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To predict the date kittens will be delivered type in the date your queen is bred. [example: February 20, 2010]  The number of days gestation. [65 is the average] Using your keyboard press the Enter key.  

To calculate the date kittens will be ready to go to homes select the number of weeks old the kittens will be.

Kitten Dates Calculator

This calculator requires Java to run.

Siamese gestation is not specific but has a range (63-73days). Sixty five days is the most common average. You should always observe your queen mating and she should never be left with a stud unobserved.  I learned this the hard way when I left Keva in with her stud over night. Normally I allow them to mate and remove the queen to a pen next to her stud. Keva's new stud was so emotionally needy we were swayed by our misguided hearts. Three days, two to three times a day is all that should be necessary for an average size litter. Siamese typically have 4 to 6 kittens in a normal litter. The act of mating causes the female cat to release an egg. The more times she is mated the more eggs she will release. A really large litter is not a sign of an especially healthy female but one of a breeder who has allowed their female to be bred too many times. Large litters of 9 or 10 are a risk to both your queen and the kittens who are conceived. Some breeders feel that since inbred Siamese litters decrease in size they can prove they have healthy cats by producing large litters. Since cats are induced ovulators this does not hold true. If you allow your queen to mate for too long a period you risk the neonates that are conceived later. They will be born prematurely compared to the kittens who were first conceived. 

Siamese Color Genetics 

We can predict what colors of kittens will be produced by a  pair of breeding cats. Using a very simplified look at the genetic color of the parents we can calculate the colors and percentage of kittens to be born. We can also learn what color genes a parent cat has by looking at the colors of the kittens it produces. For example, if we bred Keva a chocolate point to Polo a Lilac point. and their litter has Lilac points we will know Keva carries the dilute gene. 

A kitten's genes are built in pairs. It gets half of its material from each parent. An easy example is its sex chromosomes. Females are XX and males are XY. A kitten will inherit one sex chromosome from each parent. If it receives an X from its mother and an X from its father it will be female. If it receives and X from the mother and a Y from its father it will be male. The same holds true for color genes. By looking at the color genes the parents carry we can chart  the percentages based on the mathematics of the pair combinations. We have restricted our calculator to the four main colors that were recognized by 1955.

Select the color of the mother and father from the lists below to calculate the percentage of kittens produced in each color. The mothers genes appear across the top and the father down the side of the chart.

Siamese Offspring Point Color Calculator

This calculator requires Java to run.

This script was written for me by my son...Thank you!

Siamese cat genetics is a great way for children to learn about genes and inheritance. The Book of the Cat  by Wright and Walters - New York: Summit Books has an excellent section on simplified genetics with good visuals. It's a large color paperback book (250 pages)  that is no longer in print but can be purchased for $5.00 or less on ebay,  available books.

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