrated.  She is rapidly adjusting. Ate a couple of hours ago & just used her box 1st time. Once in she kicked around & had fun as well. Now taking a bath and I suspect getting ready for a nap on the top story of our bedroom condo.

(Pieres - Chocolate Point) - Brady Ronin

Update: We are so in LOVE with Brady! He is so cute and cuddly and has a great Siamese voice - he is purrrrfect! We have been home this long weekend and having a blast. We let Clancy sniff Brady's scent on a bed, and vice versa. We then let Clancy sniff outside the Library on Saturday, and Brady was on the other side, doing the same.
This afternoon, we brought Brady into Clancy's area (Living room, Dining room, Sun porch) for some supervised visit. Clancy is so chill and low key
They are both just walking around and sniffing each other and the kitten is exploring

Spring 2016 Litter - (Polo & Grainne)
Born - March 6th, 2016 - 1 Seal Point male,  1 Chocolate Point male, and 2 Chocolate Point females
(Belle - Chocolate Point) - Edith

Update: At the end of Edith's first week home her owner says "Edith was a bit strange with us the first day and night she was here and hid just to drive us insane but it has all changed for the better.  She is truly a Daddy's girl, sleeps with Rich on the couch, sits on his lap and bats at the newspaper and talks non stop.  She spends a lot of time in our den and in the guest suite  above it where she sleeps in an antique four poster bed and where she  currently has her food, water and her little litter box.  As she becomes more accustomed to roaming around the whole house, we'll move things and get a bigger covered litter box.  She went from not really eating the first night to gobbling down her food and water, doing a lot of poops and Rich claims that  she's doubled in size.   She is a joy, loves to play, cuddle, talk and lies on her back with her paws in the air begging for a tummy rub.  Edith is full of personality...we LOVE her!!!   Thanks so much....Joan"

Update: July 30th, 2016

"--thought you might enjoy seeing how much Edith has grown and how incredibly beautiful she is. She has changed from the unbelievably tiny, shy, 3,5 pound baby we brought home to a lively, loving, exquisite Chocolate Point who greats us at the door, says hello to anyone who happens by, runs around like crazy until she's exhausted and who sleeps between us in our old four poster bed. She loves to eat, tear newspapers and play with her toys. We simply love her....thank you, thank you....Joan"

(Rover - Seal Point) - Matthew
(Gene - Chocolate Point) - Lawrence

Matthew and Lawrence went home together so their update photos will post together too. :)

Their owner is an accomplished artist

Update: May 23, 2013 after their first few days home they are... "Excellent!!!! They are the best! 

Rover (Matthew or Matt or Matty) adjusted instantly. Explored their space (master bedroom/bathroom) and settled in. Gene (Lawrence) is taking longer. If Matty leaves him for too long, he wails and Matty runs right to him. They love their toys, play a lot, chase each other and do 'fight and bite', 'spider walk' with puffed tails, etc. Lawrence is an incredible jumper. They're currently really into a long tube thing with toys inside. 

They like morning cuddles under the covers, lol, where Matty purrs loudly and writhes in pleasure at being pet anywhere. Lawrence loves petting when he is sleepy but is not yet purring. Sometimes this turns into fight and bite (with each other) involving running in and out of the covers, hiding toys in the pillows, etc. "

Update: May 27th, 2016 - "Matty loves everyone and he's up for anything. But he's always making sure Lawrence is ok. Will give Lawrence his toy if he wants it. ~ Matty and Lawrence play like maniacs and then fall asleep on top of one another. Should be interesting to see how the exploring goes this weekend. And how they eventually interact with big kitty."

Update: May 31st, 2016 - "Lawrence has gained a great deal of confidence. He hasn't been calling for Matty. In fact, he may be starting to run the show. He has been the more confident with Pokey, our older cat. They are cautiously making friends. We are still supervising the interactions. Occasionally Lawrence purrs now. "

Update: July 2016 - "These kittens are absolutely THE BEST!!!!!! We are so crazy about them!!!!! Endless thanks. 

"This is random but.... these cats are softer than the finest pashmina!!!! Love that! And, of course, love them! Matthew and Lawrence are thriving, making us laugh a lot, and keeping our laps very warm (as if we need that right now!). Again. Thank you! "

Update: November 2016 (8 months old) -

"I really want to send you beautiful photos that do the boys justice, but it is so hard to capture them when they are not either in motion or sleeping. I'm sure you know! The minute the camera is pointed at them, they close their eyes, or move. These will have to do, for now. 

They are just wonderful and bring us so much joy! 

Matthew (Rover) is about 10.5 lbs. He is quite certain that I belong to him but he will allow Lawrence my lap if he gets there first. Or will just lie on top of him, which seems to work fine for Lawrence. Matty always defers to Lawrence - lets him pick the toy or activity or location and dibs on food. 

Lawrence is just adorable in every way, the way he walks, swishing his hind quarters, his goofiness. He really wants to walk on the ceiling. We call him sky-walker sometimes. He's often on top of the upper kitchen cabinets and basically roams around looking up. He has jumped on top of a full sized door. I am so relieved that we don't need to use a ceiling fan anymore! He is smaller than Matty by a pound or so. 

The two of them are nearly inseparable, either racing after each other at top speed, or asleep, touching. They are very friendly with visitors and instantly hop into a lap. Lawrence likes to be held cradled with tummy up (looking for some high perch, no doubt). Matthew likes to be held like a football, looking down. They both love petting and tummy rubs and brushing. Lawrence likes scratching on his neck (which I discovered first time we met) and Matty likes scratching around his ears. 

They are both happy and healthy. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Matthew front (seal point),  Lawrence behind (chocolate point)

Update: First Christmas - "I just want to report that we think Matthew and Lawrence's mommy did an excellent job teaching them good manners! We put up the Christmas tree with ornaments, tethered it to furniture, and hoped for the best. And..... There have been NO incidents of tree climbing or even ornament batting!!!!!!!! Such good boys!!! Love them!"
(Mouse - Chocolate Point) - Magdalena

Update:  Five days home and her owner tells us : "This kitten is totally irresistible. She shows that she was constantly handled and never saw anything but kindness. She has been sleeping with me (either in her open cat carrier next to my pillow or on top on my bathrobe on the chair in front of the computer). She has had supervised encounters with big cats. They are still not ready to be friends but she is eager to get closer and has a perfect sense of when to back up and sit down. Whenever she grooms her self while sitting on my lap she grooms the top of my thumbs as well, very delicately. So, she is wonderful."

Update: 21 days home - "She is really wonderful (currently clinging to my left wrist and forearm as I type) and she now has Magdalena as her name. (the "Urban Dictionary" says the name is slang for "the most beautiful women I have ever seen". Also Central European women's name. Short form Magda, not Molly. She is very beautiful.

We could not be doing better on trust and comfortable physical interactions, with us and with any visitors. She has many irresistible characteristics, including grooming my wrist very delicately.

Will send an up-to-date photo soon. She seems to be about double in size. She is very long and low and very fast. We are still having her live with Robert in the downstairs guest bedroom and bath room area. Excursions out of that area occur only while she is held (often serious work holding on to her) or when the door of the new room can be closed. She has now been everywhere in the house, but not with the other cats present. She is extremely eager to meet them and is very well behaved when the older cats express disapproval of her. They have become less hostile but still do not want to be friends. Izzy (male Seal) is especially jealous of the time we are spending with her. 

She has a very thorough method of studying the perimeter of any new room very carefully before paying any attention at all to whatever is in the center.

She is extremely trusting and eager to be held. She likes having her paws held and massaged. She responds by grooming my wrist.

So, we think she is wonderful."
I haven't received any photos of Magdalena.
Update: June 30th 2016 - "She is very dynamic and very affectionate. Great combination. She is extremely vigorous bouncing around the room or rooms and jumps after toys with great enthusiasm, but she does not jump up on us when we are standing up and climb. It took only one try to leash-train her. She has now been outside."
Fall 2015 litter - (Polo & Fenya)
Born - April 28th, 2015 - 1 Seal Point Female  & 1 Chocolate Point female
(Ginger - Chocolate Point) - Jack

Update: first days home -Jack had a rough start stopping to see the doctor on the way to his new home. He hid the first day but came out the next day and has been doing very well since.

"Jack was quite scared yesterday - he seemed comfortable at first and was letting me pet him and play with him - then I think he missed his family. One point I checked on him and couldn't find him - the room is not large. He finally meowed and he was under the armoire which has molding to the floor on the front and sides - but I didn't know the back of the piece has about 3 inches of clearance and it was up against the radiator - so there he was - how he figured that out astounds me! He came out this morning and let me cuddle him a bit, he has quite the loud purr! I checked his backside and it looks fine. I think with him under the furniture he didn't have room to try and lick it. I will watch him today as Dr. Gould said she had given him a pain medication that would last about 24 hours.
Dr. Gould just called to check up on Jack and I told her everything looked ok. "

"What a difference a day makes. Keith and just love Jack. They have really bonded. Jack's procedure seems fine and is healing"

Update: January 2016 - "Jack is getting very comfortable. Z is still unsure, but incredibly curious about this little thing! 

Jack is the Tasmanian Devil! He is such a ball of energy and adorable. I think Z is still trying to figure out if he likes him. 
Jack has healed pretty well. He is scheduled for the Vet on Tuesday and I will have her look at that. He'll get his vaccinations and we will see what they recommend as the next step for his eye care. "

Update: Feb 2016 - "I thought I'd share another photo of the boys. This was caught at a moment when Z didn't know Jack was on the 2nd level until he was swinging his tail and Jack went after it! Jack is the funniest, sweetest thing. He tries to do everything that Z does, much to Z's dismay. Z still swats and hisses and growls at poor Jack - but he keeps coming back for more. They do wrestle quite a bit - but Z controls himself. I hope with time Z will calm down and just enjoy wonderful Jack! "

I hope you are well. I wanted to send a photo of the boys asleep on my legs when I was a lazy couch potato on Monday. Z was asleep and Jack jumped up and decided to lay down next to Z. They slept like that for a while - then Z woke up and realized Jack was there and he left. I think we are making baby steps towards an eventual friendship!

"Jack had his last shot this past weekend. There was a new vet at the Melrose Animal Clinic office and I really like her. We discussed Jack's eye and she believes we don't have to do anything for the time being. She offered names and contacts for specialists if I felt the need to have him checked, but added that "I would just leave it." His eye waters a bit, particularly after he's been playing crazily, but it is clear liquid, not sticky or colored. 

Jack is simply a joy. His personality is so bubbly and cuddly, he lives to play and wrestle Z. He just wants to do everything Z does. "

Update: April 2016 - "Our wonderful Zephyrus is 3 years old today! (and Jack was 6 months yesterday!) They are still working on their "friendship" but we couldn't love them more. 

Thank you again for our boys."

Update: July 2015 - Kristen says, "I didn't realize cars could do this!! Jack is very flexible. He is just a snuggle love. He's still the Tasmanian devil, but just a joy. His purr sounds like a lawn mower." 

This is something Balor did when he was younger too.

Update: October 2016 - "Our little munchkin is a year today.  Love them so. "

Update: December 2016-

(Cinnamon - Seal Point) - Madeline


The first few days home Madeline wins over her new big sister very quickly.


Playing together


On the 31st Madeline decided it was time for her suture to come out. She removed it herself not vet needed. lol. And on Jan second she snuggled down for a nap with Pixie for the first time.

Update: Jan 30, 2016 -Madeline's owner says: "Things are going great with Madeline and Pixie. I wake up in the middle of the night and Pixie is curled up by my pillow and Madeline is curled up under the covers with me. Who would have thought based on our initial meeting. Pixie has two sacred places to herself still, the top of the tall dresser and through the cat door to the front porch. Madeline looks at her through the window all confused. She chases her right up to it but doesn't follow. The bathroom vanity and kitchen counters were eliminated this week. I'll find them both curled up together as well as wrestling and chasing each other playfully. Madeline is Pixie's shadow. Though I'm not sure she's so amused by this. Madeline is unfazed by the growls or hisses she is sometimes met with. They'll do a little grooming each other but it usually turns into a little wrestling. I'd delayed Pixie's annual visit so I could take them together. They both did great, though got a little shy when three people came in at once. They tried to get a picture of them together but couldn't. Pixie was still 8 lbs and bloodwork normal and Madeline was 4 lbs. She's looking more grown up these days. Last week I put a collar with bell on to even out the playing field. Give Pixie a little warning on the impending ambush. Anyway just wanted to give you a little update on the girls. Only one broken vase so far, lol. Madeline is a little treasure, very playful, snuggly and great personality. Love our new addition. Thank you so much."

Update: May2016 - "A picture of their bed hogging 2:30am 2 nights ago- they come up and nudge me over, Madeline having to get closest to me.  - I think Madeline's trip on the harness and leash last week (a bit of a scaredy cat, but she calmed down after a while once she saw Pixie was cool with it). She's a pro at the cat door and goes out at will. She steals my airplants and bats them around like they're her toys. - lap cat when she's in the mood, plays fetch when she's in the mood, good at entertaining herself with her toys."




Update: Oct 2016 - "She is a joy. Likes her tail as well as Pixie's. They snuggle and play together. Madeline likes to get under covers, hauls toys upstairs, still fetches the fuzzy balls she came home with, terrorizes Pixie at times warranting a growl from Pix. Not a good jumper, relies on the front paws a bit resulting on some jumping failures. Loves to attack the dvd drawer when it opens and closes and will sit there patiently waiting for it to do so. Has a habit of laying with those back legs apart like a 'W'.  Madeline's coat is still soft as ever. I thought Pixie was soft (and she gets lots of comments on that) but Madeline has her beat."

I love this one where she is trying to do her comfy spread but the window sill is not wide enough for a full "W". 

Update: November 2016 - I received photos that I'm not including, lol.  I've received gifts over the years back when I had shelter cats that went outside. Ive never seen anything like from my cats. Her owner says: "We have a Mouser. I'm guessing Madeline since she brought it upstairs (and she brings everything upstairs). Thank you Madeline for not bringing it up on the bed! The crime scene is on the first floor."

Update: January 12, 2017 - "Madeline and Pixie waiting their turn for the vet today. Pixie joined Madeline in her carrier once we were there. They're both doing great. Usually wake up to one or both on me or on my pillow. Madeline follows Pixie though I think Pixie would like to ditch her shadow sometimes."

(Clove - Seal Point) - Clovis

Update: Jan 2nd - I checked in and Clovis is adjusting well. He has bonded with his new owners plays a lot and sleeps with them.. Jean says, "He is doing great! he sleeps with me and Mark, but really he prefers Mark, he is warmer! we play a lot, so far he feels safer in the master bed room, but I take him down for a few minutes several times a day, he will grow into his new home I am sure! "

Update: January 4th, 2016 - "Yesterday was the breakthrough. I have two cat trees in the family room, and what with Christmas decorations, and tree, they are currently located next to each other. He established his base in the "cave" that is about shoulder high (this tree is taller than I am) and I set up his food/water on the platform of the tree next door, with litter at the bottom. He was very happy surveying the scene from his eyrie. When I first brought him down he fluffed all out and growled at our Brittanys (one three years old and very sweet, the other a happy 6 month old puppy) but after establishing his base he came down frequently and only growled at the dogs in passing, no fluffing, as he went about his exploring. The puppy was DELIGHTED to see a potential new playmate (she tried real hard to get the strange almost-puppy grandkids to play with her, but without success). But whenever she put her face too close Clovis swiped at her (no claws showing) and she backed off in a hurry! The kitten and the puppy played in the pile of Christmas wrapping paper, and when I headed upstairs to bed (high school is early!) the puppy howled in protest, and when I was shutting the mbr door Clovis made a rush at it, he wanted to play some more! This morning when I was drying my hair he at first just sat and stared, then slowly advanced. So all in all pretty fearless!"
Update: July, 2016- "Clovis is the greatest! He loves playing with our Brittany puppy, they are always play-"gnawing" on each other, before curling up next to each other to nap. He likes to be on hand to "help" me wherever I am and whatever I am doing. He heels better than the dogs! And I have never heard a cat go down the stairs as noisily as he does, kuh-thump, kuh-thump, kuh-thump! He is the worst jumper I have ever had, though, maybe because he likes to eat too much... Even when he is sleepy he wants to be with me, curled up next to me. And I have this faux-fur pillow I lean on when I'm sitting on the couch, he likes to latch onto it, knead and "nurse"! That's a new one on me! He has an amazing vocal range, from a pleading little mew to a conversational string of meows, and an aggravated low meow when he is put out. He loves playing with packing paper and tearing around in general. And he is fearless. We had a delivery man come to the door, Clovis was there to check him out faster than the dogs! He has managed to break a number of things as he charges around, I have taken everything off my desk so I wouldn't have to keep fetching things off the floor.

Thank you for our little entertainer!"
I have no update photos for Clovis. I begged for some, lol
Summer 2015 litter - (Polo & Grainne)
Born - April 28th, 2015 - 2 Seal Point Females, 1 Seal Point Male,  1 Chocolate Point Female, & 1 Chocolate Point Male
(Bugatti - Seal Point) - Pensri

Pensri working

Dressed up as Snow White for Halloween

Update: February 2015 -

Update: March 2016 - Pensri travels to visit grandma, I very happily received photos from his visit.

Update: January 2017

(Lotus - Seal Point) - Alakai

Update:  July 2015 - His owner tells us: "Alakai is doing very well now. He cried all the way home last Thursday. We felt so bad, as he cried when he got to our house as well. When using his new litter box he cried loudly the entire time. He would dig and dig in different areas and then finally decide on one. This has now all stopped as he is more comfortable. I'm sure he missed his family and all of you so much. Now he runs to greet us when we come in and does hops and jumps!

He loves to play all the time. This may sound strange, but instead of all the toys we bought him he loves to fetch single socks from the laundry basket as well as crumpled notebook paper, lol! His mouse is a close second choice. He becomes very active at night and cuddles during the day. We cant leave one drop off food around in the kitchen because he tries to eat anything. He is so funny! We are trying to stop his biting right now. He becomes so excited by the movement of a foot or hand that he thinks its playing and starts to bite. He does this mainly at night on the couch and when we go to bed. I'm sure he will outgrown this. I must say there is something about the faces he makes. There are so many expression that he has. I'm not sure how to explain it but his personality comes through all he time. He loves to cuddle and kneads his big webbed paws. He has such big front paws! "

December 2015:

"Alakai is doing so well and is a little rascal. Loves to play all the time and is just such a cutie pie. We call him stretch arm strong or big arms as nick names. You will see from the pictures that his arms and shoulders are so big that he always has them stretched out. lol. He still loves to play in boxes and with the clean laundry. He loves yogurt and bananas and we allow him just a small amount on the end of a spoon once in a while. 

He runs around the house so fast sometimes that he scares me with his speed. I have to say Alakai, slow down. So many toys to play with and he likes to fetch and bring back the mice and golf tees! Then he can be such a cuddle bug. He has this trick where he jumps on Jim's shoulders and likes to walk around with him. Jim can be just standing there getting a coffee in the morning and Alakai runs in and jumps on him. 

When I make the bed he likes to jump under the pillows and blankets so I have to stop. I must tell you that we love him so much! He still comes running when we come and starts crying, as if to say where were you. I work from home a great deal and when I do leave he is so sad. Jim got him a play cat and did not know it was grumpy cat. lol Thank you again for our precious gift!"

Update: January 2017 - His owners tell us, "Alakai is doing so well! He still loves to play constantly and talks to us all the time. You will see his monkeys in the pictures that he cuddles and plays fetch with. We keep some empty boxes in the house for him to play in. He jumps in and out and Jim has some fur on a string that he tosses in the box and pulls on it. He could play this for hours if we did this with him. He cries when we stop, LOL! Our gift bags at Christmas got a workout because he kept jumping in them. He is such a joy to have and is so loved. He still likes to play bite but not as bad as before. He loves to jump on the top of open doors in the house and on anything high. You can see him on the cabinets in the pictures. It is just so him with his head looking out. He also loves to run and will do circles around the house. Jim will run down the hallway and Alakai will wait two seconds and then run after him. Again, he could just keep doing it. I have to say enough to him and then he lays down and I can hear him breathing hard as his eyes get heavy and we know he tired himself out. Still doing the big arm stretch all the time. This always makes us laugh so hard. I have a picture of his big arms again! Hope you enjoy these.

(Aston Martin - Chocolate Point) - Ming


July 2015 - Mings owner tells us : "Climbing all over me tonight. He'll meet the dogs tomorrow. He's yawning and can't figure out what to do. But he's not shy with me and seems to realize I'm his friend. 
Thank you very much. I'll keep you posted. He just fell asleep on my chest."

August 22,2015- "He has a name, Ming, I think he is starting to know his name. He and Scallop [female German Sheperd] play a lot. Mostly chase, hide and run some more, Ming bats her on the bed, when he's on the counter but mostly they chase each other. I got up in the middle of the night and Ming jumped out of my bed. I saw a white spot next to Scallop in the dark so I tried to take s photo at 1:30am. Little blurry but cute. Thank you so much. He is a wonderful kitten. This said he is flying around my bed as I type this like a little maniac. He is awesome. "

August 25, 2015 -
"Ming got into Scallop's crate first so she joined him! "


October 2015- We learned that Ming broke his hind leg at the end of September. His owner thinks he tried to jump up to a ceiling tile that was shifted causing a small hole in the rec room ceiling. He must have missed and fell wrong onto the table below. He will need his leg immobilized for several months until it heals. She says even though it hurts him he still walks and she is trying to keep him from jumping on it. He has to be crated when he is alone.

I've talked to Mings owner after his wrap was removed. He is doing well. When they removed it his foot swelled up. He had therapy to improve his circulation and stretch the muscles and get them moving again. The muscles are very weak but he is working on strengthening them.

December 2015 - I talked to Ming's owner, he is fully recovered from his broken leg and back to making big jumps, falling off counters and getting into everything. He loves his toys but so do the dogs he lives with. He will play fetch if Scallop will allow him to, lol. He's a hauler. He takes things off shelves and carries them around the house. He even carries her canvas tote bags.She can't have a glass of water sitting next to the bed or he will pick it up in his mouth and take it away. If he can't get a hold of it he will poke his paw inside and tip it over dumping the contents. No shelf is safe. He weaves through the photos and knocks them over, but he's not a destructive cat at all. He likes to drink out of the sink but doesn't like to have his paws wet. He eats like he is starving, always ready to eat so she bought an automatic feeder and he set about figuring out how to open it. When that didn't work he laid down on his back and stuck his paw up inside where the food comes out. She can't use the feeder. When she was away for the day he decided the towels should no longer be hanging. He pulled them all down. Lol, Sounds like a Siamese that has too much free time on his paws.

Update: February 2016 - "Just thought I would give you an update. Ming is doing great. Doesn't seem like any issues since he has healed from his broken leg. I love him very much and am so glad he is part of my life. 
Thank you so much for giving me such a gem. "

Ming - kind of sleeping on my lap tonight

Update: March 2016 - I LOVE this photo

Update: January 2017 - "Ming surviving the blizzard in Marion by watching the fire burn. Thought you might like to see this handsome guy. "

Umm Hot chocolate by the fire, nothing better.

(Ferreri - Seal Point) - Nyssa

Update: July 24th  "We are in love with [this] kitten. 

She is SO smart and sweet. She is confident and so affectionate. She is totally wonderful Nan!!

After about 24 hours we introduced her to Nelson [Fenya's 2012 litter]. After another 24 hours of minor hissing - mostly by Nelson, they are getting along fine. Nelson is fascinated with her; watches everything she does. I know they are going to become very close.

Here are two pictures so far. After just two hours of peaking under the bed when we first got home with her, she came out and curled up in Steven's lap. Today, they were both grooming in unison on the bed together. :)"


Update:  August 2015-

Video of Merlin and Nyssa



Update: Jan 2 2016 - We received some beautiful photos of Nyssa and Nelson. Their owner says, "They love each other so much; I've never seen anything like it. It's joyful and adorable."

(Mach 5 - Chocolate Point) - Mini Cooper

Update: July 2015

Update: August 2015- "Miss Mini is the most affectionate kitten I have EVER had!!! She is, without a doubt, a true CHARACTER !!!! Her new behavior is dragging her bed she came home with from your house, all over the house!!! When she wakes me up (every morning), it's my job to try and find out just WHERE she has put her bed!!! I've found it in the bathroom, kitchen, behind the couch, and in the sun room !!! I'd love to have a video camera set up at night to watch her "escapades"...!!!! 

Thank you so much for allowing me to have Miss Mini~Cooper in my life. She enriches my life each and every day!!!♥️"

Update: Sept 2015- Well, as you can see, Miss Cooper (Mach 5) has graduated from sitting ON my shoulder, to sitting INSIDE my shirt ON my shoulder...!!!! I JUST LOVE THIS KITTEN!!!! "...she may be little, but she be fierce....."!!!!! She now has a "kitten vest" that she wears when we go out for walks in the forest.... She is afraid OF NOTHING!!!! You would think she is a mountain lion...!!!!"

Update: January 2016 - Cooper is the absolute CUTEST kitten I have EVER HAD... ( she is my 4th Siamese)...!!! She is the most well behaved and most loving cat. She surprised everybody and CAUGHT HER FIRST MOUSE!!!! I heard her in the "coat room" crashing into things at 4 this morning, and low and behold she had her first mouse in her mouth!!! She was some PROUD of herself!!!! She just loves my grandchildren, as I knew she would!!! As soon as spring comes, we shall be going on our "walks" around the yard, which she just loves!!! I've attached a couple of pictures that are relatively recent...!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for choosing me to be Cooper♥️♥️♥"♥️!!

Update: April 2016-

Update: July 2016-"Just wanted you to see just how beautiful my girl Cooper has become!!!! She has my heart!!!! I just love her SO MUCH!!!!!"

Update: November 2016: Just thought you'd like to see a sweet video of Cooper "tilting" her head when I SWEET talk her..... she is a hoot!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️
Miss Cooper jumps up to the counter.... up on the fridge.... then finally up to the top of the cabinets...!!!! She's part kangaroo, I swear..!!!!

Spring 2015 litter - (Polo & Fenya)
Born - January 31st, 2015 - 1 Seal Point Female  & 1 Chocolate Point female
(Peter - Seal Point) - Mischa
(Lily - Chocolate Point) - Chai

April 2015 - Arriving home their owner writes us:

Rich brought the carrier into the family room and put it on the floor and opened it so the kittens could come out when they wanted to. We offered them toys and verbal encouragement, but let them proceed at their own pace. After about 10 minutes, it was Chai who made the first move, one paw at a time till she was out.  A few minutes later Mischa followed and both peered around and timidly did a little exploring.  We have a Berber carpet in that room, and apparently, it felt weird to the kittens’ paws- Chai shook a paw a few times, but Mischa got to the point she was practically trying to shake all four simultaneously!  After a few more minutes, the kittens went back into the carrier, and they’re still there- Mischa was asleep and Chai’s eyes were wide open and watchful when I came upstairs.

After dinner Rich reached in the carrier to pat the girls- within 10 seconds, Mischa was flopped on her side purring and Chai looked more relaxed, They came out and ran about. Mischa had some water and used the box- Rich isn’t sure about Chai.  They did condescend to eat a few treats, then Mischa came out again and had a thorough bath.  Chai then came out and they explored some more, but Mischa was definitely taking the lead.  Periodically, she’d run back to the carrier, then meow loudly [you were right- she does have a voice!] for Chai, who was usually sitting in a corner.  They are both so cute I can’t believe it, and Mischa does some really funny things-

Day 2

The kittens are settling in nicely.  By late last night they discovered the condo in the cat tree and have made that their base of operations, rendering the question of leaving the carrier out moot- Rich put it away this morning.  The beds you gave me are on the floor and the two we had are on the window seat and when naptime overtakes them, they just curl up in the nearest one.   Rich says it’s like they’re wired in parallel- they’ll be playing and racing around, then at the same time they’ll go to sleep whether together or not.  Food, water and the box are all part of their routine, and they love climbing all over the cat tree- when I just came upstairs, they were napping on the top level.

Mischa is definitely food- driven and has taken many treats from me, and she’s licked both my fingers and my bare toes; Chai is still a little more cautious but not totally reclusive like she could be.  She’s taking after her Auntie Willow and likes to sit on the cat tree and watch the birds and squirrels.  All in all, I’d say they’re adjusting well.

Update: August 2015 We learned that Chai had a misstep while up ontop of a six ffot cabinet. When she fell she wacked her tail and developed a lump under the base. Her owners thought she had broken her tail, or even worse it was paralyzed, because she would not move it at all. A visit to the vet revealed she had bruised it deeply and was in pain. She was treated with anti-inflammatory including a shot into the injured area. She recovered nicely from it. Its hasn't changed her patter of jumping thought, lol.
Summer 2014 litter - (Polo & Grainne)
Born - July 12th, 2014 - 1 Seal Point Female  & 3 Chocolate Point females
(Lovell - Seal Point) - Sybil
(Bumpkin - Chocolate Point) - Penny
Oct 2014 - Sybil and Penny clearly at home in their new home :)

November 2014 - And they have won over their resident Siamese Holly

 (Brewster - Chocolate Point) - Ms Jazzy Blue Shoes
Oct 2014 - Jazzy has won over the owners resident cat Bucky (not of our breeding)

Bucky sharing the tree with Jazzy...she's in the tube.

April 2015 - Jazzy at 9 months old on the sun porch enjoying the spring sun, birds, and squirrels. 

(Peddock - Chocolate Point) - Hershey
February 2015 -Hershey and Dwight (Finola's 2008 litter) are owned by one of the Vets at  Apple Country Animal Hospital. She posted this photo to our facebook page saying they are the best cats ever!

Spring 2014 litter - (Polo & Fenya)
Born - January 7th, 2014 - 1 Chocolate Point Male & 3 Seal Point Females 
(Gandalf - Chocolate Point) - Sensei
May 2014 - Sensei is four months old

Its cold in the mountains and Sensei loves snuggles by the fire

Aug 2014 - Sensei is 7 months old

Sept 2014_ Sensei attended the cat she so he was able to have the professional cat photographer take some portrait photos of his great self

  Sensei passed away very close to his first birthday. He was a much loved and very loving boy in return.

(Smaug - Seal Point) - Smaug

Update: April 14th one week home- Smaug's owner tells us she has had many people fall in love with her. She says, "She sleeps in my children's bedroom and goes from child to child at night. The vet saw her last Monday and was very pleased with her. My older cat and she are getting along well ~ She has also developed a deep purr. "

Update: Sept 20, 2014 - Deepika send us some photos and tells us, "Smaug has become an integral part of the family and gets along well with all members, human, feline and canine. Here are some pictures. 

Smaug Sept 2014 - Nine months old

Smaug and her pup buddy. Sept 2014 nine months old.

(Bilbo - Seal Point) - Kabuki
Update: Kabuki went home on Saturday the 29th of March. Her family reports she is doing just great. The plan was to keep her separate to give her time to adjust before meeting the two resident cats. Apparently Kabuki hadn't approved this plan, lol. They had a nice hidey place for her to chill in, she didn't want that, she wanted to be out in the room. The first night she cried every few hours "where are you" to her family. The second night she slept in bed all night. Not in her bed but in the resident cats favorite place. She raised such a ruckus when left alone that her owner decided to allow her to follow her about the house. She met the cats, no big deal and is doing very well. She does not want to be alone yet, her owner is her security while she adjusts to this big change in her life. By Tuesday we got word she has totally been accepted by her new feline family. Katherine says" Monday after dinner she settled into the cat tree near the kitchen and went to sleep. Previously she had to have me in her sights at all times, and would only sleep in my lap or right next to me. When she woke up a few hours later she gave Zoom a big affectionate rub, and then marched up to Mizu and gave him the same treatment, thus breaking the one-foot barrier forever. Last night all three cats slept peacefully in my bed." She also adds that Kabuki never calls out anymore for her missing family. When she does talk to to make a direct request of her owner.

Mizu and Kabuki five days home

Kabuki making friends with Zoom

4/7/14 - "Kabuki met her new vet today and received her second round of shots. Her surgery site has healed nicely and she weighs 3.5 pounds. Her adult teeth are coming in, but I haven't seen a lot of teething behavior yet. She does not appear to be interested in wires, thank goodness. (Zoom was, and among other things shorted out the Christmas tree lights his first year.)

  "Topping off dinner with a little salad. The kitty amaranth is her favorite."

She's a very confident cat. For example, today she was standing on the exam table (after thoroughly exploring the room), and when the vet turned it on to automatically rise Kabuki took it in stride, impressing the vet (most cats would at least startle if not run). She and Mizu always rush to greet visitors at the door, no shyness at all."

Kabuki snuggles into Mizu when she is tired and makes biscuits. Katherine says, "The rest of the day she and Mizu run all over the house like a pair of little nut jobs, especially in the morning. Sometimes they play "fight" with soft paws and mock bites. They are pretty much inseparable, and get into all kinds of mischief together. Mizu is teaching Kabuki to drag the exercise bands up from the basement. She watches that endeavor with deep interest."

May day 2014

Kabuki's first walk (on leash)

Update: Bedtime no room for Meowmy, lol

     Zoom, Kabuki, & Mizu

Update: fall 2014 - Katherine tells us this is how she finds Mizu and Kabuki napping every afternoon.

Apple head Siamese in the apple box ..makes sense to us :)

Kabuki the chef or just needing a snack?

Kabuki watching the dog show

November 2014 - Kabuki adjusting to the cooling weather on her heated bed. :)

January 2015 - Kabuki is one year old


October 2015 - Her owner writes: "Kabuki had her annual exam today. She passed with flying colors and weighs 8.8 lbs, which the vet called "perfect."

She came out of the sink pretty quickly--just had to explore. Mizu was there too and she wasn't letting him have all the fun. The two are still best buddies and keep each other trim with their rigorous play.

Kabuki is on my lap every evening. She is a cuddle bug and a joy. She has the sweetest personality, everyone just falls in love with her."

Checking out the vets exam room

December 2015 : Kabuki almost two years old.

(Thorin - Seal Point) - Pearl

Update:  newly home - Her owner tells us, "I can not thank you enough! Pearl is such a sweet kitten, she is just the perfect kitten for our family. Once we got in the car she was quiet the rest of the ride home. Once home she came out of her cat carrier within a few minutes looked around and then found a nice cozy spot behind the sofa. ~ She has gained a lot more confidence today, she is no longer hiding behind the sofa with people walking about the house, she has found a new spot she likes to sleep. She has been napping in one of our dinning room chairs that I put a blanket in for her.

She is great with both the girls. She will sit with both of them and when either of them sit on the floor she is right over there looking for them to pat her. Which ever girl walks by her she will follow them to see where they are going. When they came home from school today she was sleeping in one of the dinning room chairs so the girls went out to play. Pearl woke up and walked around to there rooms as if she was looking for them. She certainly loves attention. She is being very sweet sharing herself with all of us. At night when the girls are in bed she comes and sits with me, but when the girls are up she is with them.

I took some really cute pictures of her the first night here of both the girls playing with her and patting her that I will send to you.

We went to the Vets today, she is currently at 4lbs. They thought she was just the cutest thing!


Spring 2013 litter - (Mr. M & Fenya)
Born - April 11th, 2013 - 1 Seal Point Male , 2 Seal Point Females & 1 Chocolate Point Male
(Boreas - Seal Point) - Sage
Update: We heard from Sage's owner that he settled in very well during his first week home. Deb writes, "Sage is Wonderful!!!! He is so affectionate and quite the little terror (extremely playful)!! He is into everything and he regards all as toys!!! He is funny funny!! He hops like a bunny pouncing on "whatever" constantly!! ~ 

My daughter has slept with him every night.. He has found his own spot underneath the covers at the foot of the bed.. He purrs all of the time and seems very content. ~

He is NOT shy with the other kitties at all. He curls up to Sapph and falls asleep with him. Both kitties have accepted him-Pearl will play along side of Sage now chasing Da Bird and various other toys. He seems very confident-The first day he met Pearl, he ran up to her, she hissed and growled at him-he turned around and trotted the other way..but didn't seem phased at all. He is really doing so well on all aspects.~

We LOVE him so much!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!"

Helping out in the kitchen when they bring in the fresh greens from the garden is fun.

Sage ready for bed.....

....and fast asleep. Deb says, "They really have a bond!!"

Update: July 2013- Sage was in to see Dr. Meunier. Deb says "Our little frisky one is doing extremely well!   I brought him in today for his 2nd round of shots.  He weighs 4.12 lbs.  he did excellent with his shot! "

  Sage with Dr. Meunier at Townsend Veterinary Hospital

Update: Oct 2014 -  Sage keeps his owners laughing with his antics.


            Sage Oct 2014

(Notus - Seal Point) - Nubble
Update: A few days home and her owner reports she is doing well and is eager to run about the house. Their resident Siamese met her once and hissed at her and Nubble met the dog and hissed at him, he was very scared of her.  Shannon also says "She has really taken to our oldest son, and even snuggles up to him at night! ~ Again, thank you for entrusting us with such a beautiful treasure!"


Update: After a week at home Shannon tells us, "Things are going well, she has been roaming the house, but it has been a bit of an adjustment for our dog, he is still trying to play with her and chase her everywhere & she wants nothing to do with him! Gracie, on the other hand could care less about her & keeps to herself. ~ I will send some pictures soon!"

Update: July 2013- Shannon says, "Nubble is doing great, she has adjusted wonderfully & Gracie (resident Siamese) is finally warming up to her, thankfully!"

(Eurus - Seal Point) - Black&Tan Grainne Guinness
Update: Grainne has gotten over missing her siblings and is busying herself with sneak attacks on Momma and running with the toilet paper in her mouth so it unrolls the whole roll, lol. Our pet sitter kept having to pick the kitchen towel off the floor until she discovered Grainne was the one pulling it down. Betty said she is a little monkey, lol.
Photos by Betty Boire Pet Care

I love Ms Betty's play time.

Caught... the act

Update: Grainne at 14 weeks of age. She  likes to be held/carried if I allow her legs to hang. If I try to support her feet all she wiggles to get down, lol. She loves to check out food of all kinds but she doesn't eat it. She is a very curious kitten and very smart.

Update: sixteen weeks of age. Grainne is an absolute joy.. She love crawling into soft place, between covers, etc. She is very curious and like her great grandmother in many ways. Ever night at dinner she wants to sit in my son's lap and watch us, lol. She has very good manners and sits politely with her head just above the edge of the table. She is playful and between go with 6the toy she always climbs into my lap. So different from how she was when her siblings were here. She always sat back and deferred to them, now she is blossoming into her own.

Here she is snuggled into the through we keep on our sofa.

She inherited her mother's and grandmother's ability to squint every time I take a picture, lol

(Zephyrus - Seal Point) - Zephyrus

Update: With just a few days home  we heard that "Z" was having a rougher time with the transition then his siblings. Kristen told us, " Zephyrus slept the whole way home, and then didn't want to come out of the carrier, he was scared and slept.  He did come out and then hid under the dining room hutch.  I got him to eat a bit and he did use the litter box like a good boy.  We played a bit, but he is skittish.  He did fall asleep on my lap for a little while, which was wonderful.  He cried out often for his family.  I played with him this morning before work and he let me pet him and kiss him."

A week later and he is doing much better and they have discovered he is very food motivated, lol. Kristen says, "Zephyrus, (our Z-man) is really warming up - he snuggles up to me in bed at nights.  We have a pretty high bed and he's figured out how to jump and pull himself up.  He is definitely a vocal boy - especially in the kitchen.  If you go in there for even a glass of water - he's meowing like he's starving, while his bowl has plenty of food.  I had some friends over Saturday night and he kept jumping on the couch to try and lick my friends appetizer plate. ~  My 12-year old neighbor came over to meet him and she is so good with him and I think he adores her.  I think she wants to come over every evening to play with him!  (she and her friends have been over several times)"

Update:  At one month home Kristen tells us "I wanted to let you know he is doing really well. He has stolen our hearts. He is so cuddly at night, I hope it isn't just in his kitten phase. He is still crazy about the white rabbit's tale and does some pretty amazing leaps and rolls to get it. He is a vocal boy especially when you are in the kitchen and you could potentially be giving him some canned food!  He is a wonderful guy and we couldn't be happier to have him in our lives."
Fall 2012 litter - (Polo & Fenya)
Born - August 24th, 2012 - 1 Chocolate Point Female, 2 Seal Point Females & 1 Seal Point Male
(Parsley - Chocolate Point) - Parsley
Update: A few days home - Ruth says "I just want to check in and let you know how Parsley is doing. Parsley laid right down in the carrier for the ride to our home, I talked to her all the way and she never cried at all. We put the carrier down in the living room and it took her awhile to come out, when she did she explored around the room and walked behind the sofa a bunch of times.. We talked to her and patted her last night when she came out of her carrier. I awoke to her calls at 3 a.m. I came downstairs and talked to her to comfort her. 
Today she has been very timed, she has found a favorite hiding spot under the sofa. She has come out today to play, so far it seems her favorite toys are the da bird and another toy very similar with feathers and a mouse on the end.
Parsley is such a sweet kitty and we are very excited to have her in our family."

And about her vet check up "Parsley didn't like the ride to the vet. She let us know with a loud voice all the way. It only takes us 10 minutes or less to get there. The minute we walked into the vet she was just as quiet as could be. They thought she was beautiful. They couldn't get over how good she was, she never made a sound during her exam or when she got her shot. ~ We are having so much fun with her. We have kept her in two rooms this week. Saturday I will open more of the house to her."

Update: December 2012 - Ruth tells us Parsley is doing really well with all her grandchildren and looks forward to their visits.  "Parsley is just the cutest kitty. We are enjoying her so much. I have a little doll stroller for the grandchildren and Parsley got into it all by herself. Our 5 year old granddaughter pushes her around the house. They both enjoy playing together. Thanks so much for our little sweetheart."

With the photos she says "Taking stroll in the stroller one her favorite things to do when the grandkids are here, she climbs right in and just waits for one of them to push."

Parsley waiting for Ruth to bring her lap back, lol.

Parsley, Waiting for her kids to come visit

Having a bit of trouble getting her hat on for the girls tea party

Going on a stoll around the house.

(Sage - Seal Point) - Sage

This photo of Sage was taken in November 2012 at 11 weeks before she went home.

Update: December 2012 - Donna tells us "Sage is doing so well. She is super loving cuddles purrs all the time.  She has grown so much. I think she is going to be a big girl. Her color is coming in nice.. she is so beautiful. Still independent but like to be with us much of the time. I will get some pics of her soon."
(Rosemary - Seal Point) - Latte
(Thyme - Seal Point) - Mocha
Update: one day home - Denise tells us "Babies are doing great! They are so sweet and affectionate. They adjusted well to their first night away from momma. I took them into my bed and they were fine. A little rambunctious at 4 AM but I expected it. They spend a lot of time in my lap. Latte is a kisser! Mocha loves to head butt and rubs so hard against your hand that he falls over. I put breakaway collars on them ( pink and blue) so I could tell them apart. They are eating well and using the litter box. I just wanted to update you so you weren't worried! We love them more than I can tell you. They even come to their names!!!"
Update: December 2012 - Denise sent us some photos of Mocha and Latte. She says "They are both SOOO cute! We are enjoying them immensely!" I had a hard time telling them apart as babies and when I can't see collars in these photos so I will just present them as Mocha and Latte. You can guess which is which, lol.

Mocha & Latte



Mocha & Latte

Latte & Mocha

Spring 2012 litter - (Polo & Keva)
Born - February 28th, 2012 - 1 Chocolate Point Female & 1  Chocolate Point Male
(Sherlock - Seal Point) - Sherlock
Update: - Upon her first arival home on the 26th, Hannah told us "Sherlock was a perfect traveler. She meowed about 4-5 times the entire trip! Mostly she slept, and did not look too concerned about anything. She's a little shy tonight, and is sleeping under the bed in her room." and on the 28th we learned "Sherlock is definitely shy, but she comes out if we stay in her room and are very quiet. Bill has been sleeping in the room with her, and I went in there yesterday evening and lay down too. She always comes out then for a little love, and she purred when I patted her last night. She slept next to Bill and licked his stomach. Today after I lay on the floor by the bed (which she was under), she came out to play with Da Bird for a bit. Hopefully as she gets used to the sounds and smells she'll venture out a bit more.", " The door to the guest room was open this morning, and both Turtle and Iris snuck in to have a snack of kitten chow. Sherlock didn't seem to mind!" and then in the evening "Sherlock has come out of her shell.  We read books with her tonight, and she came out and asked to be patted.  Now she won't stop mewing when we leave the room.  It's kind of sweet, but hopefully she'll sleep!  She is quite affectionate tonight, and loves climbing all over my computer."

Update: May 31, 2012 - Sherlock had her Vet Wellness check up today.  We are told she is now 3 lbs and took her vaccination shot without crying at all. Hannha says,"The vet thought Sherlock was super cute, and was impressed with her spay surgery results." and she yelled all the way home and tried to get out of her carrier. I guess she felt no more Ms. Nice Guy after that Vet visit.

     Sherlock 5 days home 

Update: June1, 2012 Hannha tells us, "Sherlock now gets pretty mad if we close her in her room after book time. She howls at the door until I go in or let her out. I've started letting her explore a bit while we are home. Today she and Iris spent quite a while checking each other out. Iris is extremely interested in this new "intruder", and sits perfectly still, watching every move. She does hiss if S gets too close, but has not touched her at all. She is much more respectful of Sherlock than of Turtle!
:) Sherlock already lets the kids pick her up and doesn't even look nervous. She's actually a pretty relaxed kitten; perfect personality for us."
Update: June 15, 2012 - Last week Hannah sent me some photos of Sherlock and Iris together. First they were each on their own chairs next to each other. Then Sherlock had made her way onto the same chair next to Iris. Today's photos were the best. Iris curled around Sherlock with her sleeping on Iris' tummy. I picked this photo to post because it shows both their faces. Iris was born 11 months before Sherlock. They are full sisters from Keva and Polo's litters.

Update: March 1, 2013 - Sherlock had her first birthday and we received her photo. Her owner tells us she has grown larger then her sister Iris (Keva's 2011 litter). Her coat is also fluffier then Iris', and she is very affectionate.

   Sherlock with Iris 

Update: June 2013

   Iris & Sherlock

March 2015

Iris and Sherlock - What a beautiful photo

(Watson - Chocolate Point ) - Coquin


Update: Coquin called out all the way home and called for his family whenever he wasn't distracted by playing. His owner discovered he would sleep if she held him in her lap, in his bed. After a few hours he settled in and only cried if he was left alone. His first night was a bit sleepless but with the following days he adjusted well. He joined a senior resident Siamese Kitty who has accepted him without any fuss. He also has an occasional resident Maine Coon as a buddy, well he's working on making Oscar his buddy, lol. He loves Oscars toys and treats, even stealing chicken from his bowl with a slight of the paw. Oscar is coming along. He is a little unhappy with Kitty for accepting Coquin so easily. Oscar is trying to decide if Coquin is going to be interesting and fun or trouble. This does not bother Coquin one bit. He has enjoyed checking out the house. He likes to ride on his owners shoulder while she fixes meals.

On 5/16/2012 Jean tells us: "Coquin is gaining fast in confidence, starting to explore the whole house, not worrying and crying when I leave the room.  ~  Last night he was extra energetic, got on the bed and did the popcorn thing, jumping straight up when I moved my hand under the covers.  He really tore around the room, up and down from the bed.  Finally he ran out of steam and settled down to sleep in his cat cave, he's still asleep this morning.  He purrs and cuddles when he has gotten sleepy, but yesterday afternoon when he was like that and I had to run out for an hour I had to put him to bed, just like a baby!" "I tried to take pictures today but Coquin doesn't cooperate, I swear I saw him sigh, then run off!"

Update: May 31, 2012 We received an email with photos from Jean. She had a tough time getting the photos attached with Coquin eagerly helping her, lol. She says, "All is going very well here. As you can see from the photos, Oscar has completely accepted Coquin, all three are getting along no problem. I kept Coquin in my bedroom while I was at school until this past weekend, to be sure that Oscar could be trusted. All three had the run of the house for three days under my supervision, everyone was happy and getting along. Coquin sleeps at night either in bed with me or under the bed in his cat cave, with lots of shifting during the night! He also licks me on the lips as Sherlock has been doing. He is very cuddly and purring when he awakes. The family room is headquarters during the day.~ He has a bed in the family room where has lots of toys. I bought a second cat tree for the family room as Oscar sleeps in the top spot in his tree, but Oscar also enjoys the new tree. I bought a tree for my bedroom too, all three trees are by windows for outdoor entertainment.

I want to thank you so much for everything you do, from the supreme care you give your cats, the fantastic website and documenting of the kittens, your wonderful home, to your generosity with the take-home bed, toys, litter and food. I do not believe that there is another breeder who comes close to you. Be assured that Coquin has a good home, and I am always thinking of how good his life was with you, and try to continue the great start you gave him, and all your kittens."

Thank you Jean, It sounds and looks like Coquin will be appropriately spoiled.

Coquin in his family room bed

With Kitty at the toy basket

With Oscar eating

Coquin, "Wow, I love this toy Oscar!"

The Coquin trio -Clearly spoiled Coquin is in the colorful tissue pile, lol.

Spring 2012 litter - (Polo & Fenya)
Born - December 16th, 2011 - 1 Seal Female, 1 Lilac Point Male, 1  Chocolate Point Male
(Gwen - Seal Point) - Keiko
Update: First day home Nancy tells us," We've been getting to know each other all afternoon. Gwen/Keiko has already explored her surroundings and she even jumped up in my lap and rubbed her head against my heart melted!! Arthur/Sake' has begun to explore a little more, too. It won't be long for him to come around. I can see that he's becoming more comfortable. They've been on every level of the new condo except the very top one.
Thanks for raising them so well!!! We'll continue where you left off!"

Keiko & Sake' newly at home.

Come sail away with me on grandpa's house boat.

Ready to stem the tide Capt'n

From now on I'm going to combine Keiko & Saki's updates below.
(Arthur - Chocolate Point ) - Sake'
Update: Just home and Nancy says, "I wanted to show you that they've moved in to the second floor apartment of the new cat tree/condo."

Sake' & Keiko

Update: From owner  Nancy, " I can't believe how quickly the furbabies are adjusting!!! I think they have so many things to climb on they have to check them all out over and over again. They really like the cat walks! They were up there the first day home! They are comfortable with their "room" and they've met Banzai for a short time......~..... So darn cute and lively!!!!  Oh...and they like my computer desk, too. I think they remember the printer! LOL!!!  "

Keiko & Sake'

Can I jump up to that fan blade?

Update: With all the fun they are having I had to ask what quiet time was like, lol. Nancy say, "They are especially loving in the morning when they wake up and also in the evening when we're relaxing watching TV. We make it a point to handle them and give them lots of loving. They're still a bit leery of Banzai, but it's only been a week. When they're in the same room, Banzai will be sleeping in his pirate ship and the kitties play with us all around the same room. We always make time for picking them up and petting during play time. We don't force them on Banzai or vice versa. We pet Banzai and then pet the kittens so they'll get used to his scent on them. It's working. Keiko doesn't hiss at him anymore, but Sake' does, just not as much as he did. He's coming around. 
It's difficult to get anything done around here because we're busy playing and loving our furbabies!! "

Update: April 2012 - Keiko and Sake' have won over grandpa Banzai and Sake' is taking care of her ear grooming needs. They have had two vet visits to for their vaccination boosters and did very well. They are getting along with their bird brother as seen below. Nancy says Keiko loves to dig Sake' out when he burrows under the pillows. I guess she doesn't realize he likes being under, lol.

Laree Bird with Keiko and Sake''

Keiko, Banzai, & Sake'

Keiko & Sake'

Sake' cleaning grandpa's ears in the warm sun.

Update: 5/5/2012 - 

Grandpa at the top, Keiko left and Sake' right.

Photo Update: Mid May 2012

Keiko 5/18


Sake', "Hey, What that?"

Sake', "Whoa, there's things moving out there!"

Keiko, "Yea, and there's a bug moving right here."


This one is a little blurred but it shows how big they are getting.

New photo of Sake'


Update - Oct 2012 - Nancy sent me the most beautiful photo of Keiko. It truly looks like a work of art, even compressed it still looks great. Its twice the size of most of my photos so Sake' gets two, lol,  showing how is mask is coming in, slowly but it is, lol.

Update: January 2013 - 


Nancy Says, "Keiko really is as sweet as she looks...and such a "love-bucket". Sake' is the "mischief-monkey"...and very loving, too. They have brought back so much joy in our lives!!! 
I bought some Hill's d/t food and use it for treats.. They love it!! I give it to them at night and a say "come brush your teeth" and they come running! So smart!"


Update: February 2013 - Nancy writes us, "Today we brought the furbabies for their annual check up.~ My vet was so pleased with their healthy teeth, coats and over all fantastic health! She said they came from an excellent breeder.. Kudos to you, Nan! Keiko weighed in a 8 pounds and Sake' at 11.  Sake's color is coming in slowly... just the tip of his tail is now chocolate. His mask is still filling in, his feet are still on the lighter side. and he's such a love bucket...they both are. I'll send some up to date pictures soon. ~ Take good care, and thanks again and again for raising such healthy kitties!"

   Sake' one year old.

(Merlin - Chocolate Point) - Nelson
Update: I checked in with Nelson's owners a week after he was home. Beth says, " Merlin (I'm so sorry that we still haven't finalized a new name - for sure this weekend!) is WONDERFUL! He has the sweetest personality. He loves being petted and starts purring right away. He likes sitting on laps. He loves Koota's toys, especially this one with a round platform that has a ping pong ball in a track that goes round and round. He's just indescribably adorable and sweet. And smart!"


Nelson snug at home

Update: Beth tells us, "His name is. . .Nelson. He seems to like it. :) Things just keep getting better with the Koota relationship. I really think it's going to work out great. I think in time they're going to be close buddies. YAY!! That was the whole idea. :):) They haven't cuddled together yet, but they're sleeping on the same bed and I even caught Koota licking Nelson. :):)

More pictures soon."

Update: Sept 2012 - Beth tells us Nelson has settled into heart and home. She says, "Nelson is wonderful!  He's getting so big, but he still acts like a kitten.  He harasses Koota a bit too much, but we think Koota is happy that he is around.  They do cuddle together as you'll see in some of the pictures I'm sending.  He licks, he purrs a lot, and he likes to be held.  He's a darling."

Nelson at six months of age

Nelson with Koota

Update: July Nelson has a new buddy. Nyssa from Graniie's 2014 litter.
Update: January 2012 Nelson's owner says, " They love each other so much; I've never seen anything like it. It's joyful and adorable."

Nelson and Nyssa

What a gorgeous photo of Nelson.

Spring 2011 litter - (Polo & Keva)
Born - March 23rd, 2011 - 2  Chocolate Point Females 
(Iris - Chocolate Point) - Iris Morgan
Update: We have received  email updates from Iris's family that tell us; " Iris was a perfect traveler.  She meowed a few times, but no sustained crying." She was nervous and went under the bed in her room. She was happy to snuggle into her blanket  when it was offered to her. They decided to allow her quite time to explore the room and decide it was a safe place. When night came she called out for company. Hannha tells us; "I stayed with her until my daughter started crying for me, and then Bill took over. She curled right up with us. At first she was still shaking, but later in the night she purred and licked my face and went right to sleep. She also used her litter box." News from the next morning. The beginning of day two; " She's now snuggled with Bill and looking warily at the (4) kids, who have come to visit her."

               Iris snuggling

Update:  day two - Hannah says, "Iris did great today.  She played for hours with the kids and really seemed to relax."
Update: day three - Hannah writes, "Iris is hilarious.  She is so social, funny and sweet.  Poor thing--it's either feast (4 to 8 kids all playing with her) or famine (all of us at work or school) around here.  Fortunately, none of it seems to bother her in the slightest.  She seems happiest when we are around, and fell asleep in our son's lap at book time tonight. "
Update: More photos of Iris taken in June 2011

Iris asleep in a warm snuggly lap

  Sitting with a friend, lol

  Girl talk

June 28th, 2011


Iris sleeps in the crook of her Meowmy's neck every night.
Update: August 2011- Hannah writes about Iris: "The kids love her...sometimes a bit too much!  Fortunately, she is so sweet and gentle, and actually seems to enjoy being carried around like a doll if you can believe it.  She even learned to climb the ladder to the boys' bunk bed, and surprised our son one morning on the top bunk.  She is quite a gymnast and has an amazing vertical jump. She still sleeps with us every night.  Lately she's been biting my necklace at 4am--I have to remember to take it off before bed!  Then she settles down, lies on my chest, and purrs.  Very cute."

This is a picture of her helping me with the laundry.

Update: Oct 27, 2011 - 

From Hannah, "Now 7 months old, Iris has become such a huge part of our family. The kids run to see her before either me or Bill when they get home from school. 
She is so incredibly patient with them, and lets them hold her even if they are a little loud. She's learned to climb the bunk bed ladder, and frequently visits my 8 year old in his bed. She also curls up with him when he's reading, causing him to boast "Mom, she's purring!"
She sleeps with me every night, preferring the crook of my neck to all other resting spots. She seems to like being cozy. Don't we all.
~Thanks for bringing Iris into our lives! She has a pretty large fan club. :)"

Update: December 2011 - Hannah sent me some photos that clearly show Iris has trained her new family well. They lavish her with love and attention and she loves it!


Hannah writes the sign and photo were made to take to school. I'm happy to hear what a great ambassador Iris is for her breed.

She also says, "Iris continues to play a central role in our family. When our daughter had a doctor's appt recently, she said over and over "I just want to go home and see Iris." So sweet. Iris is a relaxed and loving cat, so patient with all the kids. She is quite a licker, especially at about 3am. It's lucky she's so cute, because she's quite persistent about cleaning my entire face and neck!
She and Turtle (resident cat) are doing better, especially now that Turtle spends much more time indoors. Iris jumps on poor Turtle trying to get her to play, and Turtle hisses back. However, once they've both been inside a while, they actually hang out together. And once Turtle even purred when Iris sat next to her. So there is hope!"

Update: Iris's one year birthday photos.

Iris, surprised that she is one years old already, lol

Behaving just like her Mum

Trying to stowaway and go to school because she is smart too.

Update:  May 2012 - 



Iris on duty

"I'm protecting my loved ones from rogue spiders!"


 Iris reading with her boys

Update: March 2013 - We received photos for Iris's second birthday.


Little sister Sherlock (1 year), who is bigger, on the right and Iris (2 years) on the left. Their owner says they are inseparable. If one is not with the other they go to see if the missing cat is trapped in a closet. She loves her children very much and makes the rounds to their beds for a visit before bedtime. She sleeps in her masters bed.

Update: June 2013

    Iris & Sherlock

March 2015 a beautiful photo of Iris and Sherlock

(Ducky - Seal Point) - Ducky
Update: We received an email telling us that Ducky cried non stop during the ride home until the owner reached in her carrier and hugged her. Then she relaxed and slept the rest of the trip. Cressida says once home; "She's hiding behind the radiator now & taking a nap. I think all the crying in the car wore her out. I'd be tired, too."
Update: two days home -Cressida tells us, "Ducky's doing a lot better at night!  Everyday as she gets braver around us a new facet of her personality comes out. She's such a goofball! She's been playing a lot more and jumping out at us from behind shopping bags. When we say "Ducky!" she meows at us! She's been super cuddly with both me and Frank and spending a lot of naptime on our bed. She knows Chanthra's (resident cat) on the other side of the door and seems really eager to meet her, we separated the bedroom with the screen we have, Now that Ducky & Chanthra can see each other through the screen, Chanthra has been hissing less."

Update: Five days home - Ducky is doing very well at home. She had her check up. We were told "Dr. Mazza at Angell MSPCA and all the vet assistants FREAKED OUT over how cute & charming Ducky is (of course!). Dr. Mazza did a physical and said Ducky looks very healthy." Cressida also said: "Ducky is just the best kitten ever! It's like having a little cat Ferrari in the apartment. She's so brave and precocious and chatty and smart! Just like Chanthra, she talks back to us with this tiny little voice, which we totally love! We put all the new toys at the top of the tallest bookshelf we have, and Ducky immediately spotted them and was pacing around the foot of the bookshelf, trying to figure out a way up there. I totally believe she'll get up there eventually, too! You clearly did an awesome job socializing her. She's so friendly and playful but cautious around Chanthra, everything we wanted. I can't wait to see what she's like as an adult."
Update: June 12, 2011 -More Ducky photos and so beautiful too. Cressida tells us she had a hard time getting these photos because Ducky is "a technology buff and whenever she sees a camera/smart phone/computer, she's climbing all over it."

Update: September 2011- Cressida writes, "Ducky is great! She's doing great with Chanthra - they spend all morning playing and then they fall asleep together. Ducky is especially thorough cleaning Chanthra's ears. She's also really into the bathroom sink - I turned on the faucet for her just a little, and she put her head under the stream so she could lick the water from around the drain. I think I remember seeing a picture of Keva drinking water from the sink? It's funny that something like that would be genetic. Chanthra & Ducky have learned to share all of their toys - there's really no hissing anymore. When Ducky had a couple baby teeth lose, she was eating breakfast on the other side of the kitchen from Chanthra (we feed them twice a day with 2 bowls so we can make sure they each get the right food). Ducky made a choking noise, which I think was a tooth coming out and her swallowing it. I ran over to her to see if she was OK, and Chanthra ran over, too. Then Ducky went back to eating, and once Chanthra saw she was OK, she back across the kitchen to her bowl to finish eating. It was so cute!! It really seems like Chanthra cares about Ducky, which makes us SO happy. And clearly, Ducky cares about Chanthra. It's so nice to have all the cats getting along :)"
Update: June 2012 - Cressida sent us some photos of Ducky after their move across the country. She says: "Ducky made the transition to Seattle wonderfully, and she's Chanthra's biggest fan. She follows her EVERYWHERE. When we were flying to Seattle, we had a connection in Chicago, so we let the cats out of their carriers to stretch. Chanthra didn't want to leave her carrier but Ducky left her carrier to go into Chanthra's carrier! So cute!

She has so many charming personality quirks: she drinks out of everyone's water glass (and the sink), she loves to cuddle under the covers, yells at Frank when he's on the phone, and kneads Frank's beard every night. It's adorable and Frank wouldn't have it any other way, except when her nails get a little sharp! ;) We bought her a cat wheel to supplement play time, since she has boundless energy. And it worked! She's exhausted when she gets off the wheel! We couldn't imagine life without her! Thank you for making such a wonderful little cat!

PS - she loves football! Especially Tim Tebow!"

We would love to see a video of Ducky on her wheel!

Ducky up close

Ducky & Chanthra in Ohare airport.

Watching football

Loving on Frank

Spring 2011 litter - (Polo & Fenya)
Born - January 16th, 2011 - 1 Seal Point Male, 2 Seal Point Females
(Robin - Seal Point) - Sadie
Update: The evening of the day she went home - Erin tells us, " I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how great Sadie is doing. After a couple of hrs of hiding, she snuggled with Dan as he napped. She is even purring. She goes back into hiding- but then comes out to say hi! She is doing amazing considering the big change. You have done an amazing job."

Update: We checked in with Erin She sent us the sweetest photos and she tells us "Sadie is doing perfect! We could not have asked for a better transition. Everyone says how perfect she is… she is such a snuggler.. and actually seeks out the boys to play. What kittens do you know go looking for two 2.5 year old toddlers to play????"

Mom says we need to pose for a photo

One of the twins with Sadie.

Update: February 11,2012 - We checked in with Sadie's owner after her first birthday. Erin tells us: "Sadie fits right in given she is "quirky" :) we love her very much, and she has settled in very well. She is still a snuggle bug and a huge lap child."

We learned Sadie is quirky because she recently began licking the heated baseboards. She also learned how to open the basement door and was slipping downstairs. Being in the dusty dirt basement caused her to develop a hives like skin reaction. Some cortisone and a hook latch on the door cleared. up the hives. She is also very strong willed and has decided she will not stay off the kitchen counters. Erin is determined too, Sadie hasn't had the final word yet.

We received the above photos too. Erin says:" As you can see she continues to be super friendly, super snuggly, and a huge love bug. She is getting along awesome with the boys, and actually seeks them out all the time. She helps put them to bed every night (she runs in and sits on the floor as we read stories). She is awesomely calm with them. Thanks again for allowing Sadie to come to our home :) "

(Tanager - Seal Point) - Clancy
Update: April 3, 2011 -Home one day -Jillian tells us, "He has settled in nicely.  He has explored the office, taken a nap, used the litter box and drank some water.  And, as predicted, I am typing with one hand b/c he fussed until I picked him up and he fell asleep in my arm...purring loudly...didn't take him long! In the napping pic, he passed on 4+ cat beds to make his way to the chair and sleep on the gorgeous wool blanket from Ireland - this is a guy who knows what he wants!"

"Clancy is so super sweet and such a great kitten! ~ We went into the office and played with him and then he fell asleep in my arms and didn't cry at all when I put him down and went to bed around 11.~ He cried off and on from about 4 am to 6 am.  Patty went into the office at 4 to check that he was ok and again around 6 to play with him.  Fingers crossed for a later wake up call tomorrow :) ~ He is quite the climber already.  I don't remember our other cats being this good a climber/jumper at this age - I came into the office earlier today and he was on top of the monitor on the desk napping.  Then later, he jumped from the ground to the top of the cat condo (about 3 ft tall). Fiona has shown no interest in the office so far and I don't even know if she realizes he is here!  Or, she just assumes that he is yet another of her faithful servants and is just waiting for him to pay his respects and shower her with affection..."

Update: April 4th, 2011 Clancy has made himself at home in the office and is already hard at work. Searching the internet for toys no doubt.

Update: April 6th - Clancy receives some guidence on how to climb up for the best window seat from his pretty instructor, lol

April 8th - " Clancy went to the Vet on April 8th to get his immunization.  When I made the appointment, our regular Vet was booked, but we got an appointment with one of the other Vets (they are all great).  However, once our Vet heard we got a new Siamese, he juggled things around and it was him who got to meet Clancy! ~

 The Vet again raved about how gorgeous and healthy he looked and the whole office fell in love with him!"

Update: April 18th  - Jillian write to say; "I have some great Clancy news to report. First of all, he is such a cutie pie and love bug with the patience of a saint!  He loves to snuggle and cuddle (esp when I am trying to work - LOL) and when we watch TV.  He is so patience with (little Miss M) and although she is trying, he is so cute that she sometimes can't help herself.  He lets her sit on the chair or couch with him and just pet him and he rewards her with the best purrs.

We started letting them out together (first when Maddie was asleep).  Fiona would hiss if he was in her way and chase him from the prime spots.  Never aggressive, but letting him know who was boss.  She kept her spot at the top of the big cat condo and let him either sit on the next row down or on the table next to it. 

We bring him into the office a couple of times a day, to let Fiona eat and also to give her a break and Clancy a break from Maddie's undying love and affection - LOL!  By last night, Clancy was chasing Fiona and they seemed to be really playing together!  Today I went in to water the plants and was greated with the most delightful sight - view attached photo!  It is not the best shot, but I wanted it to send it along.  He was also licking her ear (just like she used to do to Harry) but stopped when I tried to capture it on film!

 It was such a thrill to see them cuddling together :)"


Clancy wins over Fiona and secures a premium spot on her favorite perch.

Update: February 11,2012 - I checked in with Clancy & Fiona's family to see how they're doing. Their Victorian era home has been a bit crazy with a major kitchen reno underway. Jillian tells us: "The cats are wonderful. Clancy and Fiona have been spending most of their days in the guest room/office area to keep them safe and out of mischief during construction. Clancy loves having unlimited access to me and my office. He is such a cuddle bug and loves to sit on my lap as I type or sits on the arm of my chair and put his paws on my shoulder - adorable. Fiona is still a love, as long as its her idea. She still LOVES being brushed and can't understand why Clancy doesn't like it as much." 

She sent us some photos too.

Clancy October 2011

Clancy and Fiona (Maeve's fall 2005 litter) August 2011

Update: April 26, 2012 - Jillian sent us this photo and said; "I was watching the furry kids eat this morning and was laughing to myself how small Fiona now looks next to Clancy! I don't think they realize the size difference yet (she is still Queen Bee)!"

Fiona (blue point) & Clancy (seal point)

(Ibis - Seal Point) - Ibis
Update: April 3, 2011 -Paula let us know: "It was an uneventful trip home. Ibis cried a little when we left and then another time about half way home. She did not even close her eyes for a minute. She sat in her bed with her paws over the edge and just kept her eyes fixed on us. We arrived home around 4:00. When we brought Ibis into the house Vixen and Sasha were waiting at the door, Then both took a look at her, smelled the carrier, hissed, and walked away. I introduced her to her room. She was a little cautious at first, but then settled in, jumping on and off the bed. Guess what? She purred for me on the bed and cuddled up to me laying on her side an then on her back. ~  Vixen is worried and stands outside the room when I'm with Ibis. When I come out of the room he talks a stream to me and doesn't let me out of his sight. I have to make sure that I give him lots of love and reassurance. 

I'll keep you posted with the progress. Thanks, Nan, so much. Ibis is a beauty and we are so glad to have her."
Update: April 27, 2011 - I checked in with Paula to see how things are going. She wrote back: " You just won't believe it. All is great with all the kitties. Ibis is such a beautiful kitten. She has such a different personality than Vixen. She is super active and ready to go at all times. She and Vixen are inseparable. Vixen watches over her like a protective daddy. Ibis is a fearless adventurer. From the start she went right up to Vixen and attacked him, in a playful way. Before I let her out on her own in the house she and Vixen would play under the door and talk to one another. Sasha , at this time, is tolerating her, but is improving daily. Ibis wants to be a friend so badly, but Sasha isn't quite ready to give in all the way. Ibis is such a purrer, so much so, that all I have to do is walk in the room and she runs to me and purrs like crazy. She also is super cuddly.

So all is well and we have 3 beautiful kitties that we totally love to pieces."
Update: February 11, 2012 - I checked in with Ibis's family to see how she and Vixen are doing. Paula tells us: "Both Ibis and Vixen are wonderful.  They are best buddies and just love one another to pieces.  They are always hugging and washing one another,  They keep track of each other all the time.  Both are so affectionate to Michael and me.  I have been recuperating ~ Vixen and Ibis did not leave my side for a good 7 weeks.  Vixen especially worries about me and sticks to me like glue. We are very happy with both of them and often remark to each other how we are so glad that we have them and they get along with Sasha beautifully.  Sasha is still the Alpha kitty and noone has challenged her as of yet.  Ibis is a bundle of energy and Vixen is very laid back ( still takes him a long time to get going after he wakes up).  Ibis is our talker...really communicates all the time verbally.  Vixen still has his little voice.    We love them all so much!!!!!  They are such beautiful kitties!!!!"

Now if they can teach Paula how to email photos we will get to see how they have grown. ;)

Update: These photos are from February 2012. I'm sorry it took me so long to get them up here ...they got lost in my inbox *yikes*

This is Ibis getting a tummy rub

This is Vixen (Keva's 2009 litter) & Ibis

Vixen grooming Ibis's ear

This is Ibis& Vixen with Sasha their resident (rescue) Siamese. She allows them to share her home and people.

Update: December 2012 - Paula sent us some photo of Ibis and Vixen. She commented they are loving pals and Ibis is such a beauty. I agree, lol

Vixen & Ibis

Ibis - She is a beauty!


Summer 2010 litter - (Balor & Finola)
Born - June 10th, 2010 - 1 Seal Point Male, 1 Chocolate Point Female, 1 Chocolate Point Male.
(Avatar - Seal Point) - Finnegan
Update: 3 days home - Finola and Finnegan are settling in. Under the bed is their safe zone but momma and baby have been exploring and found the cat tree. They felt comfortable enough to take a nap on it. They stopped by their new vet on the way home and passed a through check up. Now their only job is to teach their new family their house rules. lol. 

Finola is a 'retired from breeding' adult. She is from Maeve and Kian's 2006 litter.

Update: one week home - Chris let us know;  "We are making slow progress with Finola. She still is upset about being catnapped! Usually, in the morning, Finola is more open in being around us. She even will play a little. Finola now has two hiding places that she likes. ~ Last night, she slept on the old cat tree on top which looks out the dining room window."

"Finnegan is another story. He just wants to play! We have old fishing pole that has a little piece of denim on the end of the string. He loves to play with it. He likes watching kitty TV as he looks out at the bird feeder outside our bedroom window. He walks around meowing in a little voice when he wants attention. I know he is still trying to nurse on Finola and when that happens your can hear this loud purr! He listens to you. This morning, I called him and he followed me upstairs to Paul's house and explored a little. He has not purred for us or sit in our laps but does like to be petted and have tummy rubs."

Update: two weeks home - Chris says, "Finola does not seem as scared of us at this time. If Finnegan will let her, she does like to play. Sometimes, she seems so sad! She has started to sit on the furniture and does not feel she needs to always be on the floor to escape to a hiding place. Both kitties seemed happy to find out that I am up at 5 am to go to work, they just want someone to play with them at that time. Yesterday, she let me scratch under her chin and behind her ears and she thought it was great but then realized what I was doing."

"Finnegan is such a love. He comes to us and wants to play all the time. The other day, he took a hand towel that we let him chase a toy under the towel and was dragging it from the bedroom to the dining room. Of course, he was pulling it with his mouth but was stepping on it at the same time, so he made slow progress. He has started to want to sit next to me and be petted and purrs. I can't believe how loud he purrs when he is happy."

"It continues slow but I am sure Finola does miss her mother and sister. We can tell she will be a great cat when she feels more comfortable."

Update: Finnegan and Pearl are keeping to the same growth rate. Finola and Finnegan are doing well.
* Finola
** Vet visit 9/3/2010 General checkup: good - weight 10 lb 6 oz
* Finnegan
** kitten visit 09/03/2010 General checkup: good - weight 4 lb 4 oz
** kitten visit 09/14/2010 Distemper shot - weight 4 lb 7 oz
** kitten visit 10/05/2010 Distemper booster shot + rabies weight: 5 lb 9 oz


Update: December 2010 - Chris tells us Finola has a long memory and she misses her family. She also says, "Finola has been known to come up on our bed with us in it and get under the covers. She will stay for a short time but then gets out. One thing that she likes to do it play. We given her as much play time that she wants. Her favorite toy is this old kitty finishing pole that has a small piece of denim on it. Another thing she likes to do is up to Paul's house and sit in the chair by the window in the sun. Paul is still doing construction in our house and there is a hole from the heating system from our house to his on the second floor. Both kitties love to watch something coming through the hole from the first floor. Finola was just on the ladder that is under the hole which I get on to put the toy through the hole. She was trying to get the toy that I had left there.Finola let Ken pick her up the other day and carry her to the living room. Ken had received a package the was wrapped in several pieces of brown paper. The kitties have been having so much fun playing on the paper, jumping and chasing toys that make noise under the paper."
Finnegan is such a love. Paul calls him "Spite Fire." He can often be into many things. I had a ball of angora yarn in a paper bag. I had left it on the top of the buffet. When I take my eye glasses off I can't see as well but out of the corner of my eye I notice something in Finnegan's mouth, sure enough it was my yarn. We have to be very careful to close the bathroom door at Paul's house since Finnegan takes the sink trap out and has been known to drag it around Paul's house. One day it took Paul some time to find it. Finnegan is known to go in Paul's kitchen sink to see if he can remove the trap in there. Finnegan loves to purr. In the morning, he will come up on the bed and just purr and purr when hears the radio go on at 5:10 am and loves to be petted. Of course, he is expert at playing and will meow and meow to you until you take out a toy to play with him.

Finola really needs Finnegan to keep her company and as a play mate. They were just playing with each other chasing each other under the brown paper. Often, if she hears Finnegan meowing, she will come to check and make sure he is OK. We are still waiting to hear Finola purr."
Update March 2011- A note from Chris tells us, "Finola loves to sit on Ken's modem and we call it the "NolaPad." She like it since it is warm. Finola likes us a little more. Every morning she goes upstairs to Paul's house to play and then get under the covers for a nap either on the bed or in a chair. Finola likes to be petted and even brushed.
Both kitties love to sit on our bed and watch the birds in the feeder.
Finnegan has gotten really big and loves to play. He really purrs but I can not figure out what he wants when he wakes me in the middle of the night purring very loudly."

Chris sent us 27 photos. I embarassed to admit it but I had to ask her who was who, lol.

"Finola has just been just been all over me wanting to be petted. She really wants to purr.  Finnegan is the lighter cat. Next time, I will be sure to mark the pictures."

Below are a few of the photos we received.

Finnegan and Finola

Finnegan is getting Momma Finola and had her in a head lock, lol.



     Finnegan one year old.

       Finola relaxing and soaking up the sun

(Nerissa - Chocolate Point) - Pearl
Update: Pearl cried when she arrived in her new home. She missed her brothers. It wasn't until the owners teen son came home that she relaxed a bit. Deb tells us, " Miss Purry Pearl came out and she was rubbing up against him and licking his head...She was meowing, but much more happy!". Pearl did like my teen boys alot. Unfortunately Adam was gone for the night. Deb updated us,  "Little Pearl was up all night crying...until about 4:30 this morning.  When she finally settled down, she snuggled up to me, under the covers..purrrring like there was no tomorrow.  She seems much, much better today." 

Moving to a new home and losing all your family can be very difficult but kittens adjust quickly. She will have her big brother Sapphire (Finola's 2008 litter) to keep her company when she finishes her adjustment period.

Update: 3 days home - Deb's update: [After the first two encounters with hissing and growling] "Sapphire started talking to her in a voice I've never heard from him-a soft, quiet voice (did not sound aggressive at all to me ~ it sounded softer to me..sweeter) They began touching each other's paws (I swear, no exaggeration-I wish I had video'd it) He then went over to his tuna and ate little man fella..went back up to the crate next to Pearl...and flipped on his back looking up at Pearl..upside down, head against the crate, and gently reaching into the crate-no claws, very sweetly..he just layed there..for a good 15 minutes. He often sleeps like this on his back - he has always had funny sleeping positions." The crate she mentions is part of our recommended procedure for the introduction of a resident cat to a new kitten.
Update: two weeks home - It sounds like Sapphire and Pearl are working out who is going to be in charge and both feel quite certain they should be the one. They have a bit of a battle of wills going on with Deb making sure it never escalates past friendly play. Deb says " We are gradually letting her wander around the house-supervised, as Sapphire will sometimes jump her-but she certainly does more than her share in instigating these little tiffs.  She runs right at him and hits him in the face constantly with her little paws.  She jumps out at him from underneath the furniture as he walks by..She is full of spice! She's really really adorable." " I have not gotten any pictures of both Pearl and Sapphire together yet.  Honestly, when they are together, I'm always right there, "refereeing".  As Sapphire relaxes a bit more, (and he is slowly relaxing) I will have more time to grab the camera and take a few." " We're always trying to get them to play together with an interactive toy.  Sapphire never wants to play alongside of Pearl.  He watches, and when she isn't looking, attacks-it is mostly play attacks-never breaks the skin ever.  He sits on her head, though and of course she doesn't like it." They have also both used each others litter boxes to the dismay of the other. A sort of... I'll go in yours since you went in mine, lol. I am a bit surprised at Sapphire. He was such a good gentle brother in his litter. Not an aggressive or dominate baby. Pearl definitely has all the hallmarks of an aggressive leader it may just be that Sapphire is doing his part to rein her in and is using his big brother status to father her a bit.

Update I received a photo of chocolate point Pearl and seal point Sapphire playing with Da Bird.

Update: Sept 23rd, 2010 - Another photo and a short note saying they fell asleep while fighting, lol. Maybe power is not all its cracked up to be and just being engaged with each other is the real goal. They look like they are happy together. 

Update: Oct. 2010 - Deb tells us things are going well with Pearl and Sapphire. They snuggle together quite a bit now. Things really are going much better. "Pearl is very sweet with my son-When he comes home from school, she is the first to get a hello!  And she will tell him about her day, as he tells her about his!  She's very talkative! " She also sleeps in bed with him."Right now, Pearl is playing "Peek-A-Boo"  with Sapphire, from behind the curtains.   They do play so well together!"

Update: 10-30 "Pearl had a vet appointment last week-she weighed 5 lb 13 oz. (4 months old)  He says she looks great!  She really is doing so well, all around!  She and Sapphire are getting along so much better-Pearl now wakes us up in the morning and curls up under the covers purring while Sapph sits on top of the covers kneeding at the quilt, purring."

Update: November 2010 - "I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how well Pearl and Sapphire are getting along now.  Sapph takes such good care of Pearl-grooming her daily-it is so cute!  Pearl is a little sweetheart as a kitten, just as Sapph was (although she seems to always be into some type of mischief!)  She has us laughing quite frequently.  The kids absolutely adore her too." We are looking forward to the holidays with our little kitties-it is sure to be a special year!  Thank you so much for offering us as much advice, and encouragement as you have-and as many times as you did!  We love our kitties dearly and can't imagine not having them as part of our lives!!  So, thank you, thank you, thank  you!!
Update: December 2, 2010 - Pearl & Saphire

Update: February 2011 -Deb sent a gorgeous photo of Pearl and said, "Our adorable kitties are doing so well!  Pearl is a character...talking all of the time (if I could only understand/speak kitty language...I'd love to know what she is talking so much about all of the time!)   She is an absolute love-just as Sapphire is."

Sapphire and Pearl

When I asked Deb if the size of Pearl was a trick of the camera she said, "Yes, it must be the angle. You were right about Pearl being petite. Although she is getting big, I doubt that she'll ever reach Sapphire's 12+ lbs. I'll have to let you know what her actual weight is after her next vet appointment.

Everyone that visits us tells us how beautiful both cats are. Sapphire has such a dark face and his eyes are so big and blue and striking! And Pearl's coat is "pearly white" and soft, with her beautiful subtle blue eyes. Both kitties are just gorgeous! My mother has been trying to convince my father more and more on getting on your kitten waiting list."

Update: April 4, 2011- Deb made us smile with her email today. She says, "A crazy start to a manic Monday...Thank goodness for my sweet kitties who make me laugh (and kids too, of course)  I turn my back for a minute to put new seedlings under the grow lights, and someone decides to jump in and make himself cozy......and then Miss Pearl reminds him that "Ladies are before Gentlemen!" and kicks him out so that she can have a cozy snooze."

We've had too many gray days without any winter sun, LOL

Sapphire getting ready for spring, lol.

Pearl gets her turn under the grow light too.

Update: January 20, 2012 - Deb sent us this photo of Pear and Sapphire and say "The kitties are now best of friends!  As you can see, they've both decided to rule the house together!  Sapphire and Pearl play together, sleep together, eat together...even use the kittly litter together.  In fact, it's usually a race to the newly cleaned kitty litter each time.  We all love them to pieces!!  Pearl is extremely patient with all of Ania's hugs---and as I have said before-VERY vocal!!  She talks all day-and into the night...she's helped Sapphire to find his voice as well.  She "completes" him!  :) "

Pearl (front) at a 1 1/2 years and Sapphire just over 3 years old.

Update: Oct 2014 - Pearl is a lovey and lap snuggler.

(Koko - Chocolate Point) - Niles
Update: Sept 6, 2010 - 3 days home - After a few days of chasing after Niles and bopping him on the head to teach him her house rules Nisa (Keva's 2009 litter) and Niles have settled into domestic bliss. Don't be worried about Niles. Amanda tells us "When we got home, he walked right out of the carrier like he owned the place (he's fearless!!), he was so confident and curious about this new place. The entire time she [Nisa] was making all that fuss, Niles just walked around the house going about his business like she wasn't even there, LOL! He ignored her completely! " He's very bold and super easy-going" " Their personalities are so different, it's really neat getting to know Niles and watching this side of Nisa's personality too."

 Nisa (11 months old) & Niles (3 months old) both are chocolate points.

Update: Sept.18th, 2010 - Amanda tells us "We had the most fun yesterday walking Niles and Nisa ~ What an absolute HOOT these two are!  Niles is much braver than Nisa, but I couldn't believe the difference with Nisa while she was out with Niles this time - she was so much braver, and we were outside for almost an hour.  They loved it, and Niles didn't want to come inside at all :)  Nisa was exploring like mad, and Niles was taste-testing every piece of grass in sight.  I think ~ they reinforce each others' confidence while they're exploring. "

 A day in the park


       Niles...Come on lets go!

    All tuckered out

  Also seen in the photo album on the Black&Tan Old Time Siamese fan page on Facebook 

Niles the Piano Man

Update: We have heard that Niles is food obsessed and trolls the kitchen floor like a dog looking for crumbs, lol. He's a growing boy. Amanda tells us: "We have nicknamed him "piggy", both for the food behavior and because he's the attention hog.  We call Nisa "biggie" because she's (temporarily) bigger.  So they are "piggy" and "biggie".  Niles also does the most hysterical thing - he grabs a string at the very end in his mouth, and runs full-speed all over the house dragging it so Nisa will chase it.  They do this for hours!  It's like he's teasing her with the string, he'll jump up on chairs with it, snake it all the way under the dining table, and the whole time she's chasing it full-speed.  He plays fetch too ;-) "

We're told Niles and Nisa didn't mind dressing up for Halloween at all. They are so used to wearing their walking jackets (leash harness) that they were not bothered one bit by the kerchiefs.


Nisa is shown in hers under her litter entry for Keva's 2009 litter.



Update: February 2011 Amanda writes, "On Jan 14th we brought Nisa in for her 1-year check-up (she was 15 months old) and she got her rabies and distemper boosters. Nisa weighed in at a healthy 8.5 pounds, and we brought Niles along too just for "emotional support" so I tossed him onto the scale as well and he was 2 ounces heavier than her - He's 7 months old!! He's gong to be GINORMOUS I think. 

Thanks for the intel on Niles' 12-pound brother (from another litter) - WOW! I think Niles will definitely get there, he's a beefcake. He's visibly bigger than Nisa now, and solid as a rock. I'm watching him to make sure he's not overweight, but I think he's just a huge ball of muscle! "

  Nisa and Niles

 Amanda writes, " We're having such a wonderful time with the kitties, they are our best friends :)  They still sleep with us, stay with us in whatever room we may be in, talk to us, sit with us, and just generally make our lives brighter every day.  Funny story: We hosted an alumni reception on Friday night in our home, and Niles was clearly the "co-host".  He greeted each person, "visited" the buffet several times, lol, sat in chairs and watched people, laid on the rug in the center of the room, leg-rubbed everyone - and even while one of the professors was giving a brief presentation, and Niles went and stood by the podium with him and just soaked in all of the attention (pic attached).  He's not shy AT ALL, and will talk to just about anyone.  Nisa is more of a "sit and watch" cat, she sat on the piano and just took in the scene, lol.  She's very cool.  Then, today we had some friends over for brunch and they brought their new baby.  The cats were infatuated with the baby!  They did not leave her side, and were so gentle and kind (pics attached) - I couldn't wait to send you a pic :)  Your cats are so nice, Keva and Finola can be proud of their kids.  Today was the first time they had ever seen a baby and they were absolutely sweet as sugar.

Nisa & Niles

Niles by the podium, working the crowed

Meeting the baby, she's cool.

Niles & Nisa baby sitting

Update: March 11, 2011 -Amanda writes,  "We have some exciting news! Niles and Nisa are going to start training to be registered Therapy Animals with the Delta Society! I'm starting formal training now so they can pass their practical tests this summer - which involve leash training, being passed to strangers, walking through a crowd, being crowded by people, and tasks like "clumsy petting", restraining hugging, reacting to noises, coming when called and a couple of other tricks that show that they're comfortable with strangers. Since they are such nice kitties already, I hope they will both pass and the plan is to show up as a team to do "Animal Assisted Activity" at local hospitals and nursing homes. I am more sure Niles (Mr Food-motivated) will pass than Nisa, but I'll keep you posted on their training if you're interested. 

I just thought you'd like to know that your wonderful kitties are maybe going to be helping other people too! Here's the link to the Delta Society in case you'd like to put it on the website:

The Delta force - Niles and Nisa in their walking jackets

Update: April 2011 photo

  Niles being snuggled by Nisa

Update:  December 2011 - Amanda writes, " All is well the cats just had their annual checkup and Niles is 11 pounds 2 ounces, and Nisa is 9 pounds exactly. They are both wonderfully healthy - clean ears, teeth, eyes, beautiful coats. Picture attached, clearly they get along quite well - lol. Niles is just starting to get a full mask, and Nisa looks a lot like Fen. Favorite game is still Da Bird, and we play it daily with them after much begging to throughout the day ;-) Niles also loves to play in our master bathtub - he is a nut about it! Every night as we get ready for bed, he jumps in there and dislodges the drain screen to toss it around in there like an orca with a seal. He yowls and thumps around in there for about 30 minutes each night while Nisa - cool as a cucumber - watches him from the tub ledge. Sometimes he carries the drain screen out into our room and brings it into bed with him, lol. Everything is a toy. The cats used to play a game called "take out the drain screen and insert a variety of objects" including contact lens cases, Q-tips or anything from the trash can/toy box. So fun! (for cats, that Our superintendent spent an afternoon "de-cluttering" our drain with a scope and a drain snake one day, which is why we have the screen now in the first place, lol. It's so fun to hide toys down the drain and try to fish them out with our little paws!

We love our little guys, and they are so neat together - they work together like a team and are amazingly smart. Nisa still loves the down comforter, just like when she was a baby. She jets around in it like she's chasing a ghost, and was really happy to see the comforters come out again this year. It seems she can never be too warm, she always lays under the radiators (she even gets hot to the touch!) so I bought her this cute "cat hammock" and put it in front of the radiator for her (
picture is in Nisa's entry under Keva's 2009 litter) - she lays there all night and Niles (nickname "piggy" or "Mr. Pigglesworth") sleeps in his cat tree a few feet away watching her."

The lighter color (warmer) foot is Niles big paw.

Update: April 2012 - Niles and Nisa are sharing their home with a new baby girl. They have adjusted well. Niles was first to make her his to watch over. He has also taken on the role of nutrition monitor as seen below. He is saving his owners from the evils of Peeps....or since there are only three left, maybe he just wanted his share. lol

Update: May 2012 - Niles taking care of his new baby   I guess this means Siamese can be Ameliarated. 
Update: March 2013 - That is Nisa (Keva 2009) in front and Niles sleeping in back. She looks so much like her grandmother Maeve in this photo.

So cute that Niles in under but A has his tail in the first photo. She is gentle and he doesn't mind as shown in the other photos of him loving all the attention she gives him.

Niles 10/2014

Update: October 2014 - Nile's and Nisa found themselves in the position of needing a new home. Their new human baby boy was allergic and the doctor said the cats needed to find a new home. Fate handed us an experience Siamese family that was looking for adults in the very same month and all the pieces came together perfectly for Niles and Nisa. They have moved the their new home and have happily settled into their new family.. When I checked in on them in the first weeks the owner replied, "Honestly I could not tell  that he (Niles) was having much of an adjustment at all.  He immediately wanted to play with us and be petted and picked up, lots of purring.  Nisa took a while, but just three nights ago, she finally came and plopped down on my lap and chest as I was watching TV in the evening – also purring a lot, and she finally fell asleep.  Now they sort of compete for my lap (my husband is away this week).  They play together, are using their scratching posts, eat and drink well, use the litter box well.  And they play with me as well." 

A happy transition for them to their new home and family. :)

Niles and Nisa in their new home

Update: August 2015 - Niles and Nisa found themselves out of luck with their new owners. I was contacted  and told they no longer wanted them. This was devastating news to their original owners who still think of them as their children. Fortunately for Niles and Nisa they took the move in stride and are now in their final home (we hope) with a wonderful loving family who have a 9 year old son who loves playing with them.

Spring 2010 litter - (Polo & Tasa)
Born - January 24th, 2010 - 1 Seal Point Male, 1 Blue Point Male, 1 Seal Point Female.
(Lindt - Seal Point) - Oliver Charles- "Charlie"
Lindt is now named Oliver Charles or Charlie. He lives with his family in Groton, MA

Update:  two days at home - "He slept in W's room of course (with all his necessities) and came out from under the bureau in the morning and played. W was thrilled. 
He has been downstairs a couple of times but heads back up to W's room after a few minutes. We leave the door open for him but he hasn't ventured out on his own yet. I went in to check on W tonight and the kitty was curled up on the bed with him, lol."

Update: one week at home - "Charlie is so lovable, very affectionate. He loves playing with his toys and the kids. He has checked out every room in the house now and likes to sit on the dining room chairs under the table and look out the sliding glass door. W adores him and does well playing with him and cleaning his litter box. S has been good with him also, very gentle patting him."

Update:  August 2010 - Charlie's owner sent us some photos of him vacationing in New Hampshire at about 6 months old. THANK YOU we loves seeing our babies grown up. He is beautiful.

Kristen tells us " He is a wonderful addition to our family. We all love him very much and can't imagine what life was like before him. He is a such a good natured guy."

I asked her if she knew his weight because he looks big. She replied  " Charlie is a big boy :). Our last visit to the vet in May (16 week vaccination)  he was just about 10 lbs ~ I do not know his weight today but he has grown and he may be big but I think he is healthy. I can feel his ribs so he is not too fat... he's definitely not skin and bones lol, but I do not think he is over weight. He loves playing and pouncing that is for sure, the kids make sure he gets his exercise, lol."

Charlie has some large male ancestors so its not a big surprise his is a large boy.

Update: December 2011 - Kristen wrote to tell us: "...All is well with Charlie/Lindt. He is as beautiful as ever, everyone who sees him comments on his coat. Charlie did spend the night in Nashua Emergency Pet Hospital Memorial Day Weekend. He was very dehydrated and was on an iv. They ran tests but didn't come up w/anything. Our vet thinks it may have been his pancreas. He has been fine every since. We changed his food to Royal Canin Siamese and he has been great.

Charlie continues to be a wonderful member of our family. He makes the rounds every night a bed time and loves to sleep on the top of the cushions of the couch in the sun during the day. The kids have him chasing the little balls w/bell in them all the time, and last night he kept bouncing/pawing one of William's rubber bouncy balls against the doors in the hallway, it was a riot!"

I followed up with Kristen and learned he was eat Iams diet food when he got sick. She said she looked it up and learned the diet food had been part of a recall. He was 16 pounds when he became sick. She says "Charlie is back up to 15 lbs right now and looking as handsome as ever."

We are happy to hear Charlie is well again and back to his old playful self. I think he may be the biggest boy we've produced even without a little bit of extra weight he is still be a big boy.... its in his genes.

(Peeps - Blue Point) - Peter

Peeps is now named Peter and is at home with his family in Needham, MA.

Update: five days at home -" Peter is a dream kitten. He's easy going and playful. The introduction to his brother Pogue (resident dog) is coming along too. Pogue wants to sniff him and Peter will have none of that. Pogue gives up, walks away and Peter will watch him for a while. Then continues to play, or sleep. With time, I can see them getting along fine.~ Peter had a great time meeting my grown children this week-end. He found a perfect spot to sleep on my daughter in laws lap. ~ thank you so much for a wonderful kitten."

Update: May 2010 - His owner Joanne tells us, "We're enjoying Peter so much. He was 5 Lbs. 7 oz.[~ four months old] on his last visit to the vet. He's such a joy to have around. He's friendly to all our visitors and loves to put on a show. Here he is enjoying our screen porch. Peter, follows me around the house and always has a story to tell. He has found his voice. Thank you Nan for a perfect kitten "

Say hello to my little friend...

We like to play kitten games.

Update: July 2010 - We received Peter's 6 moth old photo. Joanne tells us: "He's doing great. He's been a wonderful companion. He'll sit near me and follow me around the house, but doesn't like to sit on my lap. He likes his morning playtime. He'll retrieve his toys for a short time. Before bed he likes to run around the house like speedy Gonzales."

At six months he is still a kitten with a few things to learn.

Peter six month of age

(Moonstruck - Seal Point) - Sophia
Moonstruck is now named Sophia and is at home in Beverly, MA. She is joining an resident Siamese sister.
Update: After her first night home we heard from her family that she was doing well. Jeff tells us; "As anticipated, her first night was not all that restful, as she commented quite a bit on her new environment and showed off her admirable not-so-little voice. The other delightful bit of news is that she has spent quite a bit of time on our laps (even as I type this in fact) and even meows when put in her cute little bed you gave us...until she crawls right back into someone's lap."
Update:  "Just wanted to send you the happy news... Sophia and Eleanor officially started snuggling within the first week! We are so excited and absolutely love Sophia."

Sophia is on the left.

Winter 2009 litter - (Phinean & Keva) 
Born -October 9th, 2009  - 1 Seal Point Male, 1 Seal Point Female, 2 Chocolate Point Males, and 1Chocolate Point Female
(Rudolph - Seal Point) - ShadowHeart

Rudolph is now called ShadowHeart and lives with retired Siamese breeders in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Update: Ten days in his new home- Sue tells us, "Shadow is continuing to do Great! He is KING of the house! Absolutely no problems!!
He has fit in so well...We all just adore him and I think he returns the love in more ways than he'll ever know!
He is going upstairs on his own, jumping on and off the beds by himself and just plain running around crazy!!
Angela sticks by him like glue....I have to keep reminding her that he needs time with John and I as well.


Update: February 2010 - Sue tells us: " Shadow is doing exceptionally well! Growing like a little weed! And just smarter than any cat I've ever known! I probably sound like a Mom who thinks her child is the cutest, smartest etc...But I only speak the truth.

We are just so happy with this little guy! He fits our family and lifestyle like he was just born to do so! 
He is absolutely beautiful! Getting very dark in the face, paws and tail....Oh, and speaking of tail, ~ He chases it around etc...which is very cute, but when he catches it, he gnaws on the end.~ It's just a big game to him! Not that we haven't spent tons of $$ on toys, at times he just finds it much more fun to go after his own tail....He does understand "Stop" and "No" so we're trying to make him stop! I don't want the handsome little guy to have a funny looking tail!

I'm not sure, but I think he could even be trained to use our potty....Not that I want him to, but he is extremely interested in the whole bathroom experience...Not one bit afraid of the water or the flushing! I think he might even enjoy getting wet....He gets into the tub and kitchen sink. Doesn't care if his little feet get wet either. He loves it when you put the water on and let it trickle out. He swats at it, takes a little drink and gets himself pretty wet.

He's a great little sleeper as well. As long as we play with him and tucker him out between 7 and 8 p.m. He then usually has a little snacky before bed and sleeps right next to me all night. Sometimes under the blankets with me!

Wow, listen to me ramble.....I just can't help it...He's the best! We adore him!

Surprisingly, he enjoys (sampling) quite a bit of food that you would think a cat would hate....Mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, soup etc...He's quite a character! We have stuck with the kibble that you sent with him, just stepped it up a grade.

I told ya, we're crazy about him!!!"

Shadow looks like he lost his dark kitten coat. Look at that pretty body color. He matches the sofa, lol.

(Vixen - Chocolate Point) - Vixen

Vixen kept his name and lives in Rutland, Vermont. He was purchased in part to keep a resident Siamese (Sasha -not of our breeding) company.

Update: January 2010 -Paula tells us  "He is such a charmer. You said you thought he would come into his own and you were so right. He is such a wonderful kitty. He and Sasha are always playing together chasing one another around the house. They often sleep together curled up and Sasha even gives him a bath." "We are so glad that we have him...he runs to greet us when we come into the house, follows us around like a dog, and he is now starting to voice his "hellos". "last Saturday and had gained almost a pound since his last (Vet) visit. The vet said that he was really jealous because we have such beautiful cats. Vixen is going to be a big cat. He's very long and growing like a weed. He cuddles up with us at night, usually under the covers and purrs so loudly. We just love him."


Update: May 2010 - Paula says ..."Vixen is getting really big and at 7 months he is already and big as Sasha (adult resident cat).  They chase one another around the house every day.  He attacks her and she puts up with it just so long and then lets him know when enough is enough.  When Sasha can't find him, she calls for him and he comes running.  They really like one another and are so funny at times.   Vixen is such a handsome baby and very strong and muscular.  At the same time he is such a lover. "
Update: July 2010 -No photo, a note from Paula " As I sit here writing to you, little Vixen, or should I say, not-so-little Vixen, is sleeping on my shoulder and purring. He's quite the cuddler. I don't know if I told you, but he shares my yogurt and banana every morning. He loves fruit...peaches, bananas, strawberries, blueberries and seems to know when I have them even if he is in another room. Michael and I want you to know, once again, how glad we are to have found you and our Vixen. "
Update: October 2010 - We received an email from Vixen - "Hi, I can't believe I am finally a year old. I celebrated my birthday with my best friend, Sasha, and my mom and dad. I love my new toys and my fresh catnip pillow, but I am not ready to share with Sasha right now. Maybe in a few days. I am so glad that I still have my little nest that you send home with me. I know it is getting way too small for me, but I can still squeeze my whole self into it. It's so comfy. I am really happy with my family here in Rutland, Vermont and they love me with their whole hearts and I really love them. Sasha is great and I like to cuddle up her especially when mom and dad are out. Well, Sasha is calling me to play so I'll sign off for now. I just wanted you to know what a great family I have and that I am so happy. I'll have mom send you some pictures of me if she can figure out how to work her new camera lol. Maybe she will send them in the mail to you.

Love you, Vixen

P.S. Sasha says, "Hi!"
Update: April 2011 - When Vixen's family came to pick up Ibis from Fenya's Spring 2011 litter they brought us some snap shots of Vixen & Sasha. I've scanned a few to share. Thank you for the photos!

Vixen one year old.



Vixen with his rescue sister Sasha


Vixen one year old


Vixen Spring 2011

Update: February 2012 -  Paula tells us: "Both Ibis and Vixen are wonderful.  They are best buddies and just love one another to pieces.  They are always hugging and washing one another,  They keep track of each other all the time.  Both are so affectionate to Michael and me.  I have been recuperating ~ Vixen and Ibis did not leave my side for a good 7 weeks.  Vixen especially worries about me and sticks to me like glue. We are very happy with both of them and often remark to each other how we are so glad that we have them and they get along with Sasha beautifully.  Sasha is still the Alpha kitty and noone has challenged her as of yet.  Ibis is a bundle of energy and Vixen is very laid back ( still takes him a long time to get going after he wakes up).  Ibis is our talker...really communicates all the time verbally.  Vixen still has his little voice.    We love them all so much!!!!!  They are such beautiful kitties!!!!"

Vixen & Ibis

Vixen 2012

(Blitzen - Seal Point) - Kaia Alice

Blitzen is now called Kaia Alice and is at home in Ocean City, New Jersey. Her owner tells us she has adjusted well and loves all her new toys and is having a fun time learning from her "agility course". 

Update: January 2010- Libby tells us; "She's a joy. I look for her first thing on waking and look forward to coming home and seeing her if I've been out. She sleeps with me. I thought she couldn't get under my bed because it has drawers under it but the little dickens found a way. She's really good about coming when I call. She generally follows me around, including into the bathroom. I wasn't sure I needed such close companionship every time I'm in there, but I put ping-pong balls in the tub for her to play with and she's accepted that my sitting down isn't always an invitation to my lap! We're still arguing about my use of the computer. She wants to sit on the keyboard and butt-google.

Her favorite toy is still the little sparkle-balls. ~ I've never seen a cat so crazy for playing catch! She drops a ball in front of me every just about every time I sit down. Once in a while I can wear her out and then she hides the ball, pretending she can't find it. Little squirrel has a few places where she hides a cache of toys.

Of course she also sleeps a lot and is a little cuddle-bug, very sweet and affectionate. She's gotten used to visitors. If they give her time to check them out a bit from a distance, she will approach and let them touch and play with her, even kids. 'Really a sweet personality!"


(Prancer - Chocolate Point) - Nisa

Prancer is now called Nisa (KNEE-Sah) and is home in Manhattan, New York. She was going to be named "Misa" which is an anagram of " Siam " but it was decided to combine Misa with Nia (a little girl's name) to form "Nisa".

Update: Five days in her new home. Amanda says, "Nisa is doing really well in her new home. She officially plays fetch now. ~ She darts around on the bed when we toss her favorite toy  "Mr. Squiggles" into the poofed-up comforter…she dives in after him, retrieves and places him right back into our hand to be re-tossed.  She also found a little nesting spot – we searched for her for almost a half hour the other day and finally found her nestled into my bottom dresser drawer with all of my pajamas, curled up as snug as a bug in a rug - Evidently calling for her for almost 30 minutes had little effect on her napping, lol.  Now I have a little pet bed in there for her and it's her favorite place to sleep if we're too loud in the living room. ~ She loves Da Bird and is quite the acrobat when she decides she needs to catch him. She is very curious about "people food" too. She won't beg, and she has been very "polite" in taking the hint, lol. ~ She was very vocal when we brought her home and now she really only meows when she's super excited playing, or if she's "complaining" about something (like being picked up if she's sleeping, etc.).  She seems very comfortable around both of us now and is not skittish at all.  She is fine with most noises, vacuum and blaring alarm clock included."

I'm going to master this game called Scrabble and by next year this time, I will win.  When pigs fly you say? Ha, look below.

Update: Nisa went on a weekend get away. Dan tells us: "She did great in the car both ways as well, on the way home she slept in Amanda's lap the entire 6.5 hours. Nisa had a wonderful vacation with us - she explored the snow on her leash, and had full run of the little cabin. She loved it, and we were surprised how much she liked the fireplace, lol."



Update: May 2010 Nisa's family tells us: " Nisa is almost 8 pounds now (WOW) and certainly still happy as a clam.  She talks to us constantly (of course we talk back, lol) and she is with us every minute we're home, helping us to cook, helping us shower in the morning, lol, helping us watch movies at night...and as we speak she is helping me type (here is an excerpt from something she just typed while sniffing the screen: /////////////./..//////////).  Still loving Da Bird, and also recently discovered Q-Tips, lol.  Nisa has definitely completed our household, and every day we are thankful for her!"

Nisa at 7 months old.

I can't go?........but you take me on all your trips. I can fit right in here.

Update:  Sept. 2010 - Nisa is enjoying her new little brother Niles  from Finola's 2010 litter. There are more photos of their walk about the park in Manhattan on his entry above.

    Nisa 11 months old

Update: Nisa dressed up to go out on the town trick or treating. See her lil brother Niles in his kerchief and read about their antics together under Finola's 2010 litter.


Update: February 6,  2011 - Amanda wrote: "On Jan 14th we brought Nisa in for her 1-year check-up (she was 15 months old) and she got her rabies and distemper boosters. ~  Nisa weighed in at a healthy 8.5 pounds, and we brought Niles along too just for "emotional support" so I tossed him onto the scale as well and he was 2 ounces heavier than her - He's 7 months old!!  He's gong to be GINORMOUS I think. 
We're having such a wonderful time with the kitties, they are our best friends :)  They still sleep with us, stay with us in whatever room we may be in, talk to us, sit with us, and just generally make our lives brighter every day."

Nisa lounging by her Manhattan park view window...on the radiator. Mmmmm warmth.

Posing for her one year photo. 

Update: March 2011- Amanda sent some photo and told us, "We have some exciting news! Niles and Nisa are going to start training to be registered Therapy Animals with the Delta Society! I'm starting formal training now so they can pass their practical tests this summer - which involve leash training, being passed to strangers, walking through a crowd, being crowded by people, and tasks like "clumsy petting", restraining hugging, reacting to noises, coming when called and a couple of other tricks that show that they're comfortable with strangers. Since they are such nice kitties already, I hope they will both pass and the plan is to show up as a team to do "Animal Assisted Activity" at local hospitals and nursing homes. I am more sure Niles (Mr Food-motivated) will pass than Nisa, but I'll keep you posted on their training.. 
I just thought you'd like to know that your wonderful kitties are maybe going to be helping other people too!

The Delta force - Nisa in front and Niles in back, wearing walking jackets.

Update: April  2011 Photos

Beautiful Nisa

Nisa and Niles enjoy the first day of spring

Nisa snuggling on Niles.

Update:  December 2011 - Amanda writes, " All is well the cats just had their annual checkup and Niles is 11 pounds 2 ounces, and Nisa is 9 pounds exactly. They are both wonderfully healthy - clean ears, teeth, eyes, beautiful coats. Picture attached, clearly they get along quite well - lol. Niles is just starting to get a full mask, and Nisa looks a lot like Fen. Favorite game is still Da Bird, and we play it daily with them after much begging to throughout the day ;-) Niles also loves to play in our master bathtub - he is a nut about it! Every night as we get ready for bed, he jumps in there and dislodges the drain screen to toss it around in there like an orca with a seal. He yowls and thumps around in there for about 30 minutes each night while Nisa - cool as a cucumber - watches him from the tub ledge. Sometimes he carries the drain screen out into our room and brings it into bed with him, lol. Everything is a toy. The cats used to play a game called "take out the drain screen and insert a variety of objects" including contact lens cases, Q-tips or anything from the trash can/toy box. So fun! (for cats, that Our superintendent spent an afternoon "de-cluttering" our drain with a scope and a drain snake one day, which is why we have the screen now in the first place, lol. It's so fun to hide toys down the drain and try to fish them out with our little paws!

We love our little guys, and they are so neat together - they work together like a team and are amazingly smart. Nisa still loves the down comforter, just like when she was a baby. She jets around in it like she's chasing a ghost, and was really happy to see the comforters come out again this year. It seems she can never be too warm, she always lays under the radiators (she even gets hot to the touch!) so I bought her this cute "cat hammock" and put it in front of the radiator for her (pic attached) - she lays there all night and Niles (nickname "piggy" or "Mr. Pigglesworth") sleeps in his cat tree a few feet away watching her

Nisa's hammock is from CatAbove.

There are also photo of Nisa & Niles together under Finola's 2010 litter
Update: 3/2013- Nisa and Niles 

Update: 10/2014  A member of Nisa and Niles family developed allergies and their pediatrician said the cats needed to find a new home. We were able to place them with a new family and they are settling into this new adventure very quickly. They have found happiness with their new owners in Jamaica Plain, MA.

Niles and Nisa in their new home. After the first week or so their new owner said, "Honestly I could not tell  that he (Niles) was having much of an adjustment at all.  He immediately wanted to play with us and be petted and picked up, lots of purring.  Nisa took a while, but just three nights ago, she finally came and plopped down on my lap and chest as I was watching TV in the evening – also purring a lot, and she finally fell asleep.  Now they sort of compete for my lap (my husband is away this week).  They play together, are using their scratching posts, eat and drink well, use the litter box well.  And they play with me as well." 

A happy transition for them to their new home and family. :)

(Cupid - Chocolate Point) - Sabastian

Cupid is now called Sabastian Cupid and is home in Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Update: Two weeks in his new home Cathy tells us, "Sabastian is doing wonderful. He already has become part of our family and is everything that we wanted and more.~ We just love that he is so vocal about everything- loves to talk from the moment he wakes up! He has a really loud purr and loves to let you know when he's happy. He is also very playful and will play with just about anyone or anything. Also, he is very acrobatic! He loves to jump and hop-does flips, stands on his hind legs.~ He and my 11 month old son have become buddies! They have play time every day several times a day. D. loves to play with Sabastian using the wand with a hanging toy. ~ Also, Lola, our yorkie, and Sabastian are enjoying each other's company.


Sabastian sitting pretty

Learning together - Sabastian and D. share toys.

Come Lola, let me give you a big hug and we can wrestle.

Fall 2009 litter - (Balor & Finola)  
Born -August 8th, 2009 - 2 Seal Point Females, 1 Blue Point Female
(Lobelia - Seal Point) - Fleur

Lobelia is now called Fleur. She lives in Waltham, Ma

Fleur in her new home.

Update: December 2009 Mark tells us:  Fleur has been absolutely fantastic.  She is incredible sweet.  She really likes being close to both of us – she is generally happiest if Marissa and I are in the same room.  If she wants to play she will bring toys to us and either play by herself if we are busy or play with us.  She will even do this in the morning and bring the toys to the bed.  Its really cute. 

She has done amazingly well in whatever situation we bring her to.  She has been to both our parents houses with us.  She spent a couple days at my parents house chasing their 90 pound golden retriever around the house.  She was really curious of him and has met him a couple times when they have brought him to our house and she would love to play with him – he just isn’t sure what to do. Its pretty funny. She has also been to Ohio. 13 hours in the car and she was fantastic.  She either slept in her nest in the backseat or sat on the passenger’s lap.  We got her a harness and brought the carrier with us although she was so well behaved, in the harness, we barely kept her in the carrier. 


Update: June 2010 - We've heard that Fleur loves to travel and goes everywhere with her family. She has many friends all over including a very sweet Golden Retriever named Boris whom she has fallen in love with. She follows him around everywhere. Marissa also tells us " Ms Fleur is wonderful. She is loving the new warm weather. Her favorite places are any of the open windows. She loves to watch the kids playing outside and they love to watch her! She's very talkative and we have many conversations. Fleur also has a mischievous flare when she's bored [like her sister Fen] - so we try to keep her occupied. She's so funny, she may have a shorter attention span than either Mark or I. You tell her "No" and she'll back away from whatever it is, then 2 seconds later it's like she's rediscovering it!"

Christmas at Grandmother's house in Kentucky.

She is such a spoiled kitty, she gets to sleep on Brookstone Nap blankets all the time.

Fleur June 2010  "Her favorite game is to dive under the pillows to find the "scratching" noise- just fingers against the sheets. She'll even go diving by herself! We'll come home and the pillows will be on the floor. She is very good though, she waits to go diving until we have clearly woken up. It wouldn't be such a fun game the other way around."

(Dragon - Blue Point) - Lola

Dragon is now Lola and lives in Southborough, Ma

Update: Dec 2009  We received an email with a promise of photos. Stephanie tells us, " We are LOVING having Lola in our family. She is a wonderful cat and she grows more beautiful each day! She and I were just sitting on the stairs watching the boys play outside in the snow through the window. Lola loves the boys. If they are playing she wants to be right in the middle of the action. She will meow at the basement door when they are downstairs playing, desperate to join in. Lola loves to play "hide and go seek".or some sort of cat/human version of the game. She is also particularly gifted at unwrapping Christmas presents! We have been though at least 4 of "da bird" toys. She also still seems alarmingly surprised by the fact that her tail is connected to her body and following her around. I hope she never out grows the chasing of the tail. It is really funny to see!

Lola is so snuggly. In the evenings she often sits with Matt and I and purrs and stretches all over us. She has grown by leaps and bounds. I cant believe how quickly the time has gone. She is now sitting on my lap as I type this and purring away. She is a very loud purrrer! We are all so happy to have her. The boys still pick her up a lot and she is so patient with them. Everyone who meets her is impressed by her beauty and personality. She checks everyone out who enters the house.  I am so glad we found you! Lola is a joy!"

Update: Jan 2010 - Stephanie sent us photos as promised. She tells us Lola traveled to Maryland for the holidays to visit with her extended family. She did very well and loved all the excitement of eleven people with six being children from 7 to 9 years of age. She made friends with her cousin, a chocolate lab too.

Lola five months old

Update: August 2010 - We had a poolside email from Lola's owners saying she is vacation in Maryland again. She says "Lola just celebrated here first birthday and she is as beautiful as ever." The family they are staying with " LOVES Lola " They are considering a Siamese of their own. Good to know Lola is out there being an ambassador for her breed and doing her part to promote saving the old style Siamese breed. Keep winning hearts Lola! She also promises to send us some one year old photo. We LOVE photos of our babies grown up.
(Fen - Seal Point) -

Fen is with us until we decide if she will become a new breeding queen. This decision will be made after we see the kittens in Finola's next litter.

Fen at 15 weeks old



Fen, What do you mean I'm not allowed up here? All these books up here are for cats like me................o-kay I'm coming down.

Fen is a funny kitten all power with little finesse. She goes full speed after toys and will grab them and summersault to stop. She is spot on with her capture. She likes to wrestle and will play rough with adults but is showing she can be gentle with younger kittens even grooming them when Keva doesn't do a good job. She is a big licker. She gives me kisses if I ask for them...I really think she just wants to taste any residual snack I've had, lol. She has to know about everything. She is learning not to come to the dinner table but when I have something away from the table she asks to see what it is. When I cut up an apple she likes having her own piece to lick. She likes to hang in hand when I walk around the house. She gets very relaxed and goes with the flow but if I try to hold her up to my shoulder and snuggle her she'll want down. She talks to everyone and always comes to tell me when someone comes home. She has a big purr engine that goes on anytime we pet her.

Fen likes to lick fresh cut green peppers...yuck lol

Update : March 2010 Fen at seven months of age. She is such a goober. She like to crawl under throw rugs and newspaper. In the morning she has to have her newspaper tent while we have coffee and read the paper. She loves to tackle and wrestle and is up for birding at anytime. She has unusual taste in foods and likes to lick everything we eat if we allow her.

              Fenya has grown up. You can see more photos of her on her page. Fenya's Guinness

                                   She is also featured in her first litter diary Fenya's Spring 2011 Kitten Diary

Winter 2008 litter - (Balor & Finola)
Born-December 11th, 2008 - 1 Lilac Point Male- our first lilac!, 1 Seal Point Male, 1 Blue Point Male, 2 Seal Point Females.

(Diamond - Lilac Point) - Butters

Diamond is now called Butters. He lives with his family in Toronto, Canada

Butters at 3 1/2 months

Butters at 4 months

Update: Sept 2009 - We received some very nice photos of Butters. At six months of age he was 8.4 pounds.  

Elise says, "He's still the most beautiful cat that I've ever seen.  Oh and when he was at the vet's the vet said that he had an appropriate name since his fur was like butter! ...In terms of personality, he has lots of it!  He has become more vocal but his meow still isn't all that loud.  He's very, very playful.  His favorite game ever since we brought him home has been fetch.  He started playing fetch about a week after he came home and he just absolutely loves it.  He'll play with absolutely anything that you throw for him...pens, balls, bottle caps, stuffed animals, crumpled up pieces of paper, etc. .....He has just recently started to try and catch the items being thrown for him when they're still airborne.  Kind of like a dog with a frisbee!  Anyway it's really awesome how good he is at catch.......He isn't super cuddly yet, but I feel like he's becoming more cuddly....he sleeps with us but on top of the covers and at the end of the bed in the morning he'll come up to our heads for a quick cuddle. When we're on the couch watching TV he likes to be beside us on the couch or in a chair watching us."

Butters at 5 months

Butters at 6 months of age.


(Sapphire - Seal Point) - Sapphire Rain Beau


Sapphire is now called Rain Beau or Sapphire Rain...or little fella. He lives with his family in Sterling, MA

Photos relaxing in his new home.


and with his favorite playmate


Update 3-2009- 

Update: April 2009 

Update: September 2009 - Nine months old. - Deb tells us Sapphire is now 10 lbs and 6 oz. and uses his front paws to do everything. After A's 4th birthday party in August, we had so many flies in the house, with the doors constantly opening and closing. Sapphire was so funny, he would hop throughout the house on his hind legs and clap his front paws together up in the air, catching the flies! 

He some ghost striping on his tail and Deb says " We joke that he is our little raccoon (with his dark little mask and his striped tail..and the fact that he uses his front paws to do everything)"

Update: Dec. 2009 We received one year old photos of Sapphire. Deb tells us "We LOVE him to pieces. We play with him multiple times daily, of course-he still loves "da bird" mostly! - and watch out with Peek-a-boo and the blankets!!  He wakes me up daily at 5:30 with a "tap, tap" of his paw on my face or neck. and a "good -meowy- morning"..very cute. 
His face has darkened up so much in the past couple of months.  He still falls asleep in the funniest positions-on his back, back and front legs open."

Sapphire 1 year old.

Update: April 2010 - Sapphire is waiting on our list for a little sister. His family just sent me these photos. He likes to sit and watch piano practice.

Update: June 2010 - 

Sapphire (one and a half years) with his best girl.

Update: July 2010 - A quick note from Deb. "We are out in the gardens daily. Ania loves looking for new blooms and makes note of daily changes in both the flowers and veggies. Sapphire sits in the window everytime, meowing to come out with us. He follows us from window to window-watches the butterflies and all of the different birds...not in "attack mode" at all-he's completely fascinated."
Update: September 2010 - Sapphire napping with his new little sister Pearl (chocolate point). Pearl is from Finola's 2010 litter

May 2013- Update - I received this photo of Sapphire out for a spring walk. Sapphire has always stood at the door wanting to go outside and this spring he has and he is loving it. His owner tells us he talks the whole time about what he is discovering and he looks to make sure she is listening to every thing he is saying. He finds pure joy in his walks.

(Garnet - Blue Point) - Dwight

Garnet is now called Dwight. He lives with his family in Stow, MA

Dwight is doing very well. We hear reports about him every time we go to visit our Vet. He is owned by one of the Vets in the same practice. 

Update: January 2010 - When we took Tasa in for her emergency c-section on a Sunday night Dr. Schaefer called Dr. Gould in to assist her in surgery. Despite having to leave a family dinner and come in at night,  the first thing Dr. Gould said to me was; "I keep meaning to tell you, Thank you, Dwight is the best cat we have ever owned. He is so good with our little daughter."

Update: October 2011 - I received some photos of Dwight from Dr. Gould. She says, "Here are a few pictures of Dwight.  He is cross-eyed and we just love his "look".  He has been the perfect addition to our family.  He is fun, yet gentle.  He LOVES my children.  Every night he tries to sneak into my daughter's room to sleep on her bed.  However, we have to keep him out or she will play with him instead of falling asleep.  With a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old, he can take a lot "love".  But... he would never bite  or hurt them.  He has such a big heart and just loves being close.  My favorite time is first thing in the morning when he will jump on me and start purring.  I just can't thank you enough for allowing my family to have Dwight."

  Dwight just before his 3rd birthday

Update: February 14th, 2012 - I was in to my Vet with Keva and inquired after Dwight. Dr. Schaefer told me that he is in excellent health and much loved. She said Dr. Gould told her one day, very seriously, that Dwight was her soul mate. :) She also owns a Whippet and a Mcaw. Don't you just love when a Siamese wins out over a puppy....more then man's best friend... SOUL MATE. lol
February 2015 - Here is Dwight taking a nap with his new buddy Hershey from Grainne's 2014 litter. His owner says they are "The Best Cats Ever!"

(Emerald - Seal Point) - Emmy

Emerald kept her diary name and goes by Emmy. It just fits her. She is a sporty, fun, gem of a girl. She lives with her family in Medford, MA

Update 4-2009- "Emmy wants to be near us at all times and sleeps on our bed. My dog-loving husband is head over heels in love with this kitten, and so am I. She is doing well and is such a wonderful addition to our lives."

"Are you sure you need to change the sheets Meowmy?"

Update: Oct 2009 - Kristen tells us Emmy's favorite play time is when she is changing the linens. She will roll on her back and likes her tummy rubbed. She also enjoys sitting at the window watching the birds.


"This is her favorite spot - the back of the couch on this soft blanket (which she's basically stolen from Keith). And as you can see here - although she likes to be near Keith -
what she really wants is that blanket! (lol)"


Update: Dec. 2009 - Emmy One Year Old - Kristen tells us "I am so glad that fate led me to your website and my reminiscing of Jada ~ so we could find our sweet Emmy. (I swear that Jada [past Siamese love of her life] is channeling through Emmy at times - Emmy will do something that makes me feel like Jada is right there with me. I know that sounds a little crazy, but it warms my heart.)


Update: May 2010 -  Emmy is still obsessed with the "birdie" Despite a basket full of toys and multiple gizmos and gadgets - she loves that thing.  She knows that somehow I make the bird "come to life"  so she will lay down next to it waiting for me to pick it up.  After a bit of play she "captures" it and struts out of the room triumphant. However, I haven't been able to teach her to bring it back! She wants to play more - but she's taken the bird away.  She is too funny. She is still our Diva. I love that friends who meet her are simply overwhelmed by the beautiful blue eyes.
Update: December 2010 - Emmy helping make the bed.

Update: September 2011 -  Kristen sent us some photos of Emmy. She says "She continues to be such an amazing addition to our lives. I can’t believe she will be 3 years old in December."

"Her daily toothpaste ritual – she grabs the tube to make sure I don’t take it away." says Kristen

Emmy in her favorite place – a box! 

(Amethyst - Seal Point) - Lily

Amethyst is now called Lily. A beautiful name that fits our beautiful girl. She lives with her new brother, three year old, Benjamin. They are at home with their family in Windsor, CT.

That is Lily tucked under Benny's chin napping.

Benny is not of our breeding.

Update: June 2009- Lynne tells us: "Lily is doing well. We are having a lot of fun with her. Her only bad habit is attacking any and all toilet paper left out, so we have to keep it in under the sink, in the cupboard, instead of on the t.p. holder. Through it all, she is the picture of innocence."


Fall 2008 litter - (Phinean & Keva)
Born - September 13th, 2008 - 1 Chocolate Point Female, 1 Chocolate Point Male, 3 Seal Point Males
(Elm - Chocolate Point) - Sasha

Elm is now called Sasha. She lives with her new family in Hopkinton.

Update: 2 weeks

After two weeks at home Sasha has made herself at home. Her owner tells us: "My desk is now Sasha's favorite place to be. I had no idea that kittens liked to watch videos and could help with online shopping. We're having lots of fun with household objects like paper bags and boxes.

I am also happy to report that she is an equal opportunity lap-napper. Doesn't matter who's lap it is as long as there is one!  Nothing says "Happy" like a warm sleeping cat in your lap.


Update:  photos



Update 2-09-

From Sasha's family: "A quick update about Miz Sasha--this past month it seems like she transformed into such a  grown-up, losing quite a bit of her kitten look.   She is loving high places and looking for new ones all the time--I am considering putting a shelf along the tops of the windows in the sunroom that she could access from her tree.  I think she'd really love that. Her favorite toy is the little real fur bi-colored mice.  She will play fetch for hours with those--she loves tearing after them and sliding on the wood floor, then turning around and pouncing.  I'm constantly finding her flat on the floor with her front legs shoved under the refrigerator or sofa, trying to scoop out wayward mice. She loves when we have visitors and always comes to say hi when the doorbell rings."

Update: Spring 2009- A little birdy told me Sasha was bored one morning and decided to play with the fish. She knocked the fish bowl off the counter and broke it....I just saw this same scene in a movie, lol.

Update: Fall 2009 one year old - Nancy tells us Sasha is a petite girl and weighed in at 6.6 lbs. for her one year vet check up. She must take after her grandma Maeve who has refined bones. She also has developed ghost stripes on her tail, She says, " her tail has developed faint stripes like a ring tailed lemur!"

 Nancy says," She's a sassy little thing. She's very friendly and curious and comes running when the doorbell rings."

"Now that the weather is turning cooler, she is back to being a heat seeking missile and is deigning to climb into our laps again.  He favorite position is stretched out full length on my legs when I have my feet up on the ottoman.  I don't need a blanket!"

"She talks all the time, sometimes just to hear the sound of her voice. She loves to be wherever we are" [ in the middle of what they are doing].
"We still have long play sessions every evening--she loves to chase da bird and other feather/wand toys. She can still be entertained for hours by a mouse tied onto a piece of fishing line."

 "The mice are still her favorite toy--a little bit of fetch and then she plays alone batting it all over the house."



Update: Dec 2009 - Sasha thinks.... The family tree would not be complete without an angel at the top...and makes it so.

Nancy writes, "I'm sure you know what the attached pictures are, before even opening them. :) 
She looks like the Grinch slithering her way up the trunk to pop out at the top. This girl is fearless.

October 2010 - Sasha became sick in October. After running a urine and blood test she was misdiagnosed with CRF by her Vet. Sasha was in acute renal failure thankfully her owner contacted us and we consulted with her and were able to get Sasha onto sub-q fluids and the right treatment. After a lot of expensive testing and an ultrasound of her kidneys they finally determined nothing was wrong with her kidneys and the most likely cause  for her bad test results was a kidney infection. Two rounds of antibiotics and her kidney function was back to normal. She is doing very well now.

Sasha's owners had to fight their Vet to get the right treatment she needed. The Vet only went along because they were so insistent. He was Very surprised that the treatment worked and so fast. Please get a second opinion anytime a healthy cat suddenly becomes ill. There are many many things that can cause liver and kidney values to go bad. Not all of them mean there is no hope.Their vet gave them very little hope of saving Sasha. From her first vet visit to getting the antibiotic was one week at the end of two weeks she was completely normal.  Fight for the health of your cat. They depend on you to be their advocate. 

December 2010 - Its that time of year and Sasha is back to her old tricks and helping to decorate the tree.


(Birch - seal point) - Rupert

Birch is now named Rupert and is home with his family in  Rhode Island. We are told he is having fun playing and has been a good boy in his new home.

Update: Oct 2009 - Ruperts family sent some photos and tells us " I couldn't have asked for a better cat for our family. Ruper is now 1 year and K. will be 3 next month. K. has a great appreciation of animals and Rupert is very loving, even when K. decides to play rough. Rupert normally sleeps under our covers at night or in bed with K. Like I said, I couldn't have asked for a better pet and "brother" for K."


Update: Rupert is one year old and we heard; " His vet check-up went very well. He's a healthy 8.7 lbs. The vet also said he is so gorgeous. I'd have to say so myself." from his owner

Update 2015:


(Oak - chocolate point) - Sammy

Oak is now called Sammy. He is home in Quincy, MA

Anne tells us:  "Sammy is doing great.  I did keep him from interacting with Gracie (resident Siamese not from us) for a full week because Gracie is afraid of her own shadow.  They played together this weekend (except at night - I need my sleep!)  I think Sammy will be king of our household!  He's so affectionate - he even comes when I call him.  If you look at him he purrs!"

Update: Fall 2009- Photos and weight are promised after Sammy's upcoming annual vet appt.  Anne tells us "Sammy is a great cat. He is sweet and very affectionate. He is territorial with Gracie and often chases her from their favorite spots around the house. (our bed, a special mat on the floor, my lap) He is much smaller than Gracie but he likes to rule the roost! Otherwise they love each other! They travel to the cape with us on the weekends. We place them in the same small carrying case and they are quite content for 2 or even 3 hours. It's interesting - Gracie asserts herself more at our cape house. 
 My daughter wants to have them with her while we are away [vacationing]. She does not live with us but our cats know her. Sammy falls on the floor at her feet whenever she visits."

(Spruce - seal point) and (Maple - seal point)- Maui and Omar

Spruce and Maple are now called Maui and Omar. They are home in Natick, MA

Update: January 2009


Pamela tells us: "Our boys are a joy.  Omar is still the cuddles boy and sits and purrs on me whenever he can.  Maui is more independent and I think of him as the hunter - tossing his toys in the air and always wanting to challenge Omar to serious play.  But I am amazed how good they are with one another.  Each has his own plate and even though Omar eats much more quickly he never tries steal from his brother."

"My house is filled with crunchie paper balls and tissue paper that is such fun to scamper in.  As you can see the boys have doubled in size because they eat well and exercise  madly all over the house.  And, of course, they are still crazy about their da-bird.  Maui has decided he loves to watch TV and also to play with my computer cursor. "


Update: four month and six month photos. Pamela tells us Omar is built more traditional and Maui tends to be more classic.


Omar and Maui at 6 months of age

Pamela tells us; "Omar and Maui continue to be a joy and I cannot believe how big they now are.  With a bit of effort, I think I could train Maui to fetch and retrieve a small ball.  His favorite game is chasing paper balls down the stairs and bringing them half up again.  However, this is still not as exciting as the Dar-bird where both boys now chatter and jump to tremendous heights.....I bought a double bed thinking they would like to share that...but no.  They both still crowd into the one small bed atop of their four-tiered perch." "Omar always monopolizes my lap - though last night Maui was there first and purring away. So we are all fine, healthy, and getting bigger by the day.... maybe even getting a little plump."

Update: fall 2009 - We've had an email with a promise of photos to come when she returns home from London. Pamela says " The boys are wonderful but different a bit in character.  Maui is social and doesn't run away from people, but Omar is very cautious and will bolt. Yet, when alone, one does not appear  alpha over the other.  They chase each other madly twice a day, are very very curious about everything.  Omar loves to pick anything he can up in his mouth and take it somewhere.  He will try to drag everything.  Maui gets our of his collar.  But then Omar will retrieve it.  He's like a mother cat...loves to carry things. Maui is funny, he likes to be with Gene when he does his back exercises on the floor. Gene will flick his fingers and Maui jumps back and forth over his torso...the record yesterday was 26 times....pretty good exercise for him.  Omar not interested... on the other hand Omar is always there on my neck when I work at the computer.  Both sleep together on the bed." "Their bodies now are both substantial and look very much alike still. Both both boys now have lovely coats and tails that stick up. Their fur is wonderful, thick. Neither one talks too much...and Omar tends to talk more than Maui.  So glad I have two of them because they are definitely loving brothers. One thing that is remarkable for Royal Canine is that I have no hairball throw ups....only one. Maui loves my cleaning lady and ignores the vacuum cleaner. Aren't they funny.  Don't know why Omar is not more social with others because he loves me to cuddle him and purrs on my shoulder. 

You know where Omar and Maui get their names from so I thought I would include a link to the Exhibition their owner has been hard at work on. Hailans to Ailans Contemporary Papua New Guinea Art The London opening reception was this past week. Along with events in the United Kingdom there are also events in Canada and the United States. 

Update: December 2009 - We received Omar and Maui's one year old photos.


Update: December 2010 - The boys had their two year check up. Their Vet said both boys were in great shape. Pamela tells us; " Omar, who was always the bigger eater is now ten pounds...down from eleven; Maui is nine and a half, down from ten.  She was not concerned and said they are a good weight for their frames. They were both wonderful at the vet....relaxed and no fuss at all.  I was surprised at the weight loss but both boys are obviously fine and very lively. We have mad runs twice a day and some da-bird jumping where Maui takes over."
Update: July 2011- Pamela writes, "Here are those photos of Omar and Maui just to show you how much pleasure our boys give us and thanks to you. Our boys are such characters, we love them dearly. The latest thing is that Omar yells and runs and wants to be petted on top of the washing’s a ritual. Maui isn’t as vocal, but he loves being massaged and rolls over waiting for Gene to do this. He has lots more time now he’s home. Both our boys still svelte because they run regularly everyday. Still no change in personalities. Maui will visit with everybody and Omar scuttles away at any new voice. But at home, he socializes and you would never know he had this timid side."

Since Omar likes to shoulder sit I am guessing this is Maui laid out on the desk and .....

.......Omar coming through to find his spot.

Omar and Maui July 2011 - a few weeks before their 3rd birthday.

Update: December 2012- Pamela wrote to us after Omar and Maui had their annual Vet visit for vaccinations. Their doctor found them to be in excellent health. Omar remains at ten lbs and Maui is now 8 lbs. He is a bit more slender this year but in his normal range. She says "We were complemented and so pass on the complements to you.  We love our boys who continued to bring great joy into our lives."

Spring 2008 litter - (Kian & Keva)
Born - February 28th, 2008 - 1 Chocolate Point Male, 1 Chocolate Point Female
(Snow - chocolate point) - Mao

Snow is now named Mao and he lives with his brother Tsing Tao (cherry from Keva's 2007 litter) and our vets family including two German Shepherds in MA.

With only one day at home we are told " ..... that Tsing Tao and Mao are getting along wonderfully.  Mao was very happy to see Tsing, started purring and rubbing against him immediately.  Tsing Tao thinks that Mao is ok, good toy to chase, pounce on, and chew.  No injuries!  They are cruising the house while we are home.  Haven't seen Tsing Tao this active.  They both love the feather toy you gave me.  Mao isn't so crazy about the dogs yet, but I am sure he will warm up to them.  Thank you for allowing me to adopt this wonderful kitten."

Update: Summer 2009 - Dr. Schaefer sent us some photos of Mao and Tsing Tao (Keva's Spring 2007 litter) she took with her new cell phone. Mao has his special petting time in the morning while Tsing Tao eats. He's kept busy so he won't push Tsing Tao out of the way and eat all his food too. At his last check up he weigh in at 11lbs 10 oz.


These photos are both of Mao.


Update: April 2010 - I get updates on Mao every time I have an appointment for one of the cats or litter of kittens. I have been remiss updating this page, I'm sorry.

After Mao lost his Pawpaw he withdrew and would only come out to accompany his brother Tsing Tao. He would get loving while he waited for his turn to eat. He often hid under the model train set. When his Meowmy had to travel he would go stay with friends and was a normal loving social Siamese. Back at home he was the same withdrawn cat. His owner was beginning to think he just didn't like her but she was not willing to give up on him. A couple months after Tsing Tao passed away a change came over Mao. He now wants to be social and in his owners lap whenever he can. If he can't find her he will call out to her. They are starting to have some conversations and she is seeing the loving social Siamese everyone else told he he was.

We really don't know why Mao behaved this way since he can't really tell us. Was he in mourning for the loss of his Pawapaw? Was it that he knew something was wrong with Tsing Tao and it stressed him? We will never know. What we do know is that the Siamese is an emotional breed that is sometimes hard to figure out. 

I am very happy to hear that Mao is moving on and enjoying his time with his if I can just get some photos, lol.

Update: August 2010 -  In a  quick email, "I am sitting on my couch after another long day.  My dogs are behind the couch on their bed but Mao is snuggled up close to me, sleeping soundly, purring when I pet him, now being the perfect cat for me.  I just thought I would pass this along and thank you for allowing me to have such a wonderful companion."
Update: Sept. 2010 - Photos THANK YOU!

  Mao two years old. ( chocolate point)

 Mao looking at his canine sister Aria. He's not quite sure he likes dogs very much. They clearly rank under his Siamese nobility.

Update: February 14th, 2012 - I asked how Mao was when I took Keva in for her kitten count and learned he is vacationing with friends, lol. While Dr. Schaefer was in Florida he went to stay with Jim's family and his cats 2 are Siamese. He made fast friends and has been sleeping in bed with them. Now they don't want to let him come back home, lol.  Mao doesn't like the new puppy (German Shepherd) at home. You know how puppies are all in your face and sniffing where they shouldn't, eating your toys and food and such....time will tell where Mao ends up living, lol.
Update: December 2012 - Mao decided he was quite happy with the cat family at his vacation home and adopted them. He is living with them on a permanent basis. Jim sent us some photos to share. He looks great with his new kitty buddies. Jim says "Mao will be 5 years of age in Feb. He is a mello snowball and sleeps in a clump with 2 other choco points."

Mao 2012 - Five years old

Mao is on the left with his head in the center.  Jim and his wife are former show cat breeders. Mao's two chocolate point companions are their show cats from different breeding lines. They are not from the lines we breed. A curiosity with the one on the right is her nose leather. She had pigment as a kitten and as she matured she lost all color in her nose leather. This is believed to be genetic and she was not used for breeding.

(Berry -Chocolate point) - Berry

Berry is keeping her diary name. 

She now lives in Iowa with her new big sister Lizzie a Corgi. She moved in and took over the house. She's figured out that Meowmy's nose is the button to push to wake her up. If that doesn't work she puts her nose in Meowmy's ear and turns her purrr on high. She is teaching Lizzie that Siamese are not herding animals.

Keepin' Pawpaw in his chair is hard work.

Update: Berry at five months old

Berry with her big sister Lizzie. Lizzie enjoys taking turns catching Da' Bird.

Update: November 2008 - Photos of Berry -Her owner tells us she is a sneak thief. She finds things around the house and picks them up in her mouth and runs off with them. She has two secret places she hides treasures so when something goes missing its the first place they look. She loves to snuggle and lap sit and is an adoring computer users companion.


Update: March 2009 -  Berry is a big love bug. Her owner tells us if there is a lap available she is in it. Berry responded very well to training. When her owner wants a Berry free surface she only has to apply some double faced tape. Berry really dislikes the sticky feel and will stay off the surface even after the tape is gone. Her mask is a deep dark chocolate. 

Berry's Pawpaw had surgery and she became his constant companion and nurse while he was laid up. He got a new hip and special bonding time with Berry.

Berry has become the latest resistance training accessory for the Wi fit. She catches the strap and adds resistance when her owner is trying to hold the remote still, lol.

She went in for her annual exam and weighs 9 lbs. She did not like going to the vet but was good once out of the carrier. She was very happy to return home and quickly forgave Nancy for taking her to get those shots.

Update: October 2009 We received a photo of Berry with her new sisters Tiggy and Callie. A feral momma cat left them in the middle of the yard with no protection just after they were born. Berry's Meowmy and Pawpaw watched over them waiting for the mom to return. She never did so they took them in and hand fed and raised them.


Update:  May 2010 - Berry lives with a very dear friend of mine. I hear about how she is doing frequently and as with Mao I have been remiss in updating her on this page. Nancy frequently tells me that Berry is in her lap warming her in the winter. Berry has been a good nurse through winter colds and hip replacement surgery. She is a very good kitty compared to Callie who tends to get into trouble, lol. She is reserved with guests visit. Sometimes she will hide but with some guests she has chosen as special she will play and lap sit. Nobody knows why some people are okay and others are not....I guess its that emotional Siamese thing again.
Update:  August 2010 - I talk to Berry's owner every day and I forget to add her comments to this page. Here is a bit from today " I woke up this morning to a little brown face staring at me, LOL Miss Berry decided it was time for me to get up. So, I pretended to be asleep...and she took her paw, ever sooooo gently and just kept touching my chin. I finally couldn't stand it and bust out laughing! She hasn't done that since she was a kitten! She wasn't demanding...but just sitting there patiently waiting for me to wake up. I am usually always up by 6am...and it was about 6:30. She was probably worried I was over sleeping..or checking to see if I was still alive, LOL"
Update:  September 2010 - Nancy Says Berry is a devoted lap warmer, companion and nurse when necessary. Her rescued calico sister is quite the lil stinker and gets into so much mischief. Berry is an quite angel by comparison, lol.
Update: September 2011- I hear updates from Berry's owner frequently but I don't always remember to add a note. I use emails to help me keep track and Nancy's updates are conversational not in email form. So I'm updating Berry today. Nancy Says Berry is always right there to snuggle up to her side at night in bed. She warms her lap when reading. Berry is always there to check on her and make her day better if she can.
Update: January 2013 - I have to remember to update as I hear about her frequently from my friend. Berry is a healthy and happy cat. She continues to be a great lap warmer. She has been doing her job as companion, staying at the side of her family members thru this bad flu season.

Fall 2007 litter - (Balor & Finola)
Born - October 21st, 2007 - 2 Chocolate Point Females, 1 Seal Point Female, 1 Blue Point Male
(Pumpkin - chocolate point) - Coco

Pumpkin is now named Coco and lives with her family in Leominster, MA.

Update: Coco is settling with her new family. Here are some photos from day two at home.


Coco learns about her Siamese heritage during story time.



Learning his hard work for a kitten and deserves a little nap time. :)

Update: April 2008 - Six months old - her family says " Coco is the most wonderful cat we've ever had!  She has def. changed my perspective about male vs. female cats.  Coco has the best personality in a cat.  She is SUPER with the kids. She lets the kids pet her and pick her up whenever they want even if she doesn't look so comfortable she still lets them do it for a few seconds and then squirms to let go, but is absolutely NEVER aggressive with them. ~ she loves sleeping in our son's bed.  Although she jumps up on our daughter's bed every night and cuddles with her for a couple minutes when I put her to bed as if to say goodnight ~ She loves watching all the squirrels and birds.  And she has earned her keep around here already.  She caught two mice that we didn't know we had since she's been here.  She's quite a little hunter.  I really can't say enough nice things about her and we get so many compliments on how beautiful she is and what a great personality she has. Coco truly is a joy!  We just love her so much!"


Update: Coco is one year old and we received more photos. Her owners tell us "She is definitely part of the family and still the greatest cat we've ever known.~ She still LOVES to play.  She loves to get the kids wooden alphabet pieces and knock them down the basement stairs.  I can't tell you how many kid toys have gone "missing"

June -Aug. 2008



Coco hangin' with her peeps. Her owner tells us that Coco chooses to sit this way on the couch frequently and seem very comfortable. She was not posed.


Coco has switched from Sleeping with her boy to sleeping with her girl at night but she still makes sure to take naps with her boy.

October 1 yr old

Coco is in J's homework box wait for her to come home.


I'm still the baby aren't I?

Update: Summer 2009 - Stacy tells us Coco started "coughing". At her last Vet visit the doctor determine she has Asthma. Taking 1/2 a tablet of Delta Albaplex a day keeps her symptom free. She says "She is still the BEST cat ever!!!!" and "She doesn't let it get her down." "Coco still LOVES her bird feather. She is a very gifted jumper. She still loves getting into trouble. Her newest thing is getting up on the mantel and knocking stuff down. And getting on the table if the kids leave their water cups and knocking those down. She'll pretty much knock anything down off anything, the kitchen counter, J's dresser, etc. She sleeps on J's bed now."
"She is truly a member of the family and we love her so much. As a matter of fact when I started writing this email she was laying on my lap. I'm sure she sends her love."


(Rain - blue point) - Maxwell Rain

(Rain - blue point)

Rain is now named Maxwell Rain and lives with his new family in Grafton, MA.

Update: Maxwell's new family sent us some photo's and let us know how well he is doing. I think Stacey said it best so I will let her words tell you...."We are totally in love with Maxwell.  He is on my lap right now.  It is like having your second child, and thinking you will never love him as much as your first and then they join your household and you can’t picture life without him. ~  I forgot what it is like to have a kitten – He is so much fun."



Max and resident blue point Benny are now buddies. Benny taking on the role of groomer.

Update: Aug 2008


Update: December 2008 - Maxwell's One year old photos




(Fern - chocolate point) and (Holly - seal point) - Pixie and Zuzu

Fern is now named Pixie and lives with her sister Holly who is now named Zuzu. They are at home with their family in Melrose, MA


Update: On Zuzu and Pixies first day home, their owner tells us, Pixie was the leader in exploration. Zuzu would call to her sister and when Pixie wouldn't come Zuzu would run and find her. Michelle sat on the floor with a blanket and Pixie came and curled up between her legs. Then Zuzu joined her for a nice nap.  A week later they are both sleeping in the bed. Zuzu is usually the first one in and gets closest, but this morning Pixie was on Michelle's chest purring up a storm.

 They have their favorite toys. She says Zuzu is a toy hog but Pixie has one wand toy that is her special toy. Pixie will growl if Zuzu comes near it and Pixie hauls it off wand and all. They have a grand time racing around the room, up the cat tree, and up and down the stairs. Their sister ambush tactics are funny too. At a week and a half home When Michelle is on her computer Zuzu curls up in her lap and  Pixie has taken to napping on the desk in front of her.


"Meowmy, I want to go with you today."

Update: April 2008 -6 months old - Pixie likes to make biscuits on Meowmy's neck before bed and again when she wakes up in the morning. Unless Zuzu slips under the sheets and drapes herself over Meowmy for some purring and petting before Pixie gets up to make the biscuits. They like to carry things up and down the stairs and hide them.....Even the camera that took these pictures. At 6 months Pixie is 7 pounds and Zuzu is 6.8 pounds. They love to chase each other around the house and it sounds like a stampede of horses.


Pixie 6 months old


Zuzu 6 months old

Update: One year old photos. Their owner tells us: "We are blessed to have Zuzu and Pixie. They are a joy to have around. Pixie is slightly more aggressive, but it's hard to tell since they both give each other a pretty good swat and tackle. Pixie is bigger and uses this to her advantage in the "ring". But Zuzu is a little more cunning. They've both learned to use a cat windoor to go from the living room to the enclosed porch. Zuzu just a bit more coordinated which seems to be due to her more compact body. She's smaller and a little more petite than Pixie who is long. Pixie is still making biscuits on my neck. It is the one time she purrs and really lets you scratch and pet her. She still has a favorite toy that she is again growling with. We hadn't taken it out in a long time and toys are the one area that Zuzu is more aggressive in for sure, so when her favorite came out she made everyone aware that it was hers. They are both curious and a bit mischievous. The difference is Pixie doesn't care while Zuzu will listen. They're both friendly with visitors, but Zuzu usually checks things out from afar before sauntering in.


Pixie at one year old

Zuzu at one year old


Update: Zuzu and Pixie are enjoying their summer. Michelle tells us that when she is outside the girls cry and call to her so she bought them their own enclosure so they can be near her when she is gardening or sitting outside. They each take turns going for walks on leash. "Last year Pixie was belly to the ground, but this year she's a regular old explorer and gets impatient when it's not her turn. Zuzu on the other hand waits for her turn and is fine with Pixie being on her walk." "They still play like kittens and are a joy to have around. Each is unique and we love them for their quirks. Pixie for her neck biscuits- anytime I lie on the bed, she cries for me to flip to her preferred side and starts with her biscuit making. Zuzu has to be a bit stealthy since Pixie gets jealous, so she comes under the covers for some petting and scratching and makes biscuits in the blanket."

Seal point Zuzu

Chocolate point Pixie

Zuzu and Pixie watching birds in their screened house.


Update: August 2010 - Zuzu and Pixie are just perfect together.....They're doing great and just got some new toys that they are having fun with. They spend as much time snuggled up together as they do on their own. At least once a day they zoom around after each other and roll around play fighting. After Zuzu uses the litter box she usually zips around like crazy. Pixie is much more refined in her business., daintily stepping away from the box.

They go outside on their leashes almost every day for some investigating and grass eating. They'd both go out more if they could and Zuzu really gives me the business talking up a storm to get me to take her out. She just hangs at the door, waiting and meowing her head off. She's got the staff around her trained pretty well. Actually both are pretty good managers. If I'm outside with Zuzu, Thomas says Pixie runs around crying until he takes her out.

Pixie loves to help make the bed. Whenever I change the sheets she's in there rolling around on the bed. She frequently sends Zuzu packing if she thinks she has the better spot- usually closer to me. She's still at her biscuits.  If she's already in her nest sleeping and I go to sleep later, she will get up after I go to bed and come in for the biscuit routine. She still cries for me to roll over if I'm on the "wrong" side. And it is still the ONLY time she purrs. So funny, I hope she never stops. Zuzu does her biscuits in the blanket and purrs, she purrs when she snuggles up and still likes going under the covers. Neither one is a lap cat, but Zuzu does come in for a snuggle and some attention from time to time. But they both like to be wherever I am.

Zuzu likes to be brushed (always has),but Pixie doesn't like it at all. I don't know if she's more sensitive and it feels too scratchy or tickles- but she always bites the brush. She's also a master at getting her collar off. It doesn't bother Zuzu, but Pixie's always taking her's off. Pixie's fur is also very very soft, like a kitten. Everyone that pets her always says that.

Zuzu is smaller (has a shorter body) than Pixie but she weighs more and is the bigger eater. Pixie is just long.

It's been a while since I sent an update and I wanted to let you know how they are doing. I'll send some pictures soon. We feel like we have the best girls in the world and are still as smitten with them as the first day they came home with us. I'm so happy to have found Black and Tan since it led us to them.
September 2011 -Zuzu and Pixie are coming up on their 4th birthday.  Michelle wrote to say, "The girls as they're known are doing great. They love being in the same room with me and are as prone to being snuggled up together as they are to race each other around and play fight (stare down contests, some mild paw gesturing, and a gentle bites to the other's foot to get a point across included). They also still love to come outdoors in their harnesses and hang out in the back yard. When they're inside they like to sleep a lot in their nests (on the bed, top of the dresser, on the front porch) and in their cat tree. And of course look at the crazy wildlife - mom's favorite is this cute "blonde" squirrel- she says she just likes him because he' s different and the other squirrels pick on him. As long as he stays out there we're fine with it... Once in a while this turkey comes around in the winter which is strange. We eat turkey so he better watch it. They both talk to me- Zuzu yells at me to go outside sometimes and is really insistent. Sometimes she gets her way. Who could say no to that little face. Pixie is the bed maker and is always helping when the sheets are changed, rolling around smoothing things out. Pixie will find herself in another room by herself and start calling so I have to tell her where I am so she knows she's not alone and she's okay. Anyway, here are some pictures from the past year. Can't believe they're almost four years old! Pixie is still soft as a kitten. Still loving having them around and I think they kind of like it here too."

Pixie ~ four years





Zuzu ~ 4 years

Zuzu seal point and Pixie chocolate point


Update: March 2012 I checked in with Michelle to see how the girls are doing...after yahoo sent me one of those emails not from her... She tells us, "The girls are great! Watching squirrels and birds and chasing each other around. Zuzu's been interested in snuggling up for some lovin' when I watch TV. Pixie reigns in the bedroom- always having to give me neck biscuits and getting jealous when Zuzu comes to me for attention. She will sit on my hip (I'm a side sleeper protecting her kingdom). "
Update: Oct 2012 - Zuzu and Pixie turned 5 today and we received some birthday photos. Michelle says, "They still like to play with their toys. Zuzu likes to toss things up in the air and is mischievous in knocking anything and everything off a flat surface (dresser, counter, etc.) like coins, barrettes, chapstick and so on. Pixie has a few favorites, like this wand with a furry string with a spiderlike attachment. I've never seen another like it. They both like to bat around those Hex nano bugs- problem is it always gets stuck somewhere and I have to retrieve it (even if I try to contain the area).They still go outside on their leashes, Pixie likes to walk the sidewalk and visit the neighbors .Zuzu is more of a backyard girl and needs to have her safety tent to get into, otherwise she won't stay out long, though she's very vocal in wanting to get out. Pixie still insists on giving her neck biscuits before she'll settle down for the night and Zuzu likes to come under the covers for a snuggle and blanket biscuits and snuggles up for some belly rubs whenever I'm in the "TV chair". Pixie prefers to sit on the DVR and watch the TV. So all's well in Zuzu and Pixie land!"

   Pixie  & Zuzu at 5 years of age


Update:  Jan 2017-  Pixie all dressed up for Christmas

Pixie with new buddy Madeline

Spring 2007 litter - (Kian & Keva)
Born - June 12th, 2007 - 1 Seal Point Female, 2 Chocolate Point Males, 1 Seal Point Male.
(Sky - seal point) - Lucy - CFA registered as BLACK&TAN LUCY IN THE SKY

Sky kept her diary nickname and lives with her new family in Belchertown, MA.

Sky relaxing with her new brother

Update October 2007- Sky reaching for her Siamese companion Salina. 

Update December 2007- Six month old photos of Sky


Update: March 2008- We received a nice email updating us on our favorite robust girl Sky. Her owner says she is a happy girl, very playful and quite affectionate. She likes to snuggle in tight to her owner for a good nights sleep. She gets along well with all the family pets. Sky, being the beautiful girl she is, she enjoys helping  Lucinda put her earrings and jewelry on in the morning. Lucinda says, "Sky is extremely quick and agile and I think this has to do with her muscularity. In yoga they would say she has "core" strength. She is the fastest of all the cats and has very good "hang time" as they say in sports. She jumps and then seems to hang in the air for a second before she lands. She
uses that "pass through" from the kitchen as a springboard to become airborne and flies right over my head to land in the middle of the rug in the next room. By comparison the other Siamese, Salina (from another breeder) who has that delicate build, is quite clumsy and falls off things all the time."

That is Sky on the chair....

...then on the floor

Update: 2009



The two dominate cats in the forefront and Sky at the back.

Sky is in the lower left corner.



Update: May 2010 - I received an email from Sky's owner. Her Vet told her that Sky is too stressed by living with 4 other cats. Two kittens were added to the home after Sky was placed. 

After a frightful email from Sky's owner we went and rescued her.

To keep Sky's stress level as low as we can she is now staying in Kate's room away from all of our cats.

June 2010 - Sky has been very affectionate. She loves to be petted and during petting to be in contact with us. When she is happy she will make biscuits in the air but prefers to have all four of her paws on my skin. She will reach out to touch our skin even making them on my cheek, lol. She purrs up a storm. She stills shows her fear and worry when she hears noises outside her door. She sleeps at night in full body contact with Kate. 

July 2010 - Sky has gone to stay with a loving family. She is working on learning about her new family and safe environment and healing. She makes progress then has a set back. She is young and had a solid nurtured beginning. We hope that with time she will heal and begin taking more steps forward and less back. She is very affectionate and enjoys the time she shares with her family.
September 2010 - I picked up Sky and brought her to Apple Country Animal Hospital for rehabilitation. 
November 2010 - While staying with them Sky formed a relationship with a lady who was bringing in her elderly cat for treatments. This gentle soft spoken friend learned Sky's language and a new side of Sky emerged. The staff told me that Sky would completely change when she knew her her friend was in the clinic.
December 2010 - When I was in to have Fenya's kitten count done I learned that sadly Sky's friend's had cat passed away. When one door closes a new one opens and Sky went to live with this new family at the end of November. She is happy she can live with her new "cat whisperer" Meowmy. She is also very happy with her new Pawpaw. She sleeps in bed curled up next to his head. Dr. Schaefer is confident this family will be the forever family to meet Sky needs. Sky also has a girl to play with but she needs time to remember and learn about children. She also has a couple of dog siblings she hasn't met yet. 
February 2011 - I learned that Sky again presented with blood in her urine so she had an ultrasound. She had small stones in her bladder. They have probably been there since she started having the "cystitis" symptoms but they weren't shedding crystals and couldn't be seen on x rays. 
Dr. Schaefer doctor did cystotomy surgery on her and removed about 20 small oxalate stones. These are the kind that can't be dissolved by diet. They were most likely a result of her system not liking the food she was on.
Pet food manufacturers acidify food to prevent the struvite crystals from forming. These are the most common type of uninary crystals. Unfortunately if food is to far that way then the oxalate crystals form. The oxalatecrystals are jagged  and cause damage to the lining of the bladder. They cannot be passed in urine. Hopefully being on a quality food this will solve her urinary troubles. Dr. Schaefer says her prognosis is excellent.
(Sage - chocolate Point) - Skeeter

Sage is now named ChaiSohn also nicknamed Skeeter. 

He is at home in Marlboro, MA and will soon be moving with his family to the Houston area of TX.



Update: October 2007 It's hard to believe from these lovely photos but Skeeter's owner tells me he has endless energy and is happy to play non stop.


At home lounging on top the curio cabinet.

Update: February 2008- 8 months of age.  By chance I ran into Skeeter at the Vet's office. He was getting checked over before his trip to Texas.. I was surprised by how big he is. He weighs over 10 pounds. He is beautiful and has filled out so nicely. I wish I had my camera with me. He looks so much like his grandpa Balor. Nice traditional head and full bodied. It was great seeing him!.

Update: April 2008 - Skeeter's owner reports he has continued to grow larger. He now has a large three season porch with two large cat condos as his play ground. They are both enjoying their new home in sunny TX.




Update: Skeeter's One year birthday photos - His owner tells us that he is a busy boy and likes to be on the go. She doesn't like to be away from him and she can't imagine being without him. When she does return home "he "thunders" to the front door and stretches out at my feet to be stroked and assured that I am, indeed, home.  Then he is off again.  Occasionally, when I am working at the computer, he will jump up onto the desk, insist on being cuddled, and go to sleep being held and loved.  But he is most "attached at" night.  He has to be touching me "to the max.""




Update: Skeeter's photos at 18 months - His owner tells us; "He is still a blur of motion and still the love of my life.  He insists on playing with "Da Bird" at least twice a day.  When he is done, he crashes in the armchair.  And he is a real pest when I play the piano!  I love the way he snuggles with me at night and insists on being held when I work at the computer.  All work comes to a halt until he gets his "love fix." "






Update: Skeeter turns two years old. Val tells us: "It is hard to believe I went so long without a Siamese baby.  He is the love of my life.  He wants to play all the time.  When I work at the computer, he sits at my feet and cries.  If I ignore him, he stands on his hind legs, puts a soft paw on my arm, and gives me a soft cry.  If I continue to ignore him, he bites me on the elbow and runs.  He returns to nip until I finally give up and give him the required attention.  Occasionally the attention is simply to hold and love him until he gets his fill.  Occasionally he will crawl under the computer stand and curl up.  But more often we have to play chase and then play with "Da Bird."  Every day I look at him and appreciate the love we share." "I keep expecting him to turn darker but he is still quite light and quite beautiful if I do say so myself. "



Helping Meowmy compute


Soaking up the sun


That feels good and Meowmy is home!

Update: June 2010 - Skeeter tuned 3yrs and we received birthday photos :) The past few months he and his owner moved into a new friends. He was not to keen at having strange trades people coming and going finishing up construction details but now that they are done he is very content in his new place.

Val tells us, "Skeeter  has lost his screened-in back porch but has gained a 35 foot enclosed front sunporch. He can now watch the sailboats on the lake and stalk the deer that are always here to entertain him (and eat up all my plants!) Skeeter has had a lot of adjusting to do... a much bigger space.... his biggest adjustment was negotiating hardwood floors! Being used to wall-to-wall carpet, he had a hard time learning to get any traction for his races through the house and he couldn't figure how to stop until he skidded into a backstop! But some area rugs and some experience have improved his locomotive skills. Most importantly, he has learned how to cuddle with me at times other than at bedtime. That was what I missed the most... he wouldn't cuddle except at night. Now we cuddle in the big rocker on the sun porch watching the lake or watching TV or reading. Maybe it's the fact that we never had a big rocker before or maybe it's that he is "getting older" but whatever... I love it. He just had his yearly checkup and is doing great and he behaved so well as she examined him. Sweet Skeets remains at about 10 pounds and looks so sleek and pretty.
I can't tell you how much he means to me and how grateful I am that you let me have him. I can't even conceive of living here without him."

Skeeter 3 yrs old

Skeeter 3 yrs old

Skeeter 3 yrs old

(Cherry - chocolate point) - Tsing Tao

(Cherry - chocolate point)

Cherry is now named Tsing Tao. He now lives with our Vet and her family near Stow, MA

Maeve adopted him as "her kitten".

Update: October 2007, Tsing Tao is growing well. He is almost as big as his grandmother Maeve. He is a quiet kitty with a very laid back personality like his father Balor. He is very easy going and lets us hold him any way we want. He enjoys pouncing on the moving thing under the covers and attacks it with zeal. 

Update: Summer 2008 - Tsing Tao has a new little brother from Keva's Spring 2008 litter. They also live with two German Shepherd brothers.

Update: Fall 2008 - Tsing Tao and Mao enjoy going out the dog door and into the fenced run. Sometimes they catch leaves and bring them into the house. Recently they brought a chipmunk into Pawpaw's office and played tag with it. Each cat sat on either side of the room and tagged the chipmunk as it ran back and forth. Tsing Tao got so excited he had to lie down and rest...the chipmunk made its escape into the house....I wonder if he found his way out the dog door. No one knows.

Update: Summer 2009 -We get updates on Tsing Tao and his brother Mao every time we visit the vet but we are excited to finally get some photos...cell phone photos are better then no photos!

Tsing Tao and Mao (Keva's spring 2008 litter) are seasoned travelers and enjoy their summer home and visiting with Aunt Robin and her Pugs. Tsing Tao like to run and play hard until his heart tells him to rest. He is waiting with his German Shepherd brothers at the door when his owner comes home. Mao usually peeks from around a corner to see what's happening.

Tsing Tao at 2 years of age at his last check up he weighed 9 lbs 10oz. Dr. Schaefer says he is skinny and smaller because of his heart. It was expected he would not have the same growth as a normal kitten. He is beginning to have symptoms of his heart failing. He coughs occasionally and no longer jumps up onto the bed or tables. He waits to be lifted up.

Update: Fall 2009 - After one of my office visits I gave Dr. Schaefer a lift home and was able to stop in and see Tsing Tao for a few minutes. What a beautiful cat he is. He has beautiful deep point color, better then his mum and dad. He was a perfect gentleman and allow me to hold him and love on him. I've often wondered if one of our kittens would remember my voice, I don't think he did. His brother was quite the scamp and wouldn't let me near him. So much for baby  imprinting, lol. It was a last minute decision for me to lend a ride so I didn't have my camera with me. I wish I had. He is quite a striking Siamese and that phone photo just doesn't do him justice.

Update: January 2010 - Tsing Tao is still going and snuggling.

Update: February 2010- Tsing Tao passed away from his heart defect. I know he is happy to be reunited with his human pawpaw who went to heaven before him.

(Raven - seal point) - Marley


Raven is now formally named Marley. His nickname is Ziggy. He is at home with his new family in Scarborough, ME.

Update: Home photo's of Ziglet, another nickname.


Here he is relaxing and spreading love to his new big brother Cooper, the gentle giant.

Update: February 2008  Marley "Ziggy" at 8 months and his family writes: "Ziggy is so great!!  He is good natured and always ready to come when I call.  He loves to lie on my husband's shoulders.~ He's such a sweet cat, we all love him- especially my husband who was the one most resistant to getting a second cat. Cooper is Ziggy's grandpa. They are buddies, although I think Ziggy is the one who trails after Cooper the most."



Seal point 8 months old


Summer 2006 litter - (Kian & Maeve)
Born - July 9th, 2006 -  1 Seal Point Female, 2 chocolate point females
(Coquina- seal point & Murex-chocolate point- Coco and Cinnamon

Coquina at about 6 weeks of age    Murex at about 6 weeks of age

Coquina is now named Coco and Murex is named Cinnamon. They are at home together in Clinton, Massachusetts. Coco has taken up a new hobby, bird watching.

Coco 14 weeks 


Update: Coco & Cinnamon at 4 months


Update - 9 months of age. 

Cinnamon top and Coco bottom

Coco  Cinnamon 


Update 12- 2007: Coco & Cinnamon's owners say the girls are doing fabulous. They can not bear to be separated from Carol. She says even if they are asleep they will wake up and follow her to another room. Coco is displaying the Siamese dog like character. She runs back and forth in the hall wanting to play. Cinnamon takes the more royal position of don't bother me until I'm ready. When she is ready she lap sits and cuddles like a baby. Carol says she is truly a character.


Update: April 2009 - We've heard that Coco and Cinnamon became snowbirds and went to Florida in January for a visit. They had a wonderful time.

Update: July 2012 - We've had a nice update from Coco & Cinnamon. Carol and Gene tell us: "They're turning 6 yrs old on 9 July and are happy healthy cats and full of mischief. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoy Coco and Cinnamon." 

Here are a few of the photos.

Love these photos of wintering in Juno, FL.


Coco 6 years old

Cinnamon 6 years old

Cinnamon & Coco

Coco 2012 six yrs


(Olive - seal point) - Black&Tan Finola Guinness

Olive is at home here with us. Her new name is Finola. Look for cameo appearances of her in future litter diaries. 

Finola has her own queens page Black&Tan Finola Guinness

Olive  at about 6 weeks of age

7 months of age  7 months of age

7 months of age  9 months of age

  Update  Finola at one year of age. Sorry I couldn't get a good photo of her with her eyes open all the way.















Update   See Finola and her kittens in Finola's 2007 Kitten DiaryFinola's 2008 Kitten DiaryFinola's 2009 Kitten Diary

Update:  Finola has gone home as a pet with one of her kittens from her 2010 litter. See more updates about her with Finnegan on his entry above.
Update: July 2011 - Finola only having known one home had a hard time with her transition. Siamese are emotional cats. Like humans they have to mourn the loss of their human companions. It took Finola about a year. I've heard from Chris that she is starting to form new attachments and and everyday routines now. 

Chris tells us. "Good news is that Finola is doing much better. She has developed her own little habits and acceptance of us.

Finola for some reason loves to be in a little tent for the day. So, every morning, she insists before I go to work that I build her a tent on my side of the bed.
Ken is usually on the other side of the bed still sleeping. I make a little nest for her and she goes right in to it.
Finnegan can join her at certain times of the day.
I create a little flap at the end of the tent where she can hide and watch birds in the woodpecker bird feeder. It is so cute when a Northern Flicker comes to eat at the box, Finola gets so excited.
Finnegan is also an avid bird watcher and spends most of his day trying to get them.

Finola has even let me cut her claws and not been too upset and she does love to be brushed.
She still can be scared of us and worries if we are going to do something to her."

Spring 2006 litter - (Balor & Maeve)
Born - February 11th, 2006 - 1 Blue Point Male, 1 Chocolate Point Female, 1 Seal Point Male, 2 Seal Point Females
Lilac - blue point) - Black&Tan Tymo Mostiamo

Lilac is now named Black&Tan Tymo Mostiamo and lives in the Netherlands at Cattery Mostiamo

Lilac at 6 weeks of age

Tymo is the father of Grand International Champion Dorian Gray of Cat Cramer and Champion Ansari Mostiamo

Tymo at home with Monique

Update - Tymo 6 months of age. Monique tells us he weighs about 4 kilo (8.8 pounds)

Update  Sept.2006  Tymo attended his first cat show on Sept 24th. Here are a few photo's of him at the show. 

Monique says "We’ve had a lot of positive reactions from many  people. (He won a little prize because the public liked him most) His report was excellent." 

 comments in blue italics are from me.

He received this report from the judge:

Written in German then translated to Dutch and then to English so we could read it :) Thank you Monique!

Type: excellent

Size: excellent  harmonious proportion, exc. legs and paws

Head: good type but a little bit straight profile, good chin, excellent placed medium-sized ears

Eyes: beautiful form, beautiful clear mid-blue eyes

Tail: excellent form and length

Coat: very well structure, very beautiful light-colored body color, very beautiful

Condition: excellent

Completion: very beautiful, sweet and very good well-groomed young cat


This is a wonderful result from his first show.

Monique says the funny thing was while talking to the staff of Neocat about whether Tymo was Thai or Siamese (the staff hadn’t seen Tymo yet) the judge wanted him in the competition for Best in Show! Because Neocat does not recognizes a registered Siamese as a Thai cat  they would not allow him to go to the best in show. Neocat as many other show clubs sees Thai cats as a different breed from Siamese Cats.

For more on Thai Cats click here

Tymo & Peter signing in at the show











Tymo gets his award








Update - Tymo one year of age.










Update  New photo of Tymo, July 2007








Update  New photo of Tymo, Sept 2007












Updated Photos: December 2007 Tymo was at a cat show still trying to get a determination as a Thai cat. Here are some lovely photo's from that day.


Update: June 2008 - Tymo's owner in the Netherlands tells us "Tymo is still a wonderful cat with a tremendously character. All breeders who has come to us with their cat for a meeting (stud service) with Tymo are speaking about the characters of his kittens. They are open and free, have a lot of energy and are very friendly, never nervous. I feel proud that I can tell you this and I want to tell you again that we are so happy with him! "

This photo was taken of him at 2 years of age. He is snuggled up with two of his girl friends at Cattery Mostiamo.

Update: Tymo has now retired from breeding. His daughter Mona is going to carry on the line at Cattery Mostiamo as a registered Thai Cat.


Tymo's daughter Mona


Dracula of Cat Cramer, Tymo's son born in 2007, in Germany became a World Champion in the World Cat Federation. Alan Edwards a long time judge in the cat fancy (35 years!)  tells me "It is the highest honour in WCF and is very difficult to attain."  2011 World Champion Dracula of Cat Cramer can be seen on the page; WCF Hall Of Fame, World Champion page at  A nice large photo of him can be seen here



(Ruby - chocolate point) - Black&Tan Keva Guinness

Ruby is at home here with us. Her new name is Keva and she can be see on her queen page. She can also be seen in photos of her in her Kitten Diaries.

Ruby at 6 weeks of age

Keva one year of age

December 6, 2011 - Keva had her annual check up. She is will turn 6 in February and the Vet says she is in wonderful health. Her teeth and gums look great. She have not needed to have her teeth cleaned by the vet yet. She weighed in at 8 pounds. The doc says she looks good but I think she is on the thinner side of her normal size.
(Cobalt -seal point)  - Cocoa

Cobalt is now named Cocoa and lives in Natick, Massachusetts.

Cobalt 6 weeks of age


(Jade & Amber -seal points)  - Koota and Jibelle

Jade at 6 weeks of age    Amber at 6 weeks of age

Jade is now named Koota and Amber is now named Jibelle. They are at home together in Waltham, Massachusetts.

After a hard days work as tissue inspector, Belle puts her feet up in her new home. ;)   Checking out  a new home is hard work and requires cats naps regularly.

Update: June 2006

Belle Meowing    Belle in the sink

Belle is facing the camera Koota telling Steven which card to play next.  Picking out which new toys to buy? Koota is on the right.  Koota

Koota  Koota 

Update: January 2012 - 



Koota and Belle had their annual check up. They were given a excellent health report with the exception of Koota's dental exam. Gingivitis was noted and a recommendation of a cleaning was made. She went in for her cleaning in September2011. The doctors found her teeth were worse then they expected. She had to have teeth extracted. Beth kindly consented to sending us her Vet records.  In 2009 Koota's dental report said her teeth were normal, no tartar, mild gingivitis was observed. Both girls were eating Purina Dental dry kibble (this food is no longer manufactured by Purina).  In 2010 the gingivitis was observed as significant, but no plaque, only mild tartar. Belle's dental reports are all normal healthy reports. While doing her dental cleaning the doctors did a biopsy of the tissue of the right maxillary gingiva. The comments of that report state "This pattern of inflammation is rather non specific as to etiology [cause of disease] and could be caused by any regional infection or injury. This pattern of inflammation could be consistent with an infected case of feline plasma cell stomatitis (particularly if the inflammation is generalized, multifocal and recurrent) The pathogenesis [mechanism by which the disease is caused] of feline plasma cell stomatitis is not completely known." On 11/30/2011 Koota was rechecked and her surgery sites were looking good. She also had blood work and a kidney panel done and her results were normal. Beth will stay in touch with us on her future progress to report if there is any recurrent episodes.

I talked to Dr. Schaefer (my Vet) about Koota's teeth. She agreed with the owners vet that the dental issue is of unknown cause. It happens in all cats. They see many domestic cats with this too. Keva from this same litter has excellent condition teeth. Dr. Schaefer's Siamese Mao & Dr. Gould's Siamese Dwight are also in excellent dental health.

Koota 2011


We also learned that Belle was euthanized on 10/28/2011.  Amber - We hope you are back with your momma Maeve now.

Beth also kindly shared Belle's Vet records with us. As stated above, Belle has had excellent health reports every year. She went in for her vaccinations on 3/11/2011 and again received a healthy report with no problems. Beth told me it was because of this excellent report that she dismissed a change in behavior in Belle. Belle seemed to become finicky about her food after her owners had to make a trip away from home on 4/16/2011. Sometimes we all wonder if our cats change their behavior to show their dislike of our leaving them. Magi does every time we go away. Belle's owners bought other foods to see if she wanted a change. She ate but not as she once did. It wasn't until 5/18/2011 when Belle stopped being her playful self they realized something was really wrong. Belle was taken to the animal hospital.  Their doctor determined she was in Acute Renal Failure. By the time a cat becomes symptomatic for kidney disease they have already lost 2/3's of their kidney function.  They treated her with the standard kidney failure protocol. Over the next few months Belle's kidney values continued to get worse. She was tolerant of treatment in the beginning but as she got sicker she began to fight it. In the end they followed her wishes. A major cause of kidney disease in younger cats is an undetected kidney infection. With hindsight Belle's owner feels this was probably the case. She was unable to catch it soon enough to reverse the damage.  A urinalysis and culture was not preformed on Belle's urine. A diagnostic kidney ultrasound and/or a kidney biopsy was also not done. Her vet was unable to determine the cause of her kidney failure.

Belle's diagnosis of ARF is stated in her record. There was some confusion for Belles owner because they mentioned all the possible causes they could look at and gave her a CRF hand out. Treatment for ARF and CRF are basically the same. Many Vets use these terms interchangeably. CRF is really a long term chronic condition of the elderly cat.  ARF is a sudden kidney event that can sometimes become CRF if the event is not countered quickly enough and properly. Unfortunately Belle's kidney damage could not be reversed, too much time had passed. This often happens because cats by nature hide their symptoms from us when they are not feeling well. 

I talked to Dr. Schaefer (my Vet) about Belle and had a kidney panel run on Keva (same litter). Her levels were normal. I also inquired about Dr. Schaefer's Siamese Mao & Dr. Gould's Siamese Dwight are also in excellent health.

If you are an owner of one of our cats and are reading this, Please, if your cat becomes sick contact us asap. We can't help you if we are not informed and we want to help. Belle's passing has brought it home to us that we need to add a page on kidney health, arf, & crf. This is a link to that page: Protecting Your Cat's Kidneys

Beth has promised to send us some grown up photos of the girls. She said Belle picked her as her favorite. She was their naughty kitty who was full of curiosity and energy. As a kitten she found a space in the toe kick of the kitchen and used that area as her hiding place. When they bought a new dishwasher they found Belle's secret stash of toys. She had gotten to big to fit under and couldn't retrieve them, lol. Koota was happy to live in Belles shadow as her devoted companion. Since Belle's death Koota has reached out more to her family and has grown closer to them. She is coming into her own and will soon have a new kitten join her to become her companion.

Belle 2011

Belle 2011

   Belle 2011

    Koota and Jabelle 2011 - seal points

Update: September 2012- Koota with her new buddy Nelson from Fenya's spring 2012 litter

Nelson is 6 months old in these photos.

Fall 2005 litter - ( Balor & Maeve)
Born - October 12th, 2005- All female litter - 1 Seal Point, 2 Chocolate Points, & 3 Blue Points
(Magenta-seal point & Violet-chocolate point) - Sasha and Willow

Magenta is now named Sasha and Violet is now named Willow. They are at home with their new family in Delmar, N.Y.

Magenta and Violet as babies

Sasha and Willow, March Update:

How nice the girls leave just enough room to sit. :)  Sasha - See how pretty my face is? Can you tell my mask is coming in more?

To tuck or not to tuck, that is the question....tuck paws that is. =^..^= Do you tuck?


Update Willow & Sasha - 6 months of age 

     Sasha at 6 months of age        Willow at 6 months of age

Update  Sasha & Willow - 8 months of age 


Update  Sasha & Willow - 1 year of age 

Update Jan.2007 photo of Sasha and Willow that shows  their eye color

Update November 2007 Photos of Sasha and Willow at two years of age.

Sasha 2 year old seal point    Willow 2 year old chocolate point

Update January 2010- Sasha and Willow are now four years old and just had their Vet check up. Nancy wrote to tell us how they are doing. " the vet pronounced them healthy and gorgeous- she was especially happy to see that their teeth were pristine ~ Willow weighs 8 lb. 10 oz. and Sasha weighs 7 lb. 14 oz." ~ " Willow has become ‘my’ cat, and Sasha has become Rich’s, just as we planned. Willow has finally become a lap sitter and makes biscuits for extended periods of time; she’s the only cat I’ve ever had that does that. The other night, she was kneading slower and slower as she got more relaxed and had almost stopped when my leg twitched and she woke up and started like mad again! Sasha isn’t a lap sitter but she gets up on Rich’s lap to be brushed [they both do]- her thing with Rich is to tease him by eluding him when he pays attention to her and running to particular places [on the stairs, or in the living room] to see if he’ll follow. If he does, he pets and scratches her and she loves it- if he doesn’t follow and stays in his chair, she’ll come in and stare at him, meowing the whole time as if to say, “Dad! Come on, Dad! You’re supposed to follow me!” Sometimes we can see Balor in her, but she pretty much takes after her momma Maeve."

Willow (chocolate point) & Sasha (seal point) at 4 years old.


(Ocher- chocolate point) - Miss Masae

Ocher is now named Miss Masae. She is at home with her new family in Winchester, MA

Miss Masae's first nap in her new home.

Update: Miss Masae's family says she is doing very well. She is healthy, beautiful, a bit skittish and has the softest coat of fur. She gets along great with her companion cat Meeko.  Below is a photo of Masae at about 2 years of age in the fall of 2007.

Update: March 2010 -

(Indigo- blue point) - Fiona

Indigo is now named Fiona. She is at home with her family in Attleboro, MA.

Fiona four months update:

 February 2006  













Princess Fiona flanked by her Royal Knights











Awe, lil sisters are so nice to cuddle with.....or does Harry have her in a head lock....nope its definately a cuddle :)














Fiona at home visiting with a friend and hanging with her new brothers.











Fiona with  "the boys" Harry and Sammy









Harry & Fiona 

Update - 10 months of age

Fiona making sure the washer keeps those clothes moving.

Update: October 2007

Fiona at 2 years old and her companion Siamese Sammy.

Update:  We are saddened to learn Fiona has lost both her show style companions. Harry (10yrs) passed away in 2007 from a cardiac/pulmonary tumor. Sammy ( 11yrs) passed away this month  from Cardiomyopathy.  She is doing well with lots of extra attention from her family.
Update: April 2011 - Clancy (Fenya's 2011 litter)  has come to live with Fiona and she is happy to have a new little buddy.

Update: February 10, 2012 - Jillian tells us

"The cats are wonderful."  during recent renovations "Clancy and Fiona have been spending most of their days in the guest room/office area to keep them safe and out of mischief during construction. Clancy loves having unlimited access to me and my office. He is such a cuddle bug and loves to sit on my lap as I type or sits on the arm of my chair and put his paws oh my shoulder - adorable. Fiona is still a love, as long as its her idea. She still LOVES being brushed and can't understand why Clancy doesn't like it as much."

Fiona & Clancy - Although packed with displaced kitchen items, the sun porch, also had several deliberate soft and cozy kitten cuddle spots.

Clancy & Fiona

Update: April 2012- Fiona left with seal point Clancy from Fenya's 2011 litter

(Kelly-blue point) - Misty

Kelly is now named Misty. She is at home with her family in Franklin, MA.

Misty & her new brother Simba II.

Simba was a Siamese rescue cat in Canton


(Willow-blue point) - Willow

  Willow kept her diary name and is now known as Willow. :) She is at home with her family in South Hamilton, MA.

Sept. 2006 update- I received an email from Willow's owner. Sorry no photo. She said Willow is a wonderful alarm clock. At 6:20 am she begins purring and walks around the bed until her owner wakes. Willow also enjoys playing "hide and seek" and "Where did the mouse go?" She also likes to talk and will yowl to get their attention. =^..^=

Update: January 2008 - Willow's owner tells us that Willow is a very dear and wonderful member of the family.  She has stayed steady at 10 lbs. for the past year. She is described as pretty and sleek but also has some of  Balor's (her father) stockiness to her, in face and in body. She sent along some photos from Dec. 2006  when Willow  was 14 months old and Aug 2007 when she was 22 months old. They say Willow is playful and follows them around the house. Naturally a Siamese must know everything that is going on in her home.

 Willow with her chosen snuggle partner.

I like the way she Matches all the color tones in the rug.

Update: For Willow's 3rd birthday her owner sent me an email with photos. In her email she says "Willow has been a blessing to me and my family and we can't imagine life without her. You really helped make her the happy healthy kitty she is today and I just wanted to say thanks."



Spring 2005 litter - (Balor & Maeve)
Born - March 23rd, 2005 - 1-Blue Point Male, 2 Seal Point Females
(Purple- seal point & Blue-blue point)  - Jaya and Jude

Purple is now named Jaya Lakshmi and Blue is now named Jude St. Legend. They are at home with their family in Canaan, NY

March '06 Update: Jude and Jaya with new Brother Romeo.



 Jaya winter 2005 - photo taken with a camera phone   Summer 2006

Update: February 2009 -Next month they will be 4 years old.  Linda got a new digital camera. We are so very happy to have new photos of Jude and Jaya. She also tells us big brother Romeo passed away in his sleep in October of 2007. He he lived a full active life and enjoyed his Siamese kits. 

2009 four years old.


Jude and Jaya warming up by the stove before going to out on the treadmill. lol

Update: June 2009- Jude and Jaya just had their 4 year old wellness visit with their Vet. The report is that they are in excellent health and their teeth are great. Jude the male weighs 11.1 pounds and Jaya the female weighs 9.1 pounds. Their doctor says they are right where they should be for their size. Linda tells us Jude is longer and taller in body type. Jaya is built more like her father, Balor.

(Pink-seal point) - Jeetah

Pinky is now known as Jeetah and lives with her family in Derry, NH.

Update  Dec. 2006 -Jeetah will be two in March. Michelle says, she is absolutely beautiful and has such a wonderful personality. 



Update:  We received notice that Jeetah was euthanized on December 6th, 2010 at the age of 5 years. Pinky - We hope you are back with your momma Maeve now. She went into sudden acute renal failure and the owners Vet recommended they let her go because she was in pain. We believe she accidentally consumed  something that was nephrotoxic. Cats are so very curious and pick up things in their mouth, lick and even eat them....many things are poison to cat including  flowers and plants, medication, anti-freeze, and rodentacides, and common cleaning products like lysol and Pine-sol.
Lilies are extremely toxic and cause kidney failure. Even licking the pollen off a paw.

Many types of medications can be nephrotoxic in cats, such as acetaminophen (analgesic), neomycin (antibiotic), polymyxin B (antibiotic),kanamycin (antibiotic), amikacin (antibiotic), amphotericin B (antifungal), adriamycin (doxorubicin), cisplatin (a cancer drug), penicillamine (chelating agent/immune modulator), Cyclosporine (immunosuppressive),  and radiographic contrast agents.

Rodents are especially dangerous in the fall and early winter. They are running about collecting up for the winter and looking for places inside. They can even bring poison pellets into your home. They think they are storing food. Even if you don't use mouse poison one of your neighbors could. Mice come and go freely from one house to another.

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