Our Kittens from past litters.

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We're proud of their beautiful light coats.

The dam (mother) and sire (father) of our kittens have not been line bred* in recent years. As a result of this and their different type (look) we get a variety of looks from our litters. Our cats have a large mix of many lines behind them so our kittens draw from a large pool of Siamese genes and each is individual in their looks. When we choose our breeding cats we look at their pedigree (family tree) first to make sure they are out crosses (not related) and then with an eye for how much line breeding they carry in their family.

As an example of their genetic diversity, I recently had a email with photo's from an owner of two of our kittens. She said both are good looking cats but that "I wouldn't peg them as siblings" This brother and sister can be seen on our Where are they now? page. They are Jude St. Legend and Jaya Lakshmi also seen here ( bottom of this page) as kittens.  You can see Jude's profile in the kitten photo. Jaya does not have a straight nose like Jude. She has the familiar angle seen in many traditional Siamese.

* for more information on line breeding /in breeding click here.

Frames with multiple images are the same cat.

female seal point - large photo taken at one year old.


chocolate point female - large photo taken at 1 year of age


chocolate point female - large photo taken at 5 months of age


Blue point male stud. He is happily meeting queens needs in the Netherlands at Cattery Mostiamo


Seal point female from Maeve & Kian. Large photo taken at 9 months of age.




































seal point



   blue point



  seal point           



  chocolate point & blue point 



chocolate point



     blue point female - sorry about the reflected red eye.           


blue point male


two blue point females




seal point female                   




2 chocolates, three blue points, & a seal point - all females



seal point & chocolate point females  


  I'm really healthy....ahhhh....see! chocolate point



blue point female 4 months of age



seal point female & blue point male



More photos of our kittens can be seen on our kitten diaries and "where are they now" pages

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